Microsoft Office Frontpage 2003 Download Free For Windows 7, 8, 10

Create a Hyperlink. Open in a new window. Click on the pencil to open hyperlink properties. Choose ‘new target’ from the list of common targets. This will insert the _blank target setting into your page. You can verify and repair broken hyperlinks using FrontPage. These hyperlinks can be links to pages on the current web or pages on other webs. They also include links to components of a Web site such as sound and graphic files. Start the Visual Basic Editor first by selecting Tools/Macro/Visual Basic Editor. Select the Insert/Module menu to insert a new module.

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Microsoft Office Frontpage 2003

HTML authors often space out code in different alignments to help them identify which tags they are. This option moves the line of code where your cursor is farther from the document’s left margin. You can copy files from one folder into another by using the “Web site” tab in the right pane. Next, open the folder you wish to copy and drag them to that pane. The settings can be saved, changed, or reported to Microsoft. The troubleshooter will then ask you what problems you are experiencing.

I have read about the many problems Windows 8 has caused and I want to avoid them. I’d be delighted to receive your professional advice. To resolve compatibility issues with apps, you will need to run the Troubleshooter. Click on the Test the program button, then click Next.

Microsoft Office Frontpage 2003

Create a New Web Page: The Menu Option

FrontPage offers ease of use and a great code editor. FrontPage’s code management has been a major problem.

FrontPage allows you to visually place objects on a page. You can also use a grid or ruler to align them. It does work and the HTML code generated by it isn’t terrible.


Once the link is fixed, it’s removed from the Reports view. A green checkmark with the text OK appears in the Status column. Windows comes with a built-in tool called Program Compatibility Troubleshooter which can automatically resolve compatibility issues. If the troubleshooter is unable to fix the problem you can manually set the compatibility mode for an app. This will allow it to run using settings from an older version of Windows.

Click on the Macros category, then drag and drop either Custom Menu Item or Custom Button commands to a toolbar. In the pop-up menu, type in a new command name and then choose Assign Macro. You’ll now have your macro button. Right-click the button and select Edit Button Image. You can choose from 48 pre-made icons when you click on Change Button Image. You can also create your own button image using the Edit Button Image function. FrontPage 2003 allows you to set your default browser from within a single window.

The app is fully functional except that you can run Security Admin under Tools/Server. Open the installation disk, right-click on the setup.exe file and choose “Run as Administrator”. Accessibility checker allows users to verify that their code conforms to standards and that their site is accessible for people with disabilities. To optimize code for legibility and speed, an HTML optimizer is available.

Cut and paste is a new feature that I love. You now get the text as plain text when you copy and paste code into Code view. This is exactly how it should be. Microsoft provided special FrontPage extensions software for Web hosting companies to fully support the features of the FrontPage script.

Microsoft Office Frontpage 2003 System requirements

  • Memory (RAM): 128MB of RAM required.
  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  • Processor: Intel Pentium III or later.
  • Hard Disk Space: 100MB of free space required.
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