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This is a great choice for those who are looking to automate, extract data, or test web pages in an enterprise/business environment. Editing the registry isn’t necessary or recommended as you can modify most settings via the user interface. These registry settings are per-user. If multiple users are planning to use your macros app on the same machine you will need to ensure that the LicenseKey setting for each account is set as per this FAQ. The iMacros WebBrowser Component is required to embed iMacros in your.NET program. This will allow you to have complete control over the user interface. If you plan to distribute your macros Enterprise solution to users outside your company, organization, then you will also need the iMacros WebBrowser component for.NET.

Imacros Enterprise Edition

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The iMacros powerful recorder can be used to convert macro code into Selenium WebDriver Java code. You can use any flavor of iMacros for recording elements on a webpage. Then, export the commands to Java Selenium using this feature in the iMacros Editor. iMacros allows you to test in-browser across all major browsers, including Internet Explorer and Firefox. Firefox and Chrome work with the same test cases that were created in Internet Explorer. iMacros also supports “multi-threading”, which means you can have up to 50 instances of iMacros running at once.

Imacros Enterprise EditionImacros Enterprise Edition Features

Marcos is able to do all your web-harvesting, web crawling, and other tasks automatically in just minutes. Web automation, data extraction, and web testing solutions are the most widely used in the world.

Your Enterprise Player license file must be distributed with your application. Also, you need to update the registry. As explained in this FAQ, you can access your license file via your Progress Community account. After installing and running the software for the first time, you will need to give each user the iMacros Player activation code. Enterprise and Professional editions offer more features, such as the iMacros API. Playback of encrypted macros is possible, as well as support for Flash, Silverlight, and Java.

Automate scripts can be created to protect your work. This will allow you to avoid repeating actions every time you surf the web. To see every step taken to automate your browsing, you may choose to take screenshots of the document. You can create macros with a set of recorded actions. Automate performance, functional, and regression testing across all website technologies, including Java, Flash Flex, Silverlight applets, and all AJAX elements. You can also capture the exact web page response time. iMacros allows you to quickly and easily automate performance, functional, and regression testing across any website technology, including Java, Flash Flex, Silverlight applets, and all AJAX components. iMacro’s STOPWATCH command allows you to capture the exact response time of every stage of a process. iMacros allows you to automate tasks in all major browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome.

The Personal edition is an upgrade path for iMacros users who don’t require Enterprise or Professional features but want a simple web automation experience. The Personal edition license applies to iMacros Chrome, Firefox, and IE. It does not include forum support. The Professional edition or Enterprise editions are available if you require technical support or the iMacros browser. Enterprise edition supports players only and includes five licenses for players. You can distribute macros that you have created to others with the same player license in the same company or subsidiary. Overall, iMacros Enterprise Edition can be a very useful and reliable program that allows you to create macros that enhance your job by automating specific processes. This allows you to immediately start working on your projects without the need for logins or autofill fields.

You don’t need to learn a new scripting language. The web browser gives you full programmatic control, so even the most difficult tasks can be scripted. You get one-year technical support with your first purchase of Professional Edition, Enterprise Edition, or the Component For.NET. Also, one year of access to new product updates and releases is included. You can buy an annual service agreement after your first year. This gives you the same level of tech support, new releases, and updates.

Where other software fails

You can buy the iMacros WebBrowser Component.NET separately to distribute macros to clients. The iMacros webbrowser component for.NET is free to distribute unlimitedly and royalty-free to anyone (outside of your company, web downloads, etc.). Contact our sales team for more information on the iMacros WebBrowser component for.NET. As an add-on to an Enterprise Edition license allows distribution of macros. Unrestricted web automation that allows data input, extraction, testing, automation, and recording/playback. You can get a legacy Player license key by using your primary Enterprise key from this page.

This toolkit includes everything you need to screen-scrape data from the web into your spreadsheet, database, or other application. Marcos does all of the web-harvesting for you automatically in just minutes. You can record what you do while browsing, and then use the macros immediately instead of having to repeat them manually. The license file can be given any name and stored in any folder on your computer. The full path to the license files must be included in the iMacros LicenseKey registry setting.

Browser Automation

Easily and quickly integrate iMacros into your application. Are you looking to screen-scrape data from the web into a spreadsheet, database, or other application? iMacros can do all of your web-harvesting automatically in just minutes. Upload data from a spreadsheet and upload it to a website. Or, populate an Excel sheet using data from a site. The cost of ownership can be significantly reduced with our affordable annual service agreements renewals. You can instantly and easily start working on your projects without the need for logins or autofill. You can see the main features below, which you’ll experience once you have downloaded iMacros Enterprise Edition for free.

To trigger additional action, you will need to determine if a particular word is present on a website. This is known as keyword assertion or regression testing. If the keyword is not found, iMacros will retry the search every second until a timeout limit is reached. If the keyword is not found, iMacros reports an Error.

The iMacros license was not hardware locked prior to iMacros 10.1. It is possible to uninstall the software from one machine and transfer it to another without any problems, as many times as you require.

Imacros Enterprise Edition System Requirements

  • Memory (RAM): 256 MB of RAM required.
  • Operating System: Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core processor or later.
  • Hard Disk Space: 50 MB of free space required.
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