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Listen N Write is a program that allows you to play and convert the recording of video and audio. We’d like to point out that occasionally it is possible to not have a malicious software program. To keep delivering the safest catalog of software and applications we have integrated a Report Software feature in every catalog page. It transmits your feedback to us. If we click Pause and the program reversed the audio for one second. This proved to be ideal to catch the full meaning of sentences we’d missed. Likewise, the ability to jump ahead or back in small increments was invaluable–certainly when compared to trying to use your cell phone’s voice recorder to hear Professor Mushmouth’s lecture. Get More Softwares From Getintopc

Listen and Write

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Created by an Italian-based firm, Listen N Write is available in more than twelve languages. It is a unique application that can make transcription easier because you can control it using the keys and also insert time markers. Additionally, the audio stream will be automatically rewound after just a few seconds each time you hold the Pause button.

Listen and Write Features

Additionally, when you press”Pause,” the Listen to Write player will reverse audio by one minute, which can help to prevent words from being cut off. Furthermore, the audio stream will be automatically reminded after a couple of seconds by pressing the Stop button. It also comes with a convenient text editor and media player to allow you to effectively switch in between listening and typing. What makes this application unique apart from its simplicity is the media player’s ability to let you hear the audio more clearly. Additionally, the audio stream will automatically be rewound for a few seconds by pressing the Pause button. This software is particularly helpful for conference participants, students, or journalists who require recording audio that they later use to note notes.

The media player included has several buttons for controlling from, including speed forward and rewind, and pausing. The software Listen N Write also includes support for hotkeys that allow playback without mouse control right via to the F keys. It is a must-have for any transcriptionist. N Write is, without a doubt, one of the best and effective transcription tools available. I would highly recommend it to instructors and people working in the academic world. The text editor and media player let you seamlessly handle transcribing tasks that require writing and listening. The audio quality isn’t altered in any way and the playback controls feature excellent UI that allows for simple replays. The software doesn’t employ speech recognition or automated transcription.

Create music by dropping and dragging sound files and editing them with high-quality audio effects. has decided not to offer a direct download link for this software and provides this page to provide informational purposes only. The program Listen N Write can be considered the most popular program for transcription since its ease of use and small size makes it an ideal option for anyone with any level of proficiency.

CleanIt’s very likely that this program is free of any contamination. The program Listen N Write can be considered the standard software for any transcription program due to its simplicity of use and compact size. At the final point, this program can be used to transcribe lectures or interviews for students as well as journalists.

The best, most transcribing program that is standard-setting, Listen N Write for Windows is a no-cost option that is available on the internet and designed to complement Elefant Software’s extensive selection of software that is free. Although the software is designed with the highest standards of making it accessible to people with disabilities, it’s extremely suitable for everyone. It is a great tool for listening N Write on Windows helps transcribers to boost their productivity. Note-taking and transmuting into audio is as simple as using one small, simple-to-download application. Furthermore, playback improves clarity by automatically rewinding slightly whenever utilized.

How to Get Listen and Write for Free

It’s a program created by Elefant Software that will make the process of transcribing much easier and quicker for you. It can make a significant difference for anyone who has to translate information. It will also provide a variety of opportunities to those who struggle to take notes or use messy handwriting. It has assisted me to become the fastest transcriber I’ve ever met! The most user-friendly and most simple app to aid in the process of transcribing. It’s perfect for business professionals or students such as lawyers, or any person who must transcribe their personal or work assignments.

The program Listen N Write Portable can be used to play and transcribe standard audio files in MP3 or WAV. Listen N Write comes with special features to make transcription simpler by allowing you to control the transcription using buttons and insert time markers. The audio stream will automatically be rewarded for a short period of time when you press the Stop button. It is possible to listen N Write can be considered the most common program used for transcription due to its ease of use and its small size. Listen N Write is able for transcribing and play standard audio files in MP3 or WAV. is now removed from the direct download link and is now offering this page solely for informational use. Utilizing Listen N Write is rather easy to use and works by using keyboard shortcuts. It would be great to see this application available for Android phones …

The Listen N Write Free is a small program that allows you to record any conversations such as chat, conversation, etc., and then it is possible to later quickly transcribe it into an electronic text document. The integrated Wordprocessor, as well as Bookmarks, are worth the price in gold.

Don’t be confused by the difficult-to-understand and unprofessional auto-corrected transcriptions that all other software applications gave you. The Listen and Write program is up-to current, user-friendly, and is by far the most effective option available. I’ve had a lot of difficulty with those lengthy and blurred-up audio clips that were saved through a mistake. Listen N Write is able to reduce the speed of recording and, 95 percent of the time, for me, has proven to be more precise than any other. The program Listen N Write plays and transcode videos and audio recordings using its integrated word processor. Listen N Write is able to play or transcribe both video and audio files.

Listen and Write System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • Hard Disk: 160 MB
  • Processor: Intel 2 GHz or higher processor
Updated: December 30, 2021 — 9:50 pm

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