Karaosoft Karma Download Free Latest Version for Windows 7, 8, 10

I’ve never been more than happy with any software, Karma is one of the best, and your customer service is amazing. I am in love with your program I have purchased all three. I’m extremely impressed with your product to date. The three applications have saved me a few weeks of work. On-the-fly CDG timing – Do you ever do have lyrics that are ahead of and behind your music? Karma’s unique CDG Synch control is able to be altered at any time. Always make sure you are using the most recent versions of the software when you can.Get More Softwares From Getintopc

Karaosoft Karma

Password 123

I recorded last week, and the singers were thrilled with the result. Congrats on your amazing assortment of items. I am awestruck by all your products. I recommend to all my DJs whenever I can and stress how crucial that it is for you to consider your business as a business partner. You’ve resolved most, if not all, karaoke problems I’ve encountered in the past. It is also possible to utilize the controls on the upper right-hand side of the window’s main menu to pause, stop or play an entire song from start to finish when someone makes a mistake. Panel Layout ensures that the windows will never overshadow another one during your program and all show-related controls will always be visible.

Karaosoft Karma Feauters

I would like to use this opportunity to say thank you for your many great products which have saved me countless time and stress. I own Song List Generator and Karma. SLG helped me for weeks I remember searching through hundreds of folders, trying to delete multiple files using Excel. Karma has everything that I’ve dreamed of and offers the most amazing support.

The response time on an off-season holiday is 30 minutes. I’ve been recommending the software to other KJs who are in the Dallas area. This is another instance of your outstanding service that goes with your excellent software. I bought two licenses of Karma today. I loved the program and performed it live last night at both shows, and was extremely happy. Karma is now my preferred choice in all my Karaoke events.

Karaosoft Karma

I’m excited to find the chance to run my program again. Thank you for providing value for my money for utility programs. I’d like to just make a point of letting the folks working at Latshaw Systems know how proud I am to have your software.

It’s an extremely user-friendly product. It has saved me countless hours of frustration. A client of yours as well as a colleague KJ was able to test the new version on the “very large” database and it performed perfectly.

Thank you for the amazing toolkit. This time around, I cleaned out my library and printed new books, and synched drives across various rigs using your tools. Literally, it saved me days of work. With this software, you can make your own professional karaoke CD+G music. Flexible video tool that can include text and then synchronize it using image or video files. Overall, Karma is a handy software for karaoke that is able to host amazing karaoke performances. It’s easy to use, and anyone can learn to use Karma in a matter of minutes.

How to Get Karaosoft Karma for Free

We have done our own renamer products, but what’s the point in programming time if Latshaw Systems already have it finished and brushed. Let me just say that I am very satisfied with the software you have developed. They surpass everything else available today. You should be awarded your Software Developer of the Year award if you had one. The absolutely amazing product however your dynamism in developing it continuously is simply amazing. Excellent application, well done. I have thousands of zip files that I need to edit, and your application is without doubt the best I’ve ever seen.

Thank you for your excellent products. I’ll be a loyal customer for the remainder of my KJ career. I first started using your software after I discovered KJ File Manager and was amazed by it, particularly the customer support. I decided to install Karma in the early stages of beta with the promise of improvements for the software.

These promises were fulfilled and even exceeded. I’ve did not experience any interruptions during a program due to the program’s crash. Any issue I have encountered was solved within a few days. Every person I’ve used Karma to was amazed by the simplicity of the interface.

Control your karaoke performances effortlessly. Karma can be used to eliminate a variety of time-consuming tasks and frees you to do more fun things such as socializing with your audience or having breaks. The toolbar located in the upper right-hand corner of your main screen lets you control the singers in the karaoke group and assist in keeping the history of their songs.

Panels can be set up in one of 64 designs, and then designed to meet your specific screen requirements. I’ve never encountered a generator for song lists that was as quick or simple to use. Do you really need an instruction guide? Thank you for everything your team did. I am grateful and the products you offer have helped me save time and energy for hours.

I am incredibly impressed with this program and the work it can do. I’ve got around 178,000 plus files and will soon be able to organize everything properly organized in a way that is “looking” good due to the program. I’ve tried several PC Karaoke software programs in the past, but the majority of them, Karma is the best. I look forward to each update to add new features and bug fixes when necessary.

Karaosoft Karma System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  • Memory (RAM): 1GB of RAM required.
  • Hard Disk Space: 1GB of free space required.
  • Processor: Intel Pentium IV or later.
Updated: October 12, 2021 — 11:27 pm

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