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You can even block your friends from the view to make it easier for spam to identify. Go to the Recycle Bin tab and locate the email you’d like to get back If you know the sender’s name or the subject matter, just type in the search box, and the email will appear in a flash. When you’ve found the email, simply select the email, then click the “Restore” button for it to be sent back into your email inbox. From basic lists of friends’ blacklists, learning filters and blacklists as well as advanced filters MailWasher is your go-to source. Include the email addresses of your friends to MailWasher and they’ll be identified.Get More Softwares From Getintopc


Password 123

You can mark an email to be deleted or notify authorities about spam send spam to senders, and teach MailWasher to identify spam and legitimate email. Simply pressing the “Wash Mail” button will eliminate unwanted and spam emails from the server. This way, you can download any remaining quality email into your email application.

Mailwasher Feauters

Install MailWasher now to monitor all your accounts of email all in one location and let only the mail you need be in your inbox. MailWasher lets you view every email you receive before it is delivered to your laptop or mobile device, allowing you to access all of your emails in a safe way, and immediately remove any suspicious or unwelcome emails.

MailWasher Free is a program or application that lets users modify email messages to eliminate unwanted or spam-like messages. MailWasher lets you view several accounts and every aspect of your email prior to you download it. This type of license is typically used in video games and lets users download and play games for absolutely free.


Not just is MailWasher extremely simple to use, but it also quickly sort your spam emails from your regular email, so you only receive the email you’re looking for. The trial offer is for 30 days for free and complete capabilities.Create an individual filter going to SettingsSpam Tools Filters. Click Add Filter. You can create an identical filter. Filters are also useful in identifying legitimate emails. It is possible to be contacted by a list that is sent by the company whose product or information you would like to learn about, but the email could be categorized as spam.

There’s nothing more irritating than having the spam that comes onto your mobile device therefore, take control of your device with MailWasher and get rid of all spam you’re on the move. The Mobile version is free to keep you safe from spam on the move.Demo programs offer limited function for free however, they charge for a more advanced set of features, or to remove advertisements from their interfaces. In some instances, there are instances where all functionality is restricted until the license has been purchased. Demos generally aren’t limitless in duration, however, the features are restricted.

Friends List – Add your friends’ email addresses into MailWasher and they’ll be identified. You can even block your friends from view so that the spam is easier to spot. With just a few commercial e-mail accounts that are listed on the web, I receive upwards of 500 messages per day, Of which, about half are legitimate. Include the email addresses of your friends to MailWasher and they’ll be recognized.

How to Get Mailwasher for Free

You’ll be amazed at how fast you’ll be using MailWasher. When you set up Family Sharing you can have up to six members of the family are able to use the application. MailWasher operates quickly and is simple to use. It’s highly likely that this software is malicious or has undesirable software.

By using the filter function, you can instruct MailWasher Pro to be notified of this email. MailWasher will by default download only emails with the 50 first lines. This ensures quick scanning, however, if you need to recover an email that was deleted from the recycle bin only those first 50 lines of an email will be saved.

It is possible to instruct MailWasher that it should download more emails when you go to settings >>Generaland then Spam Throttle. Simply move the slider until you reach the amount you want to download. You can also view every email that got through MailWasher by clicking the box that says ‘Show all emails logged’.

I’m not sure what you can implement to help make the process more efficient or simpler to use.

After doing this several times, MailWasher will quickly detect your email inbox so that you don’t have to. Check out our Quick Start Guide, or go through Helpful Videos on how to accomplish specific tasks within MailWasher.

We’ve put together the following list of 24 easy Tips and Tricks, as well as Advanced Features if you want to learn more about custom filtering and the ability to translate MailWasher. MailWasher connects into your account for an email with your Internet provider and downloads copies of your email, allowing users to access all of your messages from the webserver.

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Mailwasher System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/8.1/10
  • Memory (RAM): 1 GB of RAM required.
  • Hard Disk Space: 30 MB of free space required.
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core processor or later.
Updated: October 12, 2021 — 1:40 pm

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