Microsoft Sharepoint Server 2013 Download Free for Windows 7, 8, 10

Web Parts (also called “portlets”, widgets, or “gadgets”) are new functionality that can be added to pages. Although Central Administration can only be used to manage farm settings, it also provides access to tools like the SharePoint Health Analyzer, which is a tool for diagnosing health problems. Designer 2013 removed a significant portion of HTML editing capabilities. The product will be discontinued in 2016-7. SharePoint Designer, a semi-deprecated product that provided advanced editing capabilities for HTML/ASPX pages is still the main method to edit SharePoint workflows.

Microsoft Sharepoint Server 2013

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SharePoint’s custom-development capabilities allow for rapid prototyping integrated web applications (typically in line-of-business). SharePoint allows developers to integrate into corporate directories through standard OData/OAuth. SharePoint’s information and security management capabilities are used by enterprise application developers across many development platforms and scenarios. SharePoint Central Administration is a web app that is typically installed on one server on the farm. However, it can also be deployed to redundancy to multiple servers. Windows PowerShell can be used to reconfigure the farm in the event of a failure of the CA server. Service applications are a subset of SharePoint functionality that can be used by other web and service apps on the farm. Service applications include the Search Indexing and User Profile Sync services.

Microsoft Sharepoint Server 2013

“Tahoe”, based on the shared technology of Exchange and “Digital Dashboard”, targeted top-down portals, search, and document management. The “Tahoe feature set was responsible for SharePoint’s search and indexing capabilities. Site collections are hierarchical groups of SharePoint Sites. Site collections can share the same properties, subscriptions to services applications, and can be configured using unique hostnames.

Some built-in content types, such as Contact’ and Appointment’, allow the list’s advanced features like Microsoft Outlook or Project sync. Microsoft’s hosted SharePoint comes standard in Microsoft 365 subscriptions but can also be licensed separately.

This Redistributable Package is automatically installed. The Redistributable package can be used in conjunction with other versions of the software. GAC- can be used to store shared assemblies that have been specifically made available for other applications. SharePoint supports XLIFF for localization.

The SharePoint Server Agent supports UNC paths for the job results directory. When determining the amount of hard drive space required for Search Service Application restoration, you must take into account the size and location of the index cache. SharePoint can be used for compliance with many document retention and record management laws. SharePoint integrates with Microsoft Office by using Microsoft’s OpenXML document format. Farm features are usually fully trusted code and must be installed at the farm level. Any end-user with permission can upload “sand-boxed” plugins.

Service Applications

Site collections may have their own content databases or share one with others in the same web app. Web applications are the top-level containers of content within a SharePoint farm. IIS configuration is the primary association for a web application. Let’s now look at the SharePoint 2016 requirements. We will focus on the SharePoint 2016 hardware and software requirements. Here are the hardware requirements and software requirements for installing SharePoint server 2019. Microsoft SharePoint Server Features can be configured using PowerShell or a Web UI called Central Administration. Configuration of server farm settings (e.g. These tools can be used to manage server farm settings (e.g. search crawl, web applications services).

WebDAV applications must support language tagging functionality in the XML specification. Microsoft’s implementation does not. This ability is commonly used to replace an existing corporate server and is usually paired with an enterprise content management policy. SharePoint can be used to store, retrieve, search, archiving, and track, manage and report on electronic records and documents. Many functions within this product are tailored to meet the needs of organizations in terms of information management and legal requirements. SharePoint’s integration with Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office allow for collaborative real-time editing, and encrypted/information rights managed synchronization. For Databases: It should be twice as large as the largest service application database.

SharePoint Standard licensing includes a CAL element and a service charge. SharePoint is a web-based collaboration platform that integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office. SharePoint was launched in 2001 as document storage and document management system. However, SharePoint’s functionality is extensive and its usage varies greatly between organizations. There are additional considerations about minimum requirements and End of Life policies from a third-party vendor. You can upgrade to SharePoint Server 2016 September cumulative updates version if you need to run incremental backups. You can use.NET Framework 4.0 with any other version of this software.


Commvault will provide information as soon as possible on known issues with these minor releases and service packs. These minor releases and service packs can sometimes affect the functionality of Commvault software. The third-party service pack or minor release may cause Commvault software to experience changes in functionality. The software may not support platforms that are compatible with the current version. Check with your software provider to make sure that any third-party service packs or minor releases are compatible. This blog will discuss the hardware and software requirements to install SharePoint server 2013. Here are some hardware and software requirements to install SharePoint server 2016.

Enterprise Content and Document Management

You should also have twice as much space for Product environments as RAM.

Service applications can be disabled, run on one server, or load-balanced across multiple servers in a farm. Service applications are independent in functionality and security. Our System Requirements may not include third-party service packs or maintenance releases that are compatible with Commvault software.

Microsoft Sharepoint Server 2013 System Requirements

  • Memory (RAM): 1 GB of RAM required.
  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/8.1/10
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core processor or later.
  • Hard Disk Space: 3 GB of free space required.
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