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We’re not too keen on the upper mid-range to be a little unresponsive – we’d like for it to have more bite, however, the smooth highs as you increase the frequency more than compensate for the difference. We have had fantastic results when we put it on busses used by instruments for some classic Hi/Lo EQ. We like them especially for giving crack to beats, snares. They also add body to basses and kicks, and general sparkle. They can’t be used to perform surgical operations or eliminate sonic frequencies, but when the selected frequencies are so effective that it’s clear that the designs of the past are very loved. CTCS transforms the UA Audio interface into a receptive and fantastic-sounding analog recorder channel strip. Get More Softwares From Getintopc

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Lindell Plugins

The 254 is the final one that is an imitation of a favorite of ours that is that of the Neve 2254. It’s a classic, extremely bright compressor limiter that definitely deserves a position in the rock ‘n’ roll Hall of Fame. It’s a great channel strip, with a wealth of options for shaping the tone, and is further enhanced by the capability to switch the 3rd and fourth positions into any position within the chain. The EQs are extremely easy to operate and, with a gain limit of 12dB, you can’t get it wrong. The curves are incredibly musical similar to their hardware counterpart, they have a Q that decreases little with increasing gain, but it’s not noticeable. The comp has so far been the least enjoyable piece out of three.

Lindell Plugins Features

The plugs are excellent I wouldn’t bet on the competition over the long term. Lindell 50 is a great plug-in. Lindell 50 has everything I need to make my sound more sculpted all in one plug-in! It offers that crunch, that bite, and a bit of the modern-day punch. The 50B module functions as the 50A, but it has four bands, and the bandpass option is not available. Analog saturation is available on one of the channels as well as the Buss plugin.

Lindell introduces classic “76” style FET-based compression tone as well as lightning-fast response time for this native plug-in. I had the chance to test Lindell Audio Series 50 and was impressed by its booming audio and processing options. If you’re interested in taking the unit for a spin it is possible to get a 14-day fully-functional trial on the Plugin Alliance site. We’ve tried all the original units and can say that the emulations give them the best. They add color and character and, when combined with adding the additional 254, they pack a significant amount of punch. We’ll definitely be looking to them in the near future.

Tobias Lindell took the experience that he gained from mixing hit records and came up with an array of hardware audio products that instantly became favorites among engineers and producers across the globe. Today you can purchase some of Tobias’ favorite designs are available in plugin form.

You can choose to open a Channel and Buss Version of the plug-in in stereo or mono. 50 Series comes with two compressors with API-style design that are based on two old models – the 525 FET, and one of our favorites the 2500 VCA. Its 50 Series VCA is a perfect example of this versatile unit. Lindell Audio, since its creation in 2010 has rapidly earned a reputation for its top-quality analog equipment. Record producer Tobias Lindsayell–resident director of Bohus Sound Studios — set out to develop recording equipment that would suit his personal style of working.

If you choose to open the Buss version of the plug-in it’s significantly reduced to a line amplifier (+-15dB in increase) along with the master portion, with there’s no EQ or compression feature or gating. It is modeled after an API 525 model, it comes with several useful options, including De-Esser modes as well as the Ceiling control that regulates the amount of compression as well as the makeup gain, and a highpass filter that can be used for the sidechain.

It combines the threshold and gain under one control, and works along with the main input Controls for Output and Input. Its FET compressor is great to bring out the flavor on overhead drums or add energy to beats. We noticed that the settings for the slower release can handle the bass frequencies extremely well. In the past channel strip plugins have been developed to precisely reproduce some of the subtler aspects of analog signal flow such as noise, saturation, and even stereo images. Tobias Lindell has produced and recorded a variety of hits over the years. These include Europe, “Last Look At Eden”, Mustasch “Latest Version Of The Truth” and “Hardcore Superstar” and many others.

How to Get Lindell Plugins for Free

Based on API’s classic designs inspired by API’s classic designs, Inspired by the classic API designs, 50 Series features two distinct plugins: Channel well as Buss. Channel is a five-stage modular-style channel strip that includes preamp and EQ, as well as expander/gate, compressor, and master sections, and a choice between three different EQs and two compressors. Additionally, Buss is a much simple summing plugin with two stages with a line amp and fader module.

Its Buss plugin is less complicated than the Channel plugin, but it does include the extremely useful Unity gain feature. Our tests revealed that both Channel, as well as the Buss plugins, created strange harmonic distortions when they were set to default settings. However, we discovered that increasing the THD control amplified these effects and added some even harmonics too. While neither is extreme, enhancing the harmonics in a subtle way, it’s a good option.

Like we said the two plugins are based on the Brainworx TMT system. We’ve spoken about TMT before, and with the 50 Series, you have 32 distinct TMT channels to explore. The channel-to-channel variations that TMT introduces are excellent for adding authentic analog desk sound across many channels. I’ve put off buying plugins in anticipation of the channel strip of the same company going away however, I’m not decided if I should keep waiting.

The results can be refined further by using the soft knee and Sidechain settings for EQ. We love this module however, it’s important to note that it’s not as versatile as the first hardware that has three sidechains EQs and two knee options. If you’re not keen on the instruments and amps, then Mix & Master could be an alternative.

In addition, Musician offers the amps as well as instruments and effects in a more compact concentrated pack. Essential is a cost-effective alternative with 40 plug-ins. Lindell 50 Series is included in both the Mega and Mix & Master bundles. A channel strip that is based on module, place the three modules according to your liking! It includes 1176-like FET compression Pultec EQ and a pre-amp simulation.

If you’re looking to incorporate the sounds of API consoles into your music The Plugin Alliance Lindell Audio 50 Series is a fascinating alternative. It provides a variety of API processors that have been modeled in an EQ-like channel strip format that is modular. The three EQ choices are 3-band graphics, four-band, and 10-band.

The NYC-based Eryck Bry creates and mixes his debut single, ‘Villain. Expect contemporary Electro-Pop that is fueled by Trap beats as well as heavy guitars and beautiful Pop vocals. Lindell adds the sweet music of the famous Pultec EQ in a plug-in. You have marked your post as the Best Answer and not one of the answers of @quadcore64’s. This equalizer has a 10 band graphic EQ which gives you the ability to perform some important frequency shaping.

Lindell Plugins System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/8.1/10.
  • Memory (RAM): 512 MB of RAM required.
  • Hard Disk Space: 50 MB of free space required.
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core processor or later.
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