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LAN Speed Test v4 is an easy-to-use but powerful instrument to measure how fast your Local Area Network wired & wireless files as well as hard drives and USB drives. Paid versions add many useful options like Avg Max, Min and Max throughput results, email and log results, running tests via the command line, and more. To check LAN speeds, you will need at least one server computer as well as one client computer in the network. To accomplish this it is necessary to install the software on both of the computers that are connected to the one network. Then, you can select Server Mode on one computer and click the Start Server button to make it an actual server. The other one, choose Client mode and input the IP address of the server machine in the IP Address field. Get More Softwares From Getintopc

Lan Speed Test

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The laws regarding how to use this program differ from country to country. We do not recommend or approve of using this software when it is in contravention of the laws. Control multiple computers with one keyboard and mouse. For Windows, Mac OS. Basic features are free, $10.00 for the full version.

Lan Speed Test Features

Check the rate of connection as well as how much data is being transferred. When you install LAN Speed Test v4, it will start in the mode. LAN Speed Test is fully operational and has no limitations on time and no time limits. It is only limited to a few more advanced features that are not available. If you choose to run it on a regular basis there is an additional alternative to install Windows. Enhance your business’s performance with an industry-leading, easy and secure VPN client connection to your enterprise network. Search and scan all the devices on your network to gain access to diverse resources. If your download isn’t starting immediately go here.

It is a command line-based program that requires commands to conduct a LAN test of speed. Similar to similar LAN speed testers, this one also requires to be installed in the computers to be used for testing LAN speed. In addition to LAN speed tests and LAN speed tests, you can utilize this program to check the speed of write and read speeds on disks.

It is possible to use it using a minimal amount of CPU and results in a more efficientt test of gigabit Ethernet high-speed connections. In the beginning, you must set up a server on a different system than yours on similar networks. To set up a server start the software via the command line and write command imperf-s to begin the server. Following the testing, you’ll be able to see average, maximum, and minimal LAN speeds, along with the time/packet, total time bytes per second, the graph of write and read speed, and more.

It allows you to set the size of data packets from 2KB and 9GB. The final output that it produces is highly detailed, which you can download as a PDF. This is the no-cost and initial version of EVEREST now called AIDA64. If you’re an avid fan of observation and the field of software, you’ll be aware that EVEREST is one of the top tools for benchmarking and information. Because AIDA32 is part of EVEREST and comes with extremely useful network benchmarks, which cannot be included inside AIDA64 or EVEREST anymore. With it, you receive two other useful options, including Internet Accelerator and Network Monitor (a tiny monitor on screen that displays the live downloading and upload speeds).

If you are looking for an affordable and no-cost local speed test for your network NetStress is the best choice as an instrument to test the speed of your network or a network test software. The program is simple, however, it’s a terrible user interface. If you’re not used to it, navigation or even seeing it can be a challenge. It’s not even mentioning that it is only able to run in the maximum size window. It is a command-line that is typically employed to test the network’s speed. It’s a graphic user interface that functions as a frontend.

How to Get Lan Speed Test for Free

Then, you will be asked to enter the size of the dummy file to transfer. Adjust it to Gigabit to ensure it is able to test the more powerful network. Another advantage is that you don’t need to mess around with master and client connectivity. All you need to do is write access to this shared directory.

Following the completion of tests, after the tests are completed, you can see results such as the effective bandwidth of LAN average LAN speed, Speed of the LAN that is maximum, Time to transmit the packets, etc. In certain software, you’ll also be in a position to save the speed test results as CSV, TXT PSD, and others. files. The LANBench program is part of the Network Testing utility which isn’t only portable but is also completely free thanks to TCP.

If you’re planning to run the program, you will need to test it on both computers. After that, you can run it from the server computer and then click”Listen. The speed test results generated by this program cannot be exported or saved however you are able to directly copy the results using the Command line. It is another command line-based application to test LAN speed. LAN Speed Test is my most used software as it can conduct a quick and thorough test of LAN speed.

Another popular and reliable software to test the speed of your network includes Lite LAN Speed Test. The program measures the speed is very simple. You simply need to copy the file and then paste it onto another computer in the same local network. The LAN speed measures the speed of your connection. Are you searching for the top Free LAN Speed Test Software to test your network’s speed? In our current world, our activities, a lot depends on internet connectivity. While testing the connection, the user will be able to see the size of the transferred packet size, along with the highest bandwidth achieved or the speed of your LAN (Mbits/sec) in real-time. Lan speed is another free portable, freely available LAN speed test application for Windows.

In this stage, you are able to select a Protocol prior to starting with the LAN tests for speed. After setting up all settings, simply hit on the Start Measure button to begin the test. The Ping Roundtrip duration, as well as Packet speed for both, send and receive through the LAN network in real-time. You can save the results in Excel/CSV or as a Text file. The default setting of this program offers LAN speed results in Kb/sec. However, you can change it to b/sec Mb/sec or Gb/sec. Overall, it’s an easy tool to measure the speed of your LAN. NetIO-GUI is a free portable, portable, and freely available LAN speed test program For Windows.

Next, choose the size minimum, and maximum of data packets you wish to transmit between systems using the interface. It is possible to alter the size of the packets between 2KB and 9GB. We’d like to emphasize that at times we might overlook a potentially harmful software program. Then, go back to your computer and type the perf server IP to begin LAN speed tests. Finally, click the Start Test button to start LAN speed testing. The program is extremely compact and can be run on a hard drive, USB Flash drives, etc. If you’re looking for the perfect software to help you discover a security solution I highly recommend Intruder.

Lan Speed Test System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • Hard Disk: 50 MB
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core or higher processor
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