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Once you’re finished registration, log in to Control Panel, navigate to the billing section, and then transfer funds to your account. But, regardless of different features, they all keep your IP address secret although residential proxy providers are more powerful because of their non-detectable nature.

Password 123


The process for authorization using the username and password differs slightly. This is ideal for users with an IP address that is dynamic or who require the Luminati residential proxies on multiple computers. To be able to use this type of authorization, first, you’ll have to modify the IP addresses on the whitelist. The proxies are rotating proxy but they provide high-speed rotating ports that alter the IP address following each request, as well as permanent ports that keep the session/IP address for up to 30 minutes. In general, with permanent ports, you are in control over when an IP changes, which makes Bright Data have one of the most effective session management services on the rotating residential proxy market. If you want to select a zone choose in the dropdown menu brightdata101 zone that we previously created. To select the country of exit select the country that you want to use proxy servers from, and if you don’t have a specific country in mind, choose” any” option “any countries” option.

You’ll need to install and download it to your computer using your control panel. The pencil icon is located on the list of whitelisted IPs and types in the IP address. After you’ve added the IP address return to the extension, and hit” ON.

There you can alter locations, the headers, and your DNS settings. Hola is among the world’s most well-known VPNs for free. It is possible to download and use the service for free for the duration of your subscription by clicking and downloading Hola VPN as an extension in your internet browser. This lets you bypass geo-restrictions, so you can enjoy Netflix from any nation you’d like. For more information about the API to make requests using Drop-in Proxy, visit the API Example page in your Bright Data account.

Luminati Features

If you want to switch addresses you can refresh the icon beside your IP. FoxyProxy Settings for Whitelisting IPAnd Windows proxy settings for Luminati proxy servers. The menu for zones lets you alter the zones depending on your preferences and strategy.


The first is an SDK called Luminati SDK, which allows developers to connect Luminati into their applications offering revenue in exchange for the use of idle resources by users. Another method is through collaboration together with Hola VPN to create its extensive network. According to Hola VPN’s conditions of service, they request consent from users for them to utilize their IP addresses. In exchange for a free VPN solution, Luminati will be allowed to use their addresses to run the application. It is good news that Luminati has strict policies for compliance for its customers as well as its peers to ensure that it adheres to its ethical standards of service. For its colleagues, Luminati will only work only when the device isn’t operating and connected to WiFi and has enough battery power. This ensures that users of Luminati will not affect the performance of the device.

How to get Luminati Free

If you are unsure of the IP address of your computer go to the website to find your IP address and then use it. If you did, you’d not need to think about overusing your username or password to authenticate.

It was previously that it was $500, but it has been decreased to just $300. However, even $300 is not enough for many, which is why it is easier to move to more expensive rivals like Smartproxy and Sox All of which are priced determined by bandwidth usage. One of the biggest flaws of Bright Data is its complexity which is why you need an instruction manual on ways to use it. It’s possible that this is the tricky aspect however, the manager, extension, and dashboard are connected somehow. The final menu is network status which allows you to check whether everything is working smoothly. There is a bar at the top that gets filled up when you use your bandwidth.

We’ve mentioned before that you could also utilize the Luminati Chrome extension. Once you have completed the installation you’ll need to sign in with your account.

Of course, this is only if you’re not concerned that they’re purchased from unsuspecting users. To find out more about residential IP Proxies, I’d like to inform you about another sister company of Luminati which is known as Hola. Only a few businesses can claim to have altered a particular aspect of the process. Your browser will redirect you to the content you requested in a matter of minutes.

It is still necessary to configure the proxy settings the same way as you do when setting the IP configuration, however this time, when you attempt to go to a webpage, you’ll need to input an account login and username. The username is lum-customer-zone- which is the username that you’ve assigned as well as the domain name you have assigned to the zone you created. For example, if your username is “stupid proxy” and the zone you created is “proxy zone” then the username for logging in would be lum-customer-stupid proxy-zone-proxy zone. The password is automatically generated when you create zones. It is recommended to use the proxy’s address as well as a port combination in the application that you’ll need to connect to the proxy. You must be running an installed Proxy Manager application; otherwise, it won’t function.

Luminati System Requirements


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