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Helping you learn how to as well as tips and news to enhance your technology life. It’s time to find out the devices and personalities that have made waves in 2021. Access free texting, as well as high-quality video and voice chat designed specifically for desktops. I came across this app in the summer of 2012 when I changed from an android phone to a “dumb” phone. […] I installed InstaPic but was disappointed because certain features were working, but I was not in a position to upload […]. But I checked to see if it had changed over the summer, and the new version 5.1.0 performs flawlessly. Get More Softwares From Getintopc


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I was able to upload photos right now using my laptop fantastic! I’m not sure how long this will continue but it’s likely that Instagram will alter their API and the app may cease functioning. For now, it’s great and I must give the creators five stars for their perseverance and presenting us with this amazing application! There’s no other app providing an Instagram alternative that includes all of these features. For PC that provides many helpful options to assist you in managing the account in a more easy manner. In addition to its principal attributes, InstaPic includes various additional features that the majority of users will surely appreciate.

Instapic Features

In the case of the example, when you analyze your interests and activities it will provide automated recommendations for accounts that you should follow. This makes it easy to find new content that you take in and also meet new people. The application lets users do many more activities on Instagram than they would normally be able to do, for instance, private accounts can be removed from followers instead of blocking them. InstaPic is extremely beneficial for those who want to make use of Instagram with more options.

This application is intended for users who use only PC and, unfortunately, it’s not available on Macbook. It’s a great option to be able to multitask while still increasing the number of followers. It’s the ability to edit photos on your desktop. InstaPic is a program that allows users to connect to Instagram through a range of other applications.

InstaPic is actually the very first and only fully featured Instagram client that works on Windows devices that allows users to take, edit and share their most loved photos. The main feature here is the support for Instagram Stories. For those who aren’t familiar Stories are basically Snapchat’s version of Instagram’s feature with the same name. They allow users to share short videos and photos which disappear after 24 hours. Instapic is quite cool and I am trying to reduce the amount of time on my phone, I’ve recently added it to my personal computer. Being capable of accessing IG via my laptop between productive times is quite practical. Images tend to be loaded in high quality, which is nice.

InstaPic isn’t an official Instagram app, but rather an app developed by an individual. The app is extremely popular with Windows 10 users, with hundreds of thousands of active customers. Do you require a powerful tool to manage the emails you receive and send? Bug fixes – Corrected problems with the same picture being saved and uploaded.

Its Download Now link will take users to Windows Store, where you are able to continue downloading. It is necessary to have a valid Microsoft account for the download of the application. InstaPic is still one of the top-rated Instagram Apps of all time.

How to Get Instapic for Free

InstaPic is a specifically designed application designed for Windows which allows users to upload photos on the popular social media platform Instagram. You can upload pictures to Instagram via your computer. It is normal to post photos on Instagram only via smartphones or tablets. You can upload photos as well as edit the images and then upload them.

Overall, it’s a fun and safe app for all Instagram users who like to be glued to their laptops. The InstaPic app was recently updated to supportInstagramstories, which means users can now view Instagram stories posted by the people they follow. At the moment, however, they’re not able to upload stories.

Login is extremely convenient and it’s just like accessing the apps on my smartphone. InstaPic is always being upgraded to ensure it’s up-to-date with the latest version of your Windows and, in addition to bugs fixes and new features are added often. It’s completely free and comes with no purchasing options that are extremely frustrating.

InstaPic allows me to upload images to Instagram from my desktop. It’s been freezing, so I removed it from my computer and later tried to install it but can’t locate it on the Microsoft store, which is the place I believe I downloaded it earlier. This community is committed to Windows 10, which is an operating system for personal computers that were released from Microsoft within the Windows NT family of operating systems.

One of the primary functions offered by this application is searching, editing, and publishing photos and videos using your Windows 10 desktop. In addition to being simple to access, these functions are extremely efficient and speedy. Instapic is a Windows application that allows people who use Instagram to upload images to their computers and be in a position to post on Instagram. Overall, this is a wonderful software option particularly for those who are using their computer throughout the day instead of using their mobile.

Instapic System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • Hard Disk: 100 MB
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core or higher processor
Updated: January 6, 2022 — 8:38 pm

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