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Additionally, a bug was fixed where sort ascending was not visible on the main menu of FireDac. Fixed problem with text cut off in the title menu to display hi-res images. TwwLookupDialog, TwwLookupComboDlg, TwwSearchDialog Fix the problem with the sizing of dialogs when it first appears. The dialog would not be sized to the grid or form properly which means that unnecessary scrollbars may be displayed. Also, it was addressed the issue of multi-monitors where the dialog wouldn’t show up when the default monitor is selected. TwwDBRichEdit when using spell check and switching off from the app, returning to the app could result in an access violation when the dialog to check spelling was open. TwwDBGrid: When using custom styles the highlight background may leave a trace of itself while scrolling, in certain cases.

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TwwLookupDialog, TwwSearchDialog, TwwLookupComboDlg The default height of the popup dialog was not high enough and was not accurate prior to. TwwMonthCalendar – Corrected issue with sounding when the mouse is pressed in certain situations. TwwIntl – OnInitInfoPowerDialog event not being recognized before when bringing up InfoPower dialogs. TwwDBGrid: When using dgCellHints in the event that the hint text exceeded sixty thousand characters long, the program might cause a Windows system error. The hint text has been restricted to a lower value.

TwwDBDateTimePicker – If you use multiple monitors, the calendar popup could show behind your form if the form was enabled to stay on top. This issue was fixed. Colors used to paint the padding areas would not always make use of the Style colors. Previously ignored StyleElements.second. Since seFont isn’t part of StyleElements, the color may be controlled instead of the text being painted using the Style colors.

TwwDBRichEdit – A corrected issue that horizontal scrolling can cause access violations. TwwKeyCombo/TwwLookupComboDlg, TwwLookupDialog now support user-selectable sort order with the TFDTable. Before, InfoPower was required to publish the indexes properties of the data to use this feature. TwwDBGrid – In certain instances, the grid might not modify the property that was selected which caused certain fields to disappear if it was empty. TwwDBGrid: Fix indicator button to work with the use of text.

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TwwDBGrid: When an empty record was deleted when you click on the row in a new row the resultant active record did not match by one as the deleted record will move the rows of the grid. If an empty record was deleted by auto-clicking in a new row the resultant actual record differed by one because the deleted record will change the grid row. BDE Components – Support added to bring back the TwwTable, TwwQuery the TwwQBE, and of the TwwStoredProc BDE components. First, you must get the BDE add-on to the BDE by downloading it from Embarcadero. Then you need to manually add the package dipstudiowindataset210.bpl to your environment, and then you will have the old BDE dataset components. Fixed an issue that occurred when trying to sort the data using LookupDialog, TwwLookupComboDlg where it did not shift one of the columns it sorted onto to the first column of the dialog. The issue is now resolved.


The final goodbye to the fuzzy or the smaller phones as well as the symbols. It is not integrated with Sydney’s 10.4 TV’s virtual image listing for the app that appears great on all screens on offer. The process of improvements to the grid’s filtering and access to the icon’s settings of the global and other things can be observed. When using OnCanShowCustomControl to hide a custom control based on record criteria, the grid could initially not paint the active cell with the background color.

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TwwDBGrid – Title Menu using Date equals filter has been restored instead of employing the range filter. The previous version of the problem was a cause for concern. TwwDBGrid – Using the OnBeforeMenuFilterdialog previously ignored setting of the DoDefaultDialog parameter. The multi-award-winning InfoPower is available for the Delphi VCL library is the most well-known set of components that can be used to create front-ends for a database application. Begin using InfoPower 4K Alexandria now with the brand-new High DPI IDE for Delphi 11. This makes programming enjoyable and form development fast and compatible with the runtime.

Grid could not be edited correctly If a custom control was included in a fixed editable column. In the internal edit, the custom control was not cleared when leaving the column, so editing the columns that were later set to be fixed was just accepting the first character. TwwDataInspector When you use the custom control inside the cell, it’s not displayed when scrolling up or down in a few rare instances. TwwDataInspector has been fixed to fix a problem where custom controls are not painted in the active cells in some cases that resulted in an empty cell. Fix design issue that occurred with creating indicator buttons for the Title column. The button was before made when you clicked at the IndicatorButton property in the inspector.

Download the TwwIntl translations which already exist for you. You must download these files, then place them in the main form. Set the property connected on the page to the language you want to apply. TwwRecordViewPanel, TwwRecordViewDialog – Fix issue where fields’ labels weren’t painted in the event that Vista themes are enabled. This issue only happened within version 7. Delphi 7 build.

TwwDBGrid: Scrolling with column editable columns may cause the grid to be in an unsafe state in certain situations. TwwDBGrid – Repair disappearing grid after scaling grid using fixed editable dgFixed. The issue occurred when the focus was placed on a non-fixed column cell. The shrinking of the grid made it disappear when you dragged the shape that can be scaled until the cell was completely out of view. TwwDBGrid has fixed a problem that occurred when it was in append mode and had an unfilled record. By clicking off this record the mouse shifts it to an additional row. Fixes issue in which the lookup combo’s dropdown list would expand in size as the mouse moved across the edit section. TwwDBLookupCombo in high-res, when the drop-down lists are auto-shrunk due to the lack of records, the final row might be obscured.

For instance, (Ctrl-Right Arrow) will now take you to the next task inside the editor. It is important to note that these changes do not affect the editor on the grid is the one that is focused. If the grid is in focus, then the keystrokes are still processed through the grid. The TwwDBGrid exporting function was not exported correctly.

Checkboxes in TwwDBGrid were connected to the Boolean field however, the checkbox could not be properly displayed. TwwSearchDialog – Priorly caused access violations using a TTable that had a shadow table. TwwDBGrid – Allows checkboxes in columns that have ftBoolean type to allow true when not checked. In the past, it was only possible to use true values that were checked when bound to a ftBoolean kind field. TwwDBComboBox: When themes were turned on, borders weren’t being painted in certain instances.

InfoPower System Requirements

  • Memory (RAM): 1 GB of RAM required.
  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/8.1/10
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core processor or later.
  • Hard Disk Space: 200 MB of free space required.
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