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Postgraduate and doctoral students also have access to our optimization-driven technology that encourages the development of the research they undertake. ADAS as well as AD technology are expected to be the next technology for automobile manufacturers. The key is to find the ideal balance between reducing the number of injuries and accidents while also maximizing comfort when driving in difficult conditions. Our technology assists automotive engineers by providing the use of a scenario-based verification strategy that simplifies the ADAS/AD validation process, taking into account both deadlines and legal constraints. Get More Softwares From Getintopc

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The program allows you to simulate and model processes within a real-world environment. The program comes with a variety of tools for analysis of design with a variety of aspects that are optimized to the maximum of your abilities, by following the program’s guidelines and the decisions of the end-user. Complex designs enable you to find design elements and parts, making this program as simple as it can be by using a powerful search engine. By establishing ESTECO Academy, we equip teachers to instruct students on how to solve multidisciplinary engineering challenges with modeFRONTIER’s optimization software, along with other tools for simulation.

Modefrontier Features

The ESTECO model frontier platform is an integration platform for multi-objective, multi-disciplinary optimization. It allows seamless coupling with engineering tools of third parties and allows for automation of the process of design simulation and aids in analytic decision-making. In the current business world, Multidisciplinary thinking is crucial to the success of a design process. Designers must simultaneously think about multiple perspectives to arrive at the best solution for the global, confronting an ever-growing problem complex.

Professors who are forward-thinking around the globe utilize modeFRONTIER’s software for optimization in teaching students how to use numerical design optimization strategies. This includes the Design of Experiments, optimization strategies algorithms, categories of algorithms, and problem formulations that are relevant for Finite Element Method, Computational Fluid Dynamics, and thermal analysis. Automobile engineers will benefit from our solutions VOLTA and modeFRONTIER, which are designed to enhance the process of developing products through simulation. They can also improve the design of vehicles that perform better and at lower production costs.


You can purchase or renew SSP and then register previously purchased software to gain access to versions that are locked. Validate the automotive design autonomous, e-mobility, and autonomous systems by using our technology. Deep Exploration is used to create sophisticated, photorealistic models and designs. Additionally, the use of optimization is becoming more essential in order to create superior designs by using simulation. Give your students an in-person experience with experienced optimization software and assist them to develop new capabilities in the field of engineering simulation, which employers searching for.

Enhance your research in the field of engineering with modeFRONTIER’s design exploration and optimization capabilities. Design of a 4-stroke single-cylinder engine by multidisciplinary optimization. Older versions are only available to those with an active standard service membership with valid registration for their program.ESTECO modeFRONTIER 2019, R1, is an application CAD, FEA, CFD, and CAE are all integrated and multi-threaded optimization with multi-purpose optimization that aids in designing, simulation and decision-making process in analytics by offering comprehensive environmental and engineering tools.

It analyzes the process of design from multiple perspectives that take into account different objectives, parameters, and metrics from a variety of disciplines. It is an excellent tool for decisions. It’s multidisciplinary. Its highly efficient line of work allows for the easy running of an intricate sequence of design optimization processes and offers engineers the most efficient solutions using a variety of parameters and analyses. The ESTECO modeFRONTIER 2020 version 3 is a platform that integrates multi-discipline and multi-objective optimization. Download the ESTECO modeFRONTIER2020 R3 software to bridge the gap between tools and making decisions.

How to Get Modefrontier for Free

The stringent environmental regulations as well as the proliferation of car models and design style limitations force Automotive OEMs to more often employ simulation in order to meet complicated and often conflicting requirements. This is mostly related to reducing the design cycle time, reducing the cost and weight of vehicles, and improving their efficiency through more efficient use of resources and lower emissions. In today’s competitive world multidisciplinary thinking is one of the main factors in the success of the design process.

In order to achieve the most optimal designs, designers have to look at the design process from various angles, and which is why there’s no alternative to use multidisciplinary strategies, hence the Multi-Disciplinary. Any other solution that is not based on the application of that system is likely to only increase the complexity and the resulting results. Businesses across the world are trying to find highly skilled Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics employees to create new ideas within the simulation-based design process.

In integrating the other tools for engineering, ESTECO ModeFRONTIER Price allowed engineers to automate the process of simulation and aid in decision-making processes. The growing electrical powertrains to reduce emission reductions and lower consumption is among the biggest technological advancements in the auto sector. Manufacturers and OEMs depend on digitalization to improve the development process and create electric vehicles reliable, efficient and profit-making.

Our technology allows them to automatize their simulation process to provide top-quality electronic vehicle designs and cut down on development time. The robust procedure that is a part of ESTECO modeFRONTIER 2020 allows for the creation of a seamless chain of design optimization procedures which is why the software offers the most simple solutions for engineers by taking into account the various parameters and analyses.

Large-scale vehicle development projects need parametric simulations that span a broad range of fields (i.e. aerodynamics, powertrain, and safety, as well as control systems, heating and ventilation, and cooling). To meet the stringent demands, multidisciplinary design Optimization studies are conducted starting from the initial design stage to fine-tuning individual components.

Through modeFRONTIER as well as VOLTA it allows automotive engineers to collaborate on managing MDO processes. Due to its excellent integration with other engineering tools, it’s possible to access information from other software like EXCEL, ANSYS, SolidWorks, Abaqus, Autodesk, CATIA, and MATLAB and help improve the design of products on one platform.

With modeFRONTIER(r) this process is simplified in combining goals associated with different variables in disciplines. The powerful workflow facilitates the creation of complicated optimization chains and innovative algorithms that find the most efficient combination solutions. It indicates the editions of software that include in the downloaded selection. Utilizing data from other programs such as EXCEL, ANSYS, SolidWorks, Abaqus, Autodesk, CATIA, and MATLAB.

Modefrontier System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/8.1/10
  • Memory (RAM): 2 GB of RAM required.
  • Hard Disk Space: 2 GB of free space required.
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or later.
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