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Backup of an entire operating system could seem like a daunting job, However, Isoo Backup can make it simple. All you need to do is inform it what you’d like to backup and where, and it will do the rest. The modern and stylish user interface is certainly helpful in locating the appropriate control to carry out an operation to backup. Get More Softwares From Getintopc

Isoo Backup

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Isoo Backup saves the backup files to a new partition, as long as sufficient storage space is available. You can specify what size the backup partition will be, and add a brief note to each backup to make it easier to identify. When you backup, Isoo Backup is able to be added to the Windows boot menu, making it much easier to retrieve an original OS image. Alternately, you can install it on a hidden partition and then press F11 to launch it before Windows begins to boot. Backups that you make will be displayed in a list that appears when you go through the Restore section of the interface. To make it easier to identify backups The software allows you to make custom comments when creating them, and then it shows them alongside their respective backups. If you find the backup you’d like to restore, all you need to do is must move through the next stage to confirm and initiate the process.

Isoo Backup

Isoo Backup Features

It organizes everything into two distinct categories, one to backup and restores to ensure that you are able to determine which category you are in at the time you start the program. When you are setting up the backup task it is possible to keep everything as by default and then click to get started right away. You can, however, browse the options menu and select your computer’s partition or a different drive, choose an option for a destination, select what to save the backup, and much more. Image files generated using Eassos System Restore can be secured with a password to avoid unintentional restore of the system.
It can be used to back up any Windows systems, including EFI-based computers, and to create backups for partitions that are not system-specific. After that, you can restore the system to its previous working state from the backup image if Windows is corrupted or fails to boot, encounters BSOD, or infects a virus. without having to reinstall Windows. Full backup, as well as incremental backups, are available, and backup files can be secured by a password. Backup and restore operations when you click the mouse multiple times!

Installation of Isoo Backup latest full setup on your laptop and PC from (100 100 percent safe). Fixes an issue where Isoo Backup was not working normally when restoring backups that were created by older versions. Even in the worst-case scenario, you’ll still be able to save your operating system and all of your settings and data, in the event, you depend on Isoo Backup.

It’s an affordable solution to safeguard your systems, data, and programs that you have installed, as Eassos System Restore can perform system restores even in the event that Windows is unable to start. It includes a step-by-step wizard that allows you to back up Windows and the image partition to protect your data and system from destruction and loss of data. Eassos System Restore supports incremental backups that only backup changes to files that have occurred since the last backup. This improves backup speed and reduces disk space.

How to get Isoo Backup Free

Isoo Backup supports a variety of restore options for systems to ensure your system is restored in any circumstance, for instance, if the system cannot start. Image files created by Isoo Backup may be secured with a password to stop unintentional system restoration. Supports a hot backup of the system, which means you can backup the system while Windows is running, without having to reboot it into WinPE and DOS environment. Isoo Backup is a reliable backup program designed specifically for Windows PC and Server users to restore and backup applications, settings, and systems. It allows you to back up Windows including the system files, installed programs as well as boot sectors, customer settings into one image file, so you can restore your computer in the event that your system is slow or fails to start. It can support full backup as well as incremental backup. Backup files are protected with a password.

Its setup software is compact and you can download and install the components in just a few minutes even on slower machines. The program doesn’t need additional equipment nor services and doesn’t use up excessive resources. Certain computer problems can be resolved quickly with a little knowledge of how to solve them, but others require a lot of effort and could force you to restart an operating system.

Eassos System Restore supports a range of restore modes for systems to ensure that it is possible to restore the system regardless of the circumstances, for instance, the system cannot start. To protect your data, log in to the backup section may be secured with a password, in order to prevent any unauthorized modifications. You can block certain files that do not need to be stored, for instance, those in the Recycle Bin content, cached pages, and temporary documents.

The entire data stored on the drive selected will be combined into one image file so that it is safe from data loss due to the destruction of the partition and accidental deletion. A trusted backup program specifically designed specifically for Windows PC and Server users to restore and backup settings, applications, and systems. If hardware fails or system issues or system failure, an application like Isoo Backup is a life-saving tool. Its goal is to assist you to create a backup for your entire system to enable you to restore it to a functioning state in the event that something goes wrong. It can backup whole partitions, which includes the operating system as well as its settings and files. Restoring and backing up is a breeze because of the simple layout of the interface for users.

To be prepared for these issues To be ready for these issues, use Isoo Backup to backup your operating system as well as all your files including settings, apps, and settings. If your system is inaccessible to boot, you’ll have the ability to repair it to its original state without much hassle. You can block certain files that don’t require to be stored, like those in the Recycle Bin content, cached websites, as well as temporary or document files.

It’s able to make solid backups of both operating system partitions and non-system partitions which greatly increase the security for both individual and system information. It can backup all Windows operating systems, including desktops laptops, servers, and desktop and EFI-based PC. Isoo Backup supports incremental backup which only backups changed files that have been backed up since the last backup, which increases the speed of backups and saving space on your disk. In this way, you can restore your system to the state it was back up before this, which significantly increases the efficiency of the program.

System Requirements for Isoo Backup

  • RAM: 150 MB
  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
  • Processor: Intel Pentium IV or higher Processor
  • Hard Disk: 30 MB
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