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There are over 50 options to FolderSizes that work on a variety of platforms that include Windows, Mac, Linux, BSD, and Android. The most suitable alternative is WinDirStat it is open source and Open Source. Other excellent applications like FolderSizes include WizTree, TreeSize, Baobab Disk Usage Analyzer, and DiskUsage. FolderSizes offers a fun interactive analysis of disk space experience that you have to take the time to experience for yourself. Get More Softwares From Getintopc

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Metric Foldersizes

TreeSize Professional tells you where the disk space that you have used up has gone to. It is accessible via the context menu of the local folder or local drive. It displays the size of every folder, as well as its subfolders. The data is stored within an XML format that can be loaded again later, it is possible to compare between the sizes of folders.

Metric Foldersizes Features

Baobab Disk Usage Analyzer can be described as a visual program that can analyze the usage of your disk in any Gnome-based operating system. Disk Usage Analyzer can easily look up volumes on devices or particular directories that are requested by the user. DiskUsage gives you the ability to identify what directories and files that are on your SD cards of the Android phone are taking up much space. It displays a diagram with directories/subdirectories proportional to their size.

Find files with names that are excessively long that can cause problems with CD storage. The site is created by Ola and Markus from Sweden and has a great deal of assistance from our family members and colleagues from Italy, Finland, the USA, Colombia, the Philippines, France, and other contributors from all across the world. This is right, all choices are sourced from the crowd which is what makes the information useful and pertinent. The amount of information that FolderSizes is unrivaled data, and the incredibly multi-threaded analysis engine for the file system provides excellent performance and scalability.

Desktop computers and servers could quickly build up huge amounts of unneeded duplicate, temporary, and files. In no time you’ve run out of disk space, backups take much too long to complete and users can’t locate the information they require to access it when they need it. You require a visual, interactive tool that can assist you in managing your usage of your disk. FolderSizes has been awarded as an outstanding, internet-connected software for the analysis of disk space.

FolderSizes is a tool that was created to assist you in monitoring the amount of space you have on your PC. The tool does not just assist in identifying duplicates, but it also points out unneeded and temporary data files which can be expected to occupy large amounts of space. WinDirStat is an application that displays statistics on disk usage and cleanup tool that was that is based on KDirStat.

It’s able to quickly identify huge, old temporary, or duplicate files, and even display the file’s distribution according to type, attributes, or owner. It supports multiple formats for export including Shell context menu integration and more. You require a visually interactive tool that can assist you in managing space on your disk.

If you regularly download games or multimedia and games, it might be beneficial to keep track of the space available on your drives. A full disk can cause a variety of issues with performance and could cause to make your computer slow.

How to Get Metric Foldersizes for Free

The application has a simple and easy-to-use interface that’s not likely to cause any issues. You can browse and select particular folders in the left menu, and then analyze their contents on the right-hand panel. It works with local and network-connected files and includes powerful features that let you see the available and used space at a glance. Actively developed in 2003 FolderSizes is far superior to the existing disk analysis tools and folder size reporting tools, with more advanced capabilities and unbeatable performance. One of the most notable features is the trend of size for the directory analyzer, which lets you see how the space is utilized in the course of time.

More than just a set of stunning reports, FolderSizes allows you to visualize the use of your disk space from multiple angles. GrandPerspective is a tiny utility program for Mac that displays graphically the use of disk space within the file system. It will help you control your disk as you will be able to easily identify which folders and files use up more space. Through DaisyDisk you can clear disk space by finding and eliminating large, unnecessary files.

It scans any mounted disk and shows it in the sunburst map in which segments refer to the folders and files, in proportion to their size. FolderSizes is, simply the most powerful analyzer of disk space ever made. It can be used to examine any storage device that is available to the host computer, including local drives, network attached storage shared drives, network shares, and much more.

FolderSizes has been awarded as a prestigious network-enabled analysis of the disk space on Windows. It quickly identifies the size of old, large temporary, duplicate, and large files. It also shows the distribution of files by size, type attributes, age, or even by the owner.

Other important features include reporting schedulers, snapshots of files, or analyzing the efficiency and scalability of file systems. JDiskReport allows you to know how much space directories and files take up on your drives and helps you locate outdated folders and files.

In a flash you know it, you’re running out of drive space, backups take way too long to complete Users can’t locate the information they require and you’re struggling to make plans for the future. In a flash you’re exhausted of space on your disks backups are taking way too long to complete users aren’t finding what they require and you’re struggling to make plans for the future. FolderSizes can be described as providing an interactive, engaging analysis of disk space that you have to try to be awed by. It is more than just a collection of reports, FolderSizes permits you to visualize the usage of your disk space in multiple ways, similar to SequoiaView which is an application within the System & Hardware category.

Metric Foldersizes System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • Hard Disk: 100 MB
  • Processor: Intel 1 GHz Multi-core or higher processor
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