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When you increase the volume of Drive it becomes richer with weird-order harmonics. For each delay or reverb, I altered how much Drive and the wet/dry Mixing within True Iron to vary the sound’s texture. Based on my experiences with it, the plugin is a great plugin for thickening tracks as well as giving them a bit of a kick more. Get More Softwares From Getintopc

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Kazrog True Iron

The natural compression it creates when you press the button hard and activates the “Crush “Crush” control is amazing for drums (try this with the kick! ) Guitars, vocals as well as my personal preferred – The mix bus. Blend knobs let me adjust some extreme settings, and then mix it all to your liking. Each setting of the transformer has its own distinct characteristics which means you have four distinct flavors of saturation. Another thing to keep in mind is the unique “x2” button located next to the “Crush” button.

Kazrog True Iron Features

Most often the discussions center around the old preamps, EQs, and compressors of the 1950s as well as the ’60s and 1970s. In the last couple of years, a lot of these highly praised processing units have been designed as plug-ins, adding proofs and explanations to the ever-expanding digital versus analog debate.

Indie plug-in designer Shane McFee worked closely with producer/composer Devin Powers to model the individual transformers that contribute to the sound quality of these well-known pieces of equipment. If you’re in search of an instrument that can add weight as well as warmth and beautiful harmonic distortion that engineers are awestruck by, True Iron is your ticket. When I first tested this plugin, I was amazed that it cost only $39.99. It’s comparable to saturation plugins that cost three and four times more.

If that was all there was to it, I’d even bother to write this review since there are a lot of… It’s the Sebatron VMP-1000e is a truly cool tube preamp for microphones. It’s a distinct thing and isn’t like any other product. Studio Projects has outdone itself by introducing the B line of microphones. They are extremely, very well-sounding and sonic microphones, at dirt cheap prices.

Stuttering issues with bounces off the screen within Logic Pro have been resolved. Automatization improvements impacting Latch and Touch modes across multiple hosts. A solution to an edge case in which the wrong block size may be reported back to certain code modules, which could result in incorrect processing or automation. The number of KVR Members have joined True Iron to 11 My KVR groups at least 76 times.

I have used this on nearly every track, as well as buses. Fixed extreme level spikes using wet/dry mix on Logic Pro X and Cubase 10 when using multiple instances of True Iron in series during live playback of a virtual instrument.

Mix control that controls wet and dry is no longer stuttering when using Logic Pro X, or any other host that has been tested in any circumstance. Apple’s Silicon-ready cross-platform optimized DSP replaces the older Intel exclusive DSP. Users of both Mac and Windows will experience better stability and compatibility. CPU-friendly True Iron – Run an instance True Iron on every track and bus to boost your music without affecting your CPU. This is an extremely cool software program for free which implements a modular program synthesizer.

Kazrog True Iron is only $39.99 which is a tiny small fraction of the price for UAD, Plugin Alliance, or Slate Digital offerings…with better sound and GUI It’s difficult not to consider adding this plugin to your collection. There is no need to mix and match several Tone shaping plug-ins. True Iron also runs surprisingly low on CPUs even with ‘DNA’ or Morph enabled.

There are many products in the marketplace today which offer traditional transformer modeling. Kazrog is the best in every aspect, with an easy-to-use GUI and uncompromising fine-tuned control, and top-quality sonic quality. Crush as well as Crush 2x – Add warm, overdrive as well as distortions to tracks, mimicking sounds of transformers that are pushed over their operating limits that can reach +48dB in auto compensated gain.

How to Get Kazrog True Iron for Free

DNA mode (new DNA mode (new 1.2) DNA mode (new in 1.2) – This is an upgraded degree of modeling frequency based upon Devin Powers’ individual transformer stereo pairs. This mode can result in more CPU use, however, it is more precise when compared to an emulated hardware model. Enabling it will return to the simpler, super-efficient but still highly accurate model employed with True Iron 1.1.5 and prior versions. One-stop-shop for sales on audio production software, hardware, or services to record and produce the audio and songs.

These transformers provide heft, weight, and girth to your masters and mixes. The plugin has an adjustable strength, the input’s impedance, and wet-dry proportion as well as a unique “Crush” control that adds the saturation of the fat transformer to busses and tracks. Furthermore, the CPU consumption for the plug-in is minimal enough to permit you to apply it to any bus or track in a mix to add a bit of digital warmth throughout the whole mix.

The plugin comes with the ability to adjust the strength of your input, as well as input impedance, wet/dry proportion, and a unique “Crush” control that adds the saturation of the fat transformer to the tracks as well as buses. However, I haven’t had any knowledge of audio transformers other than in the context of mixing or recording using the equipment equipped with transformers. Like most audio processing tools I enjoy, I recognize immediately that True Iron isn’t sonically appropriate for the task at hand however, once it’s there, it’s straightforward to locate its sweet spot without any playing around. Kazrog has provided outstanding plugins at a cost that is like it’s too amazing to be real.

The primary function of this plugin is to act as an analog-based filter as well as a saturation at or. One minor drawback of True Iron is the lack of EQ beyond the transformer modeling feature, which is a feature typically found in preamp and transformer modeling plugins.

In the meantime, the vocals were not sounding as clean to be compared. When Chris said that his vocals weren’t sitting properly in the mix, I re-instated True Iron to the song. It took just one minute to turn knobs Crush as well as Strength knobs, and then move through the six different transformers to find the perfect effect for Chris’s voice.

We decided to use that Haufe V178 transformer which gives a broad harmonic shimmer at lower volumes however, it pushes into the low-order odd harmonics when you drive it to the max. As if by magic, the voice of Chris grew in weight when it was needed to be, without me needing to increase the volume.

The B1 and B3 are equipped with 3 microns, 1-inch diaphragms as well as transformers that are not used and feature a… Maintenance inside, ready for distribution via a brand new online platform. The delayed response of subsonic audio pulse signals has been corrected. Path permissions for preferences and presets issues that affect Logic and other hosts that are sandboxed on the Mac are now resolved.

Check out Issue #28 for my complete evaluation of Altiverb for MAS the plug-in I’d say is the top software reverb I’ve ever heard. Now it’s available for VST and RTAS and MAS.

Kazrog True Iron System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10.
  • Memory (RAM): 512 MB of RAM required.
  • Hard Disk Space: 85 MB of free space required.
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core processor or later.
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