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Convert adjacent cells that have identical values within each column in just one click. Select columns, then select “Merge Same Cells”, and all cells that are vertically adjacent that have the identical value will be joined in large. Batch round numbers within the selected intervals to decimal places, without formula. The feature displays an option to display a calendar next to the current date cell users can select any date to alter the date of the previous one with ease. This feature allows you can convert quickly any variety of Roman data into standard decimal numbers in bulk and reverse the process. This feature allows you to switch between various number systems in just a few clicks without the need for formulas. It also converts from binary into hex octal into decimal and decimal to hex. ASCII conversion to hex, etc.Get More Softwares From Getintopc

Kutools for Excel

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This feature can find rows and columns within the list based on the set criteria, and then provide the total of that rows or columns. It performs the most common math operations within cells, like subtraction and subtraction, multiplication, and division. For instance, you can quickly use this program to increase the column of the price of various items to 2 percent. It will display all links in the worksheet that are active and then break any damaged links, replacing them with a value that is appreciated in Excel.

Kutools for Excel Feauters

Convert a selection of worksheets active to an image Gif, JPEG, TIF, or PNG format. This feature reverses the order of printing and prints the worksheet from the previous page to the next with just one click. This feature is useful that allows you to click to remove all workbooks hidden from view in the bulk. This program improves Excel by allowing changing a name reference in the formula selected with the appropriate reference. If the cells have formulas it is a useful feature that allows you to keep using name references, without altering the formulas you have selected. By using this function, you have the option of simply restore all comments to their original positions within the worksheet in use or the entire workbook at once.

This feature will remove all cells that are merged in the column that contains the cell that is active with just one click. The feature can automatically remove cells that have strikethrough formatting in the column that contains the active cell, with just one click. The feature can automatically remove cells with italics formatting within the column that holds the cell that is active with just one click. This feature is awe-inspiring and allows you to upload and insert images by analyzing the contents of cell cells within one row/column.

Kutools for Excel / Word

This program can quickly add images from URLs that are related or file paths into Excel in just a few clicks. With this option, you can put text and image watermarks to the worksheet with ease. This feature allows it is easy to locate the missing numbers and then insert them into sequence lists. A set of tools makes the selection of different items much easier to do in Excel.

It supports the typical round it supports rounding up and down along with rounding to even. This utility can convert formulas easily to text formats of your choice.

When you choose one of the items from the drop-down list, the image of its relative will be displayed. Likewise, should you select another option item, the image will change in a dynamic manner. This feature can quickly configure data validation to only accept IP address entries within the range you select. This feature was specifically designed to enable data validation in the range you select that only permits Email addresses to be input. This feature lets you view or edit data entries using Excel. Within Data Form, in the Data Form dialog, we can read, insert the data, delete or modify the rows of data. CabinetM aids modern sales and marketing teams make the most of the tools they have and locate the tools they require.

How to Get Kutools for Excel for Free

Print multiple workbooks and text files from one directory or from multiple directories. You can choose the kind of files to print from the directory or from multiple directories. It is possible to generate an overview report in case any issues occurred during printing. This will include it in the report. This feature is able to quickly remove all worksheets, excluding those that are active in the current workbook in just one click. This feature is extremely useful you can easily freeze all worksheets in all workbooks simultaneously.

This feature allows it is easy to examine two cell ranges Find highlights, select and highlight the unique or duplicate values between the two ranges. Selects the cells or an entire row of the specified range which meets certain specifications.

Create several copies of your active worksheet, or add multiple worksheets with your own worksheet names in your workbook. You can define a range of cells that include your worksheet’s names for the worksheets you copied or the worksheets that are inserted. You can quickly insert the entire content of a worksheet CSV or textfile or PRN into your cursor’s current position on the worksheet.

As an example, using this program, you can add multiple worksheets with identical data structures from various workbooks into one worksheet. This feature will cut down your time in the process of batch adding or remove the names of users in all the comments on the active worksheet, or even the entire workbook. You can easily pick and move to the column with the particular name of your workbooks.

This feature allows it is possible to replace any accented character with regular characters in the whole workbook. By using this function, you’ll be able to just click and take leading zeros out of the cells you have selected immediately. This feature is able to quickly extract names of email addresses using text within specific cells within Excel.

A single click will cause all hidden sheets visible. A second click to toggle all sheets hidden to be not visible in the current document. Clicking once will highlight all cells that have formulas that are formatted as hidden in the entire workbook.

This feature allows you can quickly create an easy PivotTable and then group the data based on specific dates or time parameters, for example, half-year, fiscal calendar, year number day of the week or half-hour minutes or seconds, etc. Add a row to each printed page to be able to study and calculating the column. It can calculate counts, averages, and sum values. In the column that corresponds, and can figure out the max/min value of the column you have selected and the number of count and product for the column. This feature can filter out all cells that contain formulas in the selected column. This feature will remove all cells with comments within the column you have selected.

Kutools for Excel System Requirements

Before you start Kutools for Excel / Word free download, make sure your PC meets minimum system requirements.

  • Memory (RAM): 1 GB of RAM required.
  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or later.
  • Hard Disk Space: 50 MB of free space required.
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