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The overhead of not recording any data is very small. There are many settings that you can make in advanced profilers. JProfiler allows you to see how your profile settings impact performance. It also provides templates that allow you to quickly choose the most appropriate settings for common uses. JProfiler offers a variety of probes to show you more detailed data from subsystems within the JRE. Each probe has its own set of useful views, which give you general insight and highlight performance issues. You can also trace single events with each probe.


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JProfiler gives you a clear advantage in finding the root cause of a problem. JProfiler is versatile in this area. JProfiler can do everything: call tree view filters, aggregation level, and thread status selectors.

One floating license allows one concurrent user to use JProfiler. Each additional floating license adds another concurrent user. Floating licenses enable JProfiler to be installed by an unlimited number of developers. You will receive the evaluation key for JProfiler via email. Make sure to correctly enter your email address. JProfiler can be used as a QA tool during development and for dedicated QA teams.

It is easy to keep track of progress with the rich functionality surrounding snapshot comparisons. You can profile, export snapshot data, and create snapshots comparisons directly from the command line. You can perform all command-line operations using the ant tasks included with JProfiler. Upgrade to the current major series (12. x), is included in the support package. You can also buy a support package if you purchased JProfiler with no support and want to add support and major upgrades assurance. A support package gives you support and major upgrades for a year.

JProfiler’s heap walker provides an intuitive interface that allows you to solve simple and more complex memory problems. Five different views and many inspections display different aspects of the objects. Each view gives you essential insight into the objects selected and allows you to switch between different sets. With a click, you can answer questions such as why objects aren’t garbage collected. Performance problems in business applications are often caused by database calls.

Jprofiler Features

Please fill out this form to request an evaluation key via e-mail. If activation fails in the installer, this key is required. Threading problems are more common than you might think. You have very little chance of solving these problems if you don’t have a thread profiler.


All these views can be used to create custom probes within JProfiler. The most common use case for profilers is to fix performance bottlenecks. The amount of detail in CPU data can be overwhelming. However, the way that data is collected can make all the difference in how easy it can be used.

You can install multiple major versions of JProfiler simultaneously. JProfiler offers dedicated support for JEE in all views. You can see, for example, the JEE aggregation layer which shows the call tree according to the JEE components within your application. JProfiler also adds a semantic layer to the low-level profiling data like JDBC and JPA/Hibernate. These are displayed in the CPU profiling views. JProfiler’s JEE support bridges the gap between code profilers and high-level JEE monitoring tools. You can even start your application using the JProfiler agent and then attach the JProfiler GUI later.

How to get Jprofiler Free

Below is a download matrix that contains installers and archives for all supported platforms. With a floating license, anyone can install JProfiler within their company. JProfiler’s intuitive interface helps you identify performance bottlenecks, pinpoint memory leaks, and resolve threading problems.

All customers of JProfiler versions prior to 12 are eligible for a significant discount on their upgrade to JProfiler 12. We also offer a web-based license service, which does not require any configuration. We can help you convert your key by contacting us after purchase. Anyone who wants to use JProfiler needs to have access to the license server via a network. Customers of JProfiler previous versions can upgrade to JProfiler 12. A substantial discount is available. Profiling is a complex task and only the best tool will do. This version has been discontinued and the evaluation keys are not compatible with it.

JProfiler can solve many opaque problems, including increasing the liveness of multi-threaded applications that use too much locking. JProfiler has a separate thread profiling view, but it is tightly integrated with the CPU profiling views. Without the right tools, it can be difficult to find a memory leak.

JProfiler can be installed on top of an older version. JProfiler imports settings from older major versions automatically.

Jprofiler System Requirements

  • Memory (RAM): 1 GB of RAM required.
  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/8.1/10
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core processor or later.
  • Hard Disk Space: 500 MB of free space required.
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