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We were impressed by the precision of the program as well as its speedy recovery of the precious disk space. Anyone of any level can benefit from this program for their needs, and beginners will appreciate Internet Cleaner’s user-friendly interface. Internet Cleaner can be described as an app that is used to eliminate the trace of your computer’s activities. It removes all the images and text that are saved on your hard drive and removes them off the internet.

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Internet Cleaner

Cleaning doesn’t take longer than a couple of minutes, but Internet Cleaner is usually an efficient application that works flawlessly on every Windows version. This implies the Internet Cleaner can be very effective as a security cleaner as it provides the fastest and most efficient method to completely remove any files from your PC. Remove the usage history of Internet browsers as well as other programs. You can configure Privacy Eraser to start on autopilot each time it is time to close the web browser or set it to watch your Windows system’s background and determine when it is time to clean. Cleans up all your web history and your past activities in a single click.

As its name suggests, Internet Cleaner can easily eliminate all traces of your Internet activities kept by various applications every time you browse the Web. Additionally, Privacy Eraser supports plug-ins to enhance cleaning capabilities You can quickly erase the records left by all applications by creating the plug-in of your choice. With the plethora of flexible open, highly customizable, and flexible plug-in designs you can also personalize your own Privacy Eraser. Additionally, other programs are also supported, including AVG Antivirus Google Desktop, and Quicktime.

It is also useful if you’re looking to eliminate unwanted data and free up storage space for your drive. Internet Cleaner can handle not just Windows or Internet items however, it also handles user-defined files. More than 250 completely free plug-ins are pre-configured to remove the remnants of numerous well-known applications. You can also enhance cleaning functions by creating your own plugins for apps that allow any trace of an application to be erased. This tool will help you eliminate any trace of your offline and online activities. Privacy Eraser is a complete privacy tool that safeguards your privacy by cleaning every trace of your Internet records and previous activities on your computer.

Internet Cleaner Features

It works with the most popular browsers on the internet including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, and Opera. Clean Master on PC gives you the most effective junk removal and privacy protection that makes your PC run as new. The free clusters that reside on the drives, which include the contents of folders and deleted files are erased as an entirely new drive. It will free up space on your hard drive by eliminating redundant and unneeded files. Freeware tool for optimizing system performance that removes inactive and temporary files. It implements and even surpasses US Department of Defense and NSA standards for cleaning and sanitation. Once deleted, your information is lost forever and cannot be restored.

Internet Cleaner

The program is able to wash various other programs, including popular messengers like Yahoo and AOL as well as peer-to-peer applications like iMesh, Kazaa, and Morpheus. You can also include registry or file values to the list of cleaning items, however, the latter requires expert computer skills to avoid deleting values that could lead to instability to your system. The file shredding tool meets government-sanctioned algorithms for permanently destroying sensitive data. The program does not have an option to schedule cleaning, however, there are a few options to schedule automatic cleaning.

Internet Cleaner Internet Cleaner is a great trial version of Windows software that falls under software utilities and the subcategory Maintenance. You can hide your IP address and stop Internet activity from being tracked. Explore the internet with complete freedom privacy, security, and security. Clear your Internet history and previous PC activities with a single click.

How to get Internet Cleaner Free

This program allows those who value privacy to keep track of their activities, however, the extensive feature set can overpower the less knowledgeable. Tabbed screens are used to organize the many options and features available in this application. The main purpose can be achieved with a single click Quick Clean, which deletes history files and erases them from important Windows folders, and also cleans up the tracks created through Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Opera as well as AOL browsers. Each action can be controlled by the built-in schedule feature.

Plug-ins for programs give users the option of deleting personal data that is stored in over 180 third-party programs. It is easy to create your own plug-ins for applications that aren’t mentioned. The file shredder lets you overwrite data a select number of times but doesn’t support government-sanctioned algorithms. Windows or Internet Cleaner Pro will cover the majority of privacy-related bases and is best suited for more sophisticated security-conscious individuals.

Internet Cleaner can be configured to automatically clean your PC according to a time-frame set by the user and the hotkey feature lets you quickly reduce or restart your main windows. It permanently erases certain documents and folders from your PC and is beyond the possibility of recovering. To conclude, Internet Cleaner is undoubtedly an excellent product that blends an extremely well-organized GUI with a highly efficient cleaning engine. Help is also accessible in the event that novices require additional information about a specific feature.

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