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It is equipped with an effective search engine that will display the results of the chosen drive or folder in just a few minutes. You can select to add keywords or locations as filters as well as zoom in and out, as well as perform specific selections on images. ImageRanger will only need to go through your entire collection of images once and you’re able to browse, sort, and filter images any time. Free download ImageRanger Pro Edition fully-featured standalone installer offline plus portable for Windows PC to quickly sort images across the entire drive. Custom collections and folders can be made, and include the option of storing your most-loved photos there. They do not need to be moved, however, the program does provide the possibility of bringing up sources, move or simply transfer files to places that you find interesting.


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In the end, images are a resource that is so ubiquitous that you require a reliable image-finding tool. ImageRanger will surely meet all of your requirements. It can identify nearly every type of data contained within the image and pull results even from complicated directory structures in just a few minutes or less. In addition, the application allows you to modify your search parameters. The option to transfer all your images into a different folder structure that is organized according to capture date and location. This allows you to quickly sort and search for your photos on any device, using the previously created index.

The central area serves as the preview area that displays detected images, with large thumbnails. Side panels enable you to quickly find areas of interest, establish the parameters of a project, look at and manage ratings, add keywords, and see general information about files. It’s a great program that is user-friendly and offers numerous search options. ImageRanger displays the number of duplicate images and helps you delete duplicate content. It is possible to test ImageRanger at no cost, for a short period of time, and without any restrictions. It is compatible with every modern Windows platform, with no issues with compatibility.

It doesn’t need any additional software, and it does not need a huge quantity of resources. The application can put every detail of a photo to use, including GPS coordinates metadata, portraits, and selfies as well as camera settings. Our goal is to assist you to organize your data efficiently and in a simple method.

ImageRanger Features

Photo Management Software optimized for filtering, sorting, and searching, that includes NAS along with USB support. ImageRanger recognizes faces in large portraits as well as group photos, allowing you to tag people and swiftly locate images that contain particular individuals. You can save and import previously viewed images to ensure you are able to quickly restore important slideshows using manual order. Click the button below to begin ImageRanger Pro Edition Free Download Windows and macOS. It is a complete download that is a standalone and offline installation for ImageRanger Pro Edition Free Download Windows and macOS for Windows. It should work in conjunction with the compatible versions of Windows. There’s an abundance of useful features and tools to be found within ImageRanger which will save you from a lot of problems when you have to arrange your photos.


With ImageRanger the auto-enhancements feature can be applied to several images simultaneously. Manual fine-tuning allows to choose bright or dark areas of an image, and then apply various correction settings. All editing tools are laid out in an intuitive interface including an UNDO function that can correct any errors while you work. You can also request ImageRanger to identify and categorize any images with poor quality to make it easier for you. For more advanced users, the efficient batch-processing feature allows work to be performed on whole folders and only process pertinent photos. Many photo organizers require that you make a catalog to store and import your photos.

How to get ImageRanger Free

Create slide shows that are manually sorted that can be filtered by faces, content ratings, and so on. ImageRanger Pro Edition Free Download Windows and macOS new and upgraded versions are available for Windows. It’s an offline, complete standalone installation for ImageRanger Pro Edition Free Download Windows and macOS compatible versions of Windows. The program was tested and manually installed prior to uploading by our team, it’s fully functional with no issues. The editing controls for your program are designed with a simple interface. There is also an UNDO function that can correct any errors in the course of.

ImageRanger, a photo management program with facial recognition built-in can be used with existing folders across multiple drives. It is a fast, responsive interface that loads thousands of images Find images of poor quality and enhance brightness, contrast, and so on. You can download Glary Utilities Pro 5. In this way, the most important images are easily accessible in your collection.

The powerful batch processing lets work be performed on whole folders, allowing advanced users to focus on processing only the relevant images. In addition to its many filters, ImageRanger comes with multiple advanced search options that will help you locate images, portraits, or low-quality photos, as well as other things. This is extremely useful in separating real images from images that no one uses anymore or graphic items downloaded through your browser. Many photo organizers need the creation of one central catalog to load and save your photos. The images can end up dispersed across your HDD, in a variety of folders. You may be left without the photos you’re searching for, or stumble across older images.

ImageRanger just needs to browse your collection of photos only once, and you’re able to sort, search, and filter your images at any time. Restore and import previously discovered collections of images to ensure you are able to quickly restore important slideshows by utilizing manual ordering.

The user interface for the main application is similar to an Explorer window, however, with many more options, and a more sleek appearance. It allows you to navigate your local folders with the form of a tree, which is on the left-hand side but you’ll only see the images contained to the right. You can choose an entire partition or disk, and the software will show every image on the drive regardless of the path they take. Furthermore, ImageRanger will index all your pictures, so that you can show them quicker in the near future.

ImageRanger will show you all of the images that are on your hard drive from the most recent ones, to photos you didn’t realize existed. It lets you sort your images by keywords and time, rating resolution, and other parameters. Furthermore is that you can utilize facial recognition technology and sort your photos by individuals. For instance, If you’re looking for a picture of Uncle Bob then you just search for his name, and all photos of him will be displayed instantly.

ImageRanger System Requirements

  • RAM: 1 GB
  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core or higher processor
  • Hard Disk: 200 MB
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