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I just finished a demo of JBridge in Studio One 3 32bit. I love the 64bit plugin to 32bit host execution of it. My money will be on its way to you in 10 days according to my Studio Budget. You can check out the demo version before purchasing to make sure that your 3rd-party plugins work with jBridge. Your product is KILLER !!!! Your product is amazing! We upgraded our DAW to Windows 7 and were able to install Nuendo 6. You could cater for about 80% of motherboards if your VST plugin wrote directly to a Creative or Realtek output. You don’t need to output at the same rate as DAW’s.


Password 123

All my 32bit plugins that were causing problems ran smoothly again. Cubase launches are lightning-fast. It is definitely worth the money as it allows you to convert 32-bit plugins to 64-bit Ableton Live 10 Suite.

It makes it so much easier to use an older plugin. This is amazing! Komplexer was the first plugin I tried using the new bridge. It did not work with Cubase’s VstBridge. Komplexer was able to function again with jBridge, as well as all my SynthEdit plugs.

These settings can be checked in your browser’s security settings. While we understand that you may choose to decline cookies, we ask you to allow us to keep a cookie to prevent you from being asked again and again. To have a better user experience, you can opt-out at any time. We will delete all cookies that you have set on our domain if you choose to refuse cookies. I’m thrilled to have my old plugins back up and running thanks to jBridge. I was left with a new MyVstPlugins director that contained all bridges to the VstPlugins folder.

The tweaks are obvious because it’s in the instructions. However, I didn’t see it because I was impatient with the plugins not working. In the file properties of the bridge and its two auxhost files, you must set “run as administrator”. Studio One was also configured to run in admin mode.

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VST instruments, especially, require a lot of RAM. It would be amazing if you could also “outsource them” from their host. Surprised, I would pay 100 dollars for this software if the program also supported VST instruments. I can’t get the bridge working on the Absynth4 Stereo.dll. Cubase 5 64-bit, Jbridge has also worked on Massive and Omnisphere. Omnisphere only works if I insert Omnisphere 64 in the VST Instruments panel. When I attempt to create an instrument track by inserting Omnisphere 64, the program says that it searched for “Output 1 Stereo” and found “Output 1 Stereo”. The track will then be silenced.


J bridge for Windows

Close them and ignore them. Before you address them individually, test them in your DAW. I have had warnings that failed to load but they all worked. You may want to modify your plugin path to include the folders that contain the alternate platform plugins and to re-scan them after installing the bridge. This is a great solution! Thank you!

After installing the program, a quick setup guide guided me through the process. There were many options for how the bridge could transform my system. After much trial and error, the bridge finally took control of all my 64-bit and 32-bit plugins. jBridge has an option that will rename plugins and add x64 characters to the file.

It is a pleasure to support such an amazing product. Your bridge was installed in my 32-bit drum program Groove Agent. It works perfectly with Cubase 7 64-bit. It may be necessary for your host to scan the plugin’s folder once again. Some hosts won’t recognize duplicate plugins until they are all rescanned. A full licensed version of jBridge can be purchased for 14.99EUR. This fee is used to support the development of the application.

One option is to use the built-in multichannel sound of the motherboard for studio headphone feeds rather than the more expensive Output channels on your main sound card. You cannot normally use multiple ASIO hosts. Wormhole2 & VSTHost were both available, but I encountered too many problems. You can view a list of cookies stored on your computer by our domain. We are unable to show or modify cookies from any other domains due to security concerns.

Excellent plugin… Works with Adobe Audition 2017 32-bit plugin up to 64-bit plugin Test it`s great My System Windows 10 Pro 64 bit PL. I am purchasing the full version. Just to let everyone know that I used bridge with Cubase 8, July 2015. It worked great and all my VSTs were working. It was easy to install each VST once I had a good workflow. This is an excellent and reliable way to keep your plug-ins in your DAW. I love bridge and purchased it last year.

The full version is essential if you are serious about music production. I can’t wait for this product to get better. Your bridge works fine, J. My only issue is that I must insert the S/N every time I open some vents and each time I open another instance of this vet.

Jbridge System System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • Memory (RAM): 1 GB of RAM required.
  • Hard Disk Space: 2 MB of free space required.
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or later.
Updated: October 13, 2021 — 1:14 pm

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