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Cross-modulation is an oscillator FM that produces inharmonic and belllike tones. This feature was removed from the next-generation OBXa. Nevertheless, the OBXa offered a 4-pole filter option to go along with the 2-pole low-pass filter.It is paired with DRIFT(TM), a technology that accurately replicates the behavior of oscillators in real hardware synths. 22 Synths that reproduce the sounds of 44 iconic hardware synthesizers. This collection captures the unique sounds and characters from all of the digital and analog synthesizers. It is amazing, synthetic, and mind-blowing.

Ik Multimedia Syntronik

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Deep sampling of the evocative Pulse Width sweeps and the vivid Pulse Width Modulation (square waves) has been provided. These analog classics add a new dimension to Syntronik’s tonal palette by deep sampling from one to four oscillators and all available waveforms. Deep sampling has been done of both the evocative Pulse Width sweeps and the vivid Pulse Width Modulations of square waves. Memory-V is built on the legendary 18-oscillator analog polysynth monster, the Memorymoog. We have recorded single oscillators as well as innovative combinations of multiple oscillators… together with unison stacks and pulse width modulation and synched oscillators… plus some classic full patch to bring this legendary beast back to life.

Ik Multimedia Syntronik Feauters

SampleTank 3 can seamlessly read individual Syntronik sounds, allowing them to be combined with the growing number of electronic and acoustic instruments in the industry-standard sound-and-groove workstation. This allows you to create complete soundtracks for all types of music.

Syntronik’s advanced browser makes it easy to navigate more than 2000 presets quickly and efficiently, allowing you to find the right sound in no time. You can refine your search by keywords, sort instruments by type (monophonic or polyphonic arpeggios …).) and character (warm and distorted, percussive ). You can edit your personal information, manage your licenses and product authorizations, and download the most recent IK products updates from our User Area. You can shop online, activate products, and take advantage of promotions. Two oscillators are included in the OB-X voice. They can each be set to square or sawtooth into the Oberheim 2-pole low pass filter.

Ik Multimedia Syntronik

Syntronik’s incredible quality, flexibility, and authentic sound effects are yours to experience. Syntronik Free, a fully functional, free version of Syntronik, includes 50 presets, 38 effects and parts, multis, arpeggiators, and the ability to play and edit sounds from the vast Syntronik library. It can also be used as a standalone or plug-in virtual instrument. The interface is simple and allows you to layer up to four different synthesizer parts, resulting in a “wall of sound”.

IK Multimedia Production Srl trademarks Syntronik(r), and DRIFT(TM). All other product names, images, trademarks, and artist names are the property of their respective owners. They are not affiliated or associated with IK Multimedia. Images and product names are only used to identify the products that IK Multimedia sampled or modeled. These names and images do not constitute endorsement or cooperation. Moog, Minimoog, Voyager, and Taurus are trademarks of Moog Music Inc. Oberheim, OBX, OBXa, and SEM trademarks are property of Gibson Brands, Inc.

How to Get Ik Multimedia Syntronik for Free

Sample-based synthesizers are limited in that they have the same sample attack every time. This is something that is not possible with their hardware counterparts. IK’s DRIFT technology changes the pitch, phase, and color of the sampled oscillators to make them move just like real analog oscillators. DRIFT is more than just detuning and multiple-source modulation. It emulates how real analog circuits behave over the course of time. This results in the distinctive sound of analog, which is the source of all classic synthesizer sounds. M-Poly is Syntronik’s classic SSM chip-based sound. These analog classics bring the sounds of the legendary Japanese synth manufacturer, Syntronik, to the instrument’s tonal palette.

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New effects, such as the Ensemble Chorus have been added to our collection. This gives us a unique number of effects you won’t find anywhere else in vintage synth collections. Five effects can be added to each instrument simultaneously using a new “lunchbox” interface. This interface allows you to instantly see and edit every parameter. Drag and drop the modules to arrange the effects. This makes it easy to test different processing combinations with the chosen sound. Your custom effect chains can be saved as presets to be used on other sounds in your projects. You can also use the lock feature to instantly test your new effect chains with other sounds. SH-V is built on two powerful Japanese mono synths, the Roland SH-5 & SH-2 from the late 1970s.

Syntronik Free can be easily expanded via In-App Store, allowing you to create the custom synth studio of your dreams one instrument at a. This hybrid architecture ensures a perfect reproduction of every synthesizer’s most important section. Each filter can be selected within the synthesizer. This allows users to make their own combinations, such as using a Moog filter to an Oberheim oscillator, to create unique sounds that are different from others. Syntronik also offers powerful digital filters such as Formant and Phase that allow you to take analog source oscillators to new sonic heights.

We carefully sampled the synthesizers that were most popular, selected the finest instruments from private collections, and meticulously tested them. After capturing multiple rounds of oscillators and oscillator combinations, Syntronik has more than 70,000 samples, and 50GB later. Syntronik’s new “DRIFT” technology breathes life into the oscillators.
Syntronik only includes FM sounds from SY99. The library has an extensive representation of these sounds. Each of the 4 parts of Syntronik has a powerful note or chord arpeggiator. You can store these settings for immediate recall. This allows you to create complex rhythmic patterns and sequences with ease and mind-blowing efficiency.

Ik Multimedia Syntronik System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/8.1/10
  • Memory (RAM): 4 GB of RAM required.
  • Hard Disk Space: 2 GB of free space required.
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or later.
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