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Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is a user-friendly and popular tool for picture editing with the help of advanced tools. Lightroom is an easy version of the well-liked photo program, Photoshop specializing in digital photograph management. The Free Lightroom download provides various tools for enhancing, correcting, and sharing the pictures. With Lightroom for the computer, you can simply make adjustments to the basic of photography levels and work with almost any digital picture format. The Adobe Lightroom Free Download permits you to make and share photo books and albums for printing.Do Autocad Free Download

Adobe Lightroom Features: 

Check out the below features of the photoshop Lightroom app:

  • Smarter Organization: 

Adobe Sensei utilizes machine learning for recognizing the individuals and other content in the photographs and then automatically applies the searchable keywords. Searching for the shots of the cousin or favorite trips to the water? The auto-tagging feature of Adobe Photoshop makes searching the picture easy so you can make albums based on any theme or person you desire.DO Adobe Lightroom Free Download

  • Anywhere Editing:

With user-friendly photograph editing programs such as filters and sliders, the Lightroom free app can really make it easy to make photographs that look just the way you desire, and you can also edit the full-resolution photographs anywhere on the web, mobile devices, or the desktop. Edits on one device are applied everywhere else automatically.Do Adobe Reader Free Download

Adobe Lightroom

  • Simple Sharing:

Share the snaps with clients, loved ones, or an even larger audience. Post photographs directly to social websites. Present them on the site by sending them to the Adobe Portfolio directly from the Adobe Photoshop free tool on the computer. Make stunning web pages, graphics, and video stories in minutes using the Adobe Spark. It is all comprised in the membership.Do Microsoft Office 2013 Free Download

  • Worry-Free Storage:

Starting at one TB with options for even more, the cloud storage in the Free Lightroom program makes sure that you can access the complete library of the full-resolution photographs anytime you desire, anywhere you are and from any device.Do Adobe Photoshop CS6 Free Download

  • Sync The Profiles & Presets:

The most requested feature is now here. You can easily access all the Lightroom photoshop CC profiles and presets, comprising custom and 3rd-party presets, across mobile, desktop, and web.Do Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 Free Download

  • Explore The Cloud-Based Photograph Service:

Edit a photo on the smartphone, PC, or tablet, and the changes will update across all the devices automatically using Lightroom.

  • Edit The Photographs From Anywhere:

Make the photographs look wonderful with powerful tools on mobile devices. Simply tap & drag sliders for applying filters, improving the color and light, and more, anywhere you are.Do Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 Free Download

Adobe Lightroom User Interface:

The Adobe Photoshop user interface is icon heavy and simple to grasp, the photographs tiling makes it much easier to work on several pictures at a time, and the toolset does not overpower the average user as the Photoshop can. The Lightroom photographs can sync up and share with the Adobe Portfolio directly where you can create a photography site in minutes. It is all cloud-based. Tutorials can utilize an improvement by being incorporated into the Photoshop Lightroom itself as they currently exist in the video format only. Still, the Lightroom download plays excellently at the particular role in the Adobe products suite and ought to appeal to any photography buff desiring for wrangling their growing collection.Do MS Office 2016 Download

Automatic Editing:

Adobe Lightroom is an excellent option for anybody who desires an easy tool to edit photographs without having to cope with an excess of drawing features or difficult design. If you desire to enhance the pictures rapidly, you can use the automatic editing. Regardless of if you are an expert or just a newbie, you will be capable of navigating the features and tools that the Adobe free photoshop has to offer, as long as you are acquainted with Adobe.

Adobe Photoshop provides you the capability of utilizing the mouse for simply tuning the pictures while you are also capable of using the mouse for advanced settings. Either way, the final outcome is remarkable. When you decide to utilize the auto button, the outcome is quite inconsistent. The free photoshop tool is good at fixing the underexposed pictures, though it is at times too HDR and over-corrected. That said, it is helpful for those who have to edit the picture quickly.

Lightroom Advantages:

  • Nice UI: 

The Photoshop Lightroom tool offers you a big viewing area, which is excellent when you are trying to perfect a picture. But that does not denote you need to sacrifice the accessibility of the program you utilize the most. Instead, these are adequately arrayed to the right and left of the viewing surface, and collapsible menus keep all within simple reach.

  • Photo Books: 

Another good feature is the option for ordering physical photograph books through Adobe Photoshop. You can decide to have such printed by Blurb, or you can also format these for exporting as PDF and then print yourself.

  • Direct Uploads: 

In addition to slideshow creation and photograph editing, the free Adobe Photoshop also allows you to make Flash Galleries or HTML. When they are done, such can be uploaded directly to the site straight from the tool.


  • Text Color: 

Some of your text in the free photoshop Lightroom program can be difficult to read sometimes because of the contrast lack with the black background that overlooks the Adobe free photoshop UI. It’s particularly true of the Tips, which are extremely useful but are printed in gray in the black pop-up.

Is There Any Better Alternative?

Free Photoshop Lightroom app works on Windows and macOS and also has an Android and iOS app. The free photoshop mobile version and desktop version can easily sync together. For the casual users on the iOS device, you can possibly get what you require from the Apple Photos app. However, the organization features just work within Apple Photos, and adobe free photoshop Lightroom has better editing features.

Other strong options comprise Corel AfterShot Pro, Skylum Luminar, and Zoner Photo Studio X, all of which feel and look similar to free photoshop Lightroom download and share a lot of the same features. However, if you utilize Photoshop, Lightroom download can really get a leg up being a part of the fantastic Adobe family for the syncing points.

The Final Verdict:

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom download is nimble, slick, and boasts many photo-editing tools and a competent workflow. The newest update of adobe photoshop provides improved performance and Panorama and HDR merge tools, which permit cylindrical, spherical, and perspective pictures. The free Adobe Photoshop provides with the advanced features while providing an organizational function that mirrors tools such as Google Photos, Apple Photos, and Microsoft Photos.

System Requirements For Adobe LIGHTROOM

Before you start LIGHTROOM PRESETS free download, make sure your PC meets minimum system requirements.

  • Memory (RAM): 512 MB of RAM required.
  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or later.
  • Hard Disk Space: 200 MB of free space required.


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