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It has a user-friendly interface that allows you to start a new project by simply setting an output directory of your files that are locked and also the installation package. You will also be able to define an expiration date for the document. In this case, it will show a page at the end of the time limit and prompt users to buy the complete version.


Password 123

Additionally, you can create passwords for accessing certain individuals. It can also transform your entire document into an executable standalone file, which isn’t dependent on Excel. The file will function as a stand-alone application across every Windows operating system. The program is easy to use and with just a few steps, you can protect the file you want. The method of protection can be chosen between protection with no activation such as password, trial time as well as USB-based or hardware-based activation code as well as serial numbers.

You’ve never coded complicated workbooks with Visual Basic formulas and macros you’re now looking to distribute these documents to your customers. It is not a good idea for your customers to be in a position to reverse engineer the document and offer it at no cost. In this scenario, LockXLS software can help you with this issue.

On this page, you can find the download link as well as for instructions regarding how you can activate your software. This is a 30-day free full-loaded trial version. If you’re planning to upgrade LockXLS to the latest version, you must download this setup. The new version of LockXLS will utilize registration as it did in the past. If you wish to download LockXLS 2018 free download using a direct link, you have to click the following button.

LockXLS Features

In every project, you’ll input as many spreadsheets as you can and then alter the encryption method according to the requirements. Spreadsheet Tools LockXLS 2020 is capable of encrypting your Excel use in a variety of methods and each one requires an activate method that is chosen. Each activation method comes with a range of options you could utilize to secure the data in your Excel to enter in a completely professional manner.


The free download LockXLS 2020 v7 full version standalone offline installer for Windows is designed to include copy protection features in an Excel workbook. LockXLS provides several options to safeguard the security of your Excel data. By using Lock XLS, you can provide password protection or more advanced safeguards to Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. It’s an extremely useful tool to assist businesses in protecting sensitive information. LockXLS is an excellent tool for securing formulas and macros created using Visual Basic in Excel software.

How to get LockXLS Free

All of them are offered by LockXLS You should select the options you need within the project and then enter your own message. Lock XLS looks like an ideal program for companies or anyone who wants to safeguard spreadsheets from accidental or malicious manipulation or restrict access to confidential data. The interface of the program is simple, clean, and simple to use.

It can also generate activation codes and then verify the deactivation code. The ability to convert Excel documents into an executable, standalone application. You can certainly incorporate the number of spreadsheets you want into your project with the help of either the file browser or drag and drop. You can also download or open the sample project and can create MSI software to crash. Spreadsheet tools LockXLS 2020 is a security measure that protects the capability to access Excel files by making use of complicated passwords. You can also set a timer for running your needed Excel documents to ensure they won’t be utilized after the specified date. If you’re interested in our other spreadsheet compiler software you can visit the xlCompiler website.

LockXLS is accompanied by a handful of sample files to help in the process of learning. The extensive built-in Help manual provides the program’s features step-by-stage. We were capable of getting started using the program after reading the Help file as well as the examples of the program. The program has a range of ways of “locking” documents, everything from simple password protection to more specific options and specific access for users. You can also protect or hide specific areas of spreadsheets by using the option of making your formulas inaccessible to anyone else.

It is also possible to download Nik Software Complete Collection. LockXLS 2018 comes with a simple and user-friendly interface that allows you to start with a fresh job by choosing the output directory for the files that are locked in addition to establishing the software. It will protect your spreadsheets from screening by unauthorized parties and also make them easier to usage. It is easy to add any spreadsheet you’d like into your job through the file browser or the drag and drop method. It is also possible to install Creative Edge Software iC3D Suite. The interface is sleek and professional it allows you to begin an entirely new project simply by indicating an output directory for locked files as well as the setup package.

The security method can easily be selected between the security with no activation password or serial number, or an activation code that is USB-based. A powerful security program designed for Microsoft Excel spreadsheets that may effectively protect personal information with the use of passwords. Each method has an array of customizable options. For example, with regard to using the password option, you could mix it with the trial protection mode, type an email, input EULA or display a splash picture, and many more. This program is beneficial to anyone looking to safeguard the integrity and security of their Excel documents, and we would recommend it.

You can also stop the users from copying their data from spreadsheets into other spreadsheets This is an excellent feature that could help protect data from accidentally being overwritten. Users will be able to find out ways to secure their spreadsheets using LockXLS within a matter of minutes. LockXLS 2018 is a formidable security tool designed for Microsoft Excel spreadsheets that could effortlessly protect data from theft through the use of a password. You can create an activation code and also confirm the deactivation code as well as assign and modify the table of strings. Security methods can easily be chosen between the security that does not require activation password, password, serial numbers, or an activation code that is USB-based. It is possible to download or install a test project and also create an MSI package. You can also generate an activation code, and then test the one for deactivation.

LockXLS System Requirements

  • Memory (RAM): 1 GB of RAM required.
  • Operating System: Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or later.
  • Hard Disk Space: 20 MB of free space required.
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