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It encourages users to spend their time on the most productive websites and reduce their time on less helpful websites. The program alerts you when you’ve been spending too much time on a specific task and helps you get onto the next task quickly. It also gives you useful percentages of the length of time employees have been on specific websites. For instance, it could be 30% on the news and factual websites and 20% for software development, etc. It is possible to make your team more efficient by keeping track of the sites you visit. This article will outline the top Klok alternatives that can assist you in keeping the track of your projects, hours, and revenue. Beware that this software application could be harmful or could contain malicious software that is bundled.


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It is possible to view the weekly timesheet that will clearly show all the work hours during the week. In addition, there’s an additional monthly timesheet. Projects that are completed are able to be deleted and be saved into an archive folder for later use or be stored as templates to be used in future projects by using it. The entire entries of the project can be saved and downloaded as backup files which allow them to be used later. The premium version permits an unlimited number of participants to be working on an unlimitable number of projects.

Harvest provides the possibility of a free account that permits one user to collaborate on two projects. TimeCamp is a viable Klok alternative, as you can add tags to TimeCamp however, you are unable to do this on Klok. TimeCamp can also make it easier to assess your profits, analyze the absences of your team and establish goals for productivity. Navigating through the various options of the program could take some time until the user is comfortable with the program’s interface.

Toggle Track has a distinct time-logging feature. It can also help you stay up-to-date with tags, which neither Klok is able to do. Recently, I discovered a small problem that wasn’t there prior. Because the app hasn’t been updated for two years, and the issue wasn’t any issues previously this issue could be due to an issue with the later iOS versions.

Each minute you work that isn’t recorded is equivalent to giving away your product free. Making sure you track your time precisely is vital to being profitable. Additionally knowing the amount of time you’ve spent on previous projects can help you to make better estimates for future tasks. You can keep track of everything you do by using Klok’s simple timer and visual reminder of how your working days “fill up”. When I decided to upgrade my app for tracking time when I discovered KlokkiHQ on Twitter and haven’t gone back to any other app. Klok timing tracking can be extremely efficient in keeping track of employee activities.

Klok Features

Harvest is only accessible on desktops, however, it is a fantastic time tracking feature for remote employees. Harvest is the most suitable option for those who want a simple tracker with some additional features for managing projects. It allows you to create invoices every week.

CleanIt’s highly likely that this program is safe. You can access the timer via the menu bar any time and keep all of your hours in an instant. Lorena is a freelance SEO writer who has spent the past five years writing and researching productivity, time management, and SaaS. She is a frequent skier, traveler, and surfer. When she’s you’re not working you’ll find her surfing waves or exploring the mountains.


Its Lite version RescueTime is completely free and allows users to learn more about how the site works. The premium version costs $13 per month and offers you a better understanding of monitoring.

We do not support or endorse the use of the program when it is in breach of the laws. Harvest is extremely compatible and is able to work with other programs like Asana, Trello, PayPal as well as Basecamp. Employees can review their use of websites and pinpoint the areas where they’re wasting their time. The Pro version of TimeCamps’s service costs $7.50 per month. It permits invoices to be produced and sent out, as well as specific user roles. I’ve been using Klok for a long time since its launch I’ve found the service to be a great service. Recently, however, it seems that it seems that the Notification Center widget is not functioning.

How to get Klok For Free

It’s an easy method to stay on top of timesheets, however, it is not without its limitations. Klok is an original time-tracking program that tracks each and every task in an entire project. It is possible to record a new task tracked by clicking the Start button on the interface. When the task is completed you can press the identical button.

It’s a Windows program that will track the amount of time that you as well as your team members work on a specific project or job. By knowing this, you’ll be able to manage your time more efficiently and be able to perform your work more effectively. Klok can be described as an Adobe AIR application that installs extremely quickly and is simple to use, just like the other AIR applications. Like I’ve experienced many times I set out to find the best time-tracking tool available… Maintain on top of your earnings using the hourly rate for projects and tasks that are billable.

The most loved version of this program for our users is 1.0. If you are a freelancer and are working on several projects, or forget to set your clock, or do not need to think about the clock. Have been using @KlokkiHQ for about a month now and highly recommend it. Hubstaff provides a free account that allows up to five people to work on a total of 10 tasks. Hubstaff is a great Klok alternative since it is able to precisely track leave and vacation absences, while Klok does not. RescueTime is a great Klok alternative since it offers an accurate picture of how employees utilize their time.

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