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This is parental-control software that parents can utilize to monitor the activities their children are doing online. This software is designed to be used on Windows and should not be used on any other platform. While this simple-to-use software can be very effective in recording computer activities, it is the only one that can prevent the youngest of tykes from getting. KidLogger is a simple user interface with a limited number of options that allows you to only open files that have been logged or to disable the software. The program can record the URLs of documents, applications as well as files. it will also record keystrokes and URLs typed. Get More Softwares From Getintopc


Password 123

We do not recommend or support using this app when it is in breach of the laws. Location This app could use your location even if it’s not in use this can affect the life of your battery. Developers are required to disclose information regarding privacy when they submit their next update. The app was modified by Apple to show icons for the Apple Watch app icon. cannot guarantee 100% of the security of the software hosted on third-party websites. Upload all of the monitored activity to your account at

Kidlogger Features

KidLogger is a program designed to assist parents in protecting their children from danger. We’d like to emphasize that at times we could be unaware of a potentially dangerous software program. I am able to easily track and limit what I want for my children to make sure that anything they shouldn’t see isn’t displayed. Your child can enjoy safe online play without having to worry.

However, unlike other full-blown monitoring tools, this one doesn’t effectively block specific web pages or programs. Our tests showed that it worked flawlessly however it couldn’t be protected by passwords. We were in a position to remove it from the Start menu. we’re sure the majority of smart kids will be able to do the same.

Because of the potential that is the Internet, children could be exposed to all sorts of things their young minds aren’t yet ready to handle. Running a program on the computer when the child is playing with it can help calm the mind that the parents. Children won’t be able to play with their computers if parents were watching over their shoulders. But, with KidLogger’s software, parents are able to examine the actions of their children while they were on the computer following the actual event. If anything seems troubling parents can be prepared to figure out the most effective way to talk to their child. Demo programs provide basic functionality and are free, but they cost for a more advanced set of features, or to remove ads from their interfaces.

The interface is simple and simple to configure and set up. It gives users key access to their children’s logs. It informs parents of the activities their kids are up to using their devices or computers. Before using the software users must connect Kidlogger’s “Parental Time Control” on their device or computer that is to be monitored. You can also capture screenshots as well as web history, and receive email reports.

The ability to monitor your children’s use and the content they’re accessing is crucial for KidLogger which is also their main purpose. KidLogger is available for Windows is a great program to control the data that your children see on the Internet. The management of your children’s computers and internet usage has been a problem for my family, however, after some digging, I came across KidLogger on Windows.

How to Get Kidlogger for Free

It’s a straightforward user-friendly software that allows you to track the activity of your computer by recording keystrokes. It also allows you to sort by keywords or words, which means if want to find something specific, it’s quite easy to find. Sometimes, you lend your phone to your children so they can play and enjoy themselves However, they are also able to connect to the Internet and apps which aren’t appropriate for children. With KidLogger, you can keep a watch on what your kids are doing on your smartphone.

This license is often used to play video games and allows players to install and enjoy the game absolutely free. Kidlogger allows you to view every keystroke made by the phone’s on-screen keyboard, as well as copying text into the clipboard. Do you believe that having the ability to use a keylogger with your Android is ineffective? There are many scenarios in where it is beneficial to keep track of your phone and now you can accomplish this using KidLogger. The free account will only allow you to monitor one device and store the logs for three days. CleanIt’s very likely that the program is free of viruses. Sign up at and create an iPhone ID and start monitoring your Kid activities online.

KidLogger on Windows is a great option for parents to keep the logs recorded so they can track their children’s activities when they use Windows. KidLogger has a free version and two different payment choices that provide parents with the option of deciding what feature they believe is the most essential to include. With the number of time parents have today and how technology has advanced and advanced, it can be difficult sometimes to maintain an eye on the kids.

The software is designed with the goal of protecting children from dangers on the internet, which is where predators lurk. KidLogger is a user-friendly and easy to set up freeware that can do an excellent job at recording the activities of computers.

Kidlogger System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10.
  • Memory (RAM): 512 MB of RAM required.
  • Hard Disk Space: 20 MB of free space required.
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core processor or later.
Updated: December 27, 2021 — 10:50 pm

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