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Maxidix Wifi Suite Maxidix Wifi Suite is an unpaid trial software that was published under the Additional Comms Tools list of programs that are part of Communications. Find out which devices are connected to your network with one click. It allows you to show all the processes that are available and see the protocols used as well as the data received. According to its creators, the application will reduce the time needed for connecting to networks as compared to the time required by Windows. I’m not sure the speed at which it was, but I did notice that networks were operational much faster. This will initiate the download from the official website of the creator. Secure your privacy and data with a speedy reliable, secure and safe VPN service.

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Maxidix Wifi Suite

Utilizing Maxidix Wifi Suite you’ll be in a position to export your Wi-Fi profiles, and save the profiles for future use. You can, for instance, back up and restore access to networks you are familiar with when the OS has been installed. The section “Statistics” allows you to look over the traffic transferred or received using the current network interface. This lets you check the most current data transfer activity as well as those processes that are most popular making use of this Internet connection. Make sure to leave a note explaining the reason behind why you voted. In a time when wireless connectivity is becoming more well-known, Maxidix Wifi Suite appears as a must-have application. Of, of course, there are many similar programs, however, Maxidix Wifi Suite provides numerous features.

You can create unlimited numbers of profiles for the network adapter. As of Windows Vista, it is impossible to connect to an ads network or create a new ad-hoc network in a single click. That means that, if you own two or more computers at home and you want to ensure they are connected to one another, you must utilize a Wireless Access Point. By using Wifi Suite the computer can connect to and join network ad-hoc automatically, without the requirement of WAP.

In this way it lets you set up a password and the most number of concurrent clients. It is also important for you to understand that this could permit sharing of your Internet connection simply by clicking the checkbox.

When you click on the “Network Window, you will be able to explore and scan networks, join them, or get quick information about every network. With this program, you can establish automatic connections to networks that are ad-hoc and Wireless Access Points using an easy-to-use interface. Maxidix Wifi Suite can be described as an efficient and reliable solution to have for when you’re looking to turn your PC into a hotspot or share the Internet through mobile networks. With this program, you’ll be equipped to manage wireless devices all in one central location. Personally, the option of initiating an Adhoc connection on autopilot is really beneficial. It was something I did this often however, the most recent Windows versions do not permit it.

Maxidix Wifi Suite Features

Share Internet with Mobile networks, LAN, or any other WI-FI networks. Reduce the cost of accessing paid Internet spots, especially if you own multiple devices. It has a beautifully simple interface, with tabs separating information in a practical manner. The Home tab provides general information regarding the hotspot’s status, available networks, and automatic connections, as well as the network’s interfaces, and data transfer flow. There are additional tabs for managing connections and networks which display the statistics of a hotspot, managing it, and creating an ad-hoc network or setting up preferences. IP profiles allow you to create a set of necessary IP options and toggle between them in a matter of seconds! Additionally, Wifi Suite will automatically apply the required IP settings each time you are connected to the network.

Maxidix Wifi Suite

Maxidix Wifi Suite Maxidix Wifi Suite is an application that allows users to improve the speed of, control, and manage the Wi-Fi network they have. It allows you to turn your PC into a genuine Hot Spot and connect to the Internet via Mobile networks, LANs, or any other WI-FI network. Wifi Suite gives you all information regarding Wi-Fi’s interface, network, and profiles for networks. More than 80 features of Wi-Fi connectivity, including the characteristics that each station within every network.

How to get Maxidix Wifi Suite Free

Additionally, you can export your Wi-Fi profiles to save the profiles for future use. For instance, you are able to back up and then restore access to networks once you’ve reinstalled your operating system. Maxidix Wifi Suite will be an exclusive and user-friendly software that provides you with full control over WiFi connections and offers a variety of additional features that are useful.

The main window is comprised of various tabs like Networks, IP Profiles” and “Statistics” which help you organize and manage all wireless data.

However, I was required to create an ad-hoc connection using the command line, or make use of the hotspot. In terms of hotspots, Maxidix Wifi Suite is also excellent in creating one.

Maxidix Wifi Suite System Requirements

  • Memory (RAM): 512 MB of RAM required.
  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or later.
  • Hard Disk Space: 10 MB of free space required.
Updated: November 3, 2021 — 11:56 am

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