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This library lets you extract different domains of documents using commands that support jQuery as well. The library is designed to render SVG as a vector file which is extremely useful in this particular area. There are many efficient VCL graphics components, such as labels and list boxes, as well as tabs, combo boxes, radio buttons, checkboxes, balloon descriptions, etc. In this library, you can be used in a variety of developing applications. The speed of rendering in this library is extremely fast and it is able to process all types of large files as well as heavy documents. It is worth noting the fact that it is compatible with right-to-left and Unicode languages, and does not have an issue with languages like Persian or Arabic. Get More Softwares From Getintopc

HTML Component Library

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You can try it out using the built Editor demo, which includes a live selection of the canvas. Simply add a sortable class to any container that allows elements to sort. HTML Component Library (CL) is a cross-platform and fully native HTML rendering software that works with Delphi as well as Lazarus that integrates all the advantages of HTML/CSS in both mobile and desktop Delphi applications. Tools for building, performance logging, and the ability to define custom terms and multiple levels of theme inheritance — a developer’s desire. It is thought to be a powerful cross-platform that can be used by developers and users to use to script the engine. The Core library Core is believed to be highly optimized and is very efficient.
The rendering conflict of HTML is fundamentally separated from the class direction in which users have the option to select from the options during the classes or even create their own. Improved font combo – hint with the font name and the text you have selected highlighted fonts in documents. HTTP client that has the native version to Windows as well as OSX with HTTPS support. Classes employ syntax from natural languages such as the noun/modifier relationship Word order, noun/modifier relationships, and pluralization to connect concepts easily. Click the button below to begin HTML Component Library Download Free.

HTML Component Library

HTML Component Library Features

All kinds of tables shadows, transitions animations SVG Images, Transforms, and many more are supported. The library does not have any connection with any different libraries, as well as ActiveX or ActiveX. It is designed entirely in Delphi.
This is a complete installation offline and can be used as a standalone installation that works with the HTML Component Library. It is compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit Windows. There is a variety of rendering canvas such as Android, iOS, Linux, and many more that need to be added. Registration of additional element classes even as a replacement for standard classes. Images loaded from the web and files are being supported now by HtPanel along with HtmlEditor internally.

The library’s rendering speed is extremely fast and it is able to handle huge file types as well as heavy documents. It is important to note the fact that this library is compatible with right-to-left and Unicode languages, and does not have issues with languages such as Farsi as well as Arabic.
HTML Component Library is a comprehensive library that allows users to render HTML and do other functions on a desktop or smartphone, or Delphi applications. The library requires additional software, DLL, or libraries for the integration. There is no effort here.

The library comes with extensive and sophisticated support of HTML Version 4.1, CSS Version 3 and also supports HTML tags in HTML 5 too. Additionally, it supports tables, SVG images, the transformation of transitions, as well as others. The library is coded entirely in Delphi code, with no external dependencies. The library is compatible with the entire Delphi Version including Ancient, XE4 along the entire FMX platforms. It features a detailed and sophisticated core, with the capability to deal with incorrect markup support and supports XML Parser with XPath support, CSS parser with CSS 3 support. It also includes Email and SQL frameworks, and the capability of performing conversion to different formats like to convert HTML in PDF format, Plain Text, Images, SVG, and more. It is also possible to install MindFusion WinForms Pack 2019 Free Download.

How to get HTML Component Library Free

HTML Component Library cross-platform and completely indigenous HTML rendering library that works with Delphi and Lazarus brings all the power of HTML/CSS for mobile and desktop Delphi software. Support for touch in VCL applications: panning, zooming, and text selection.
HTML Component Library is a fully native, cross-platform library that can process and render HTML pages within Delphi. As opposed to other libraries known as HTML libraries, this one is capable of rendering HTML as well as CSS and fully can support HTML 4.1 in addition to CSS 3 . All kinds of tables shadows, effects, transitions animations SVG pictures, transformations… can be fully supported. The library does not have any external connection to any other library and ActiveX is designed entirely in Delphi. The HTML Component Library is a cross-platform, fully intuitive library that is capable of rendering and processing HTML pages within Delphi. Contrary to other libraries that are referred to as HTML the HTML Component Library is competent in rendering HTML as well as CSS and fully can support HTML 4.1 as well as CSS 3.

The HTML parser is accompanied by the complete support of the HTML standard and the capability to manage improper markup. Even large files can be displayed in a smooth way with smooth scrolling and zooming as native Android apps. The speed of parsing is approximately 100Mb/ss. So parsing a 100Kb file is just 1 millisecond.

This library is compatible with HTML standards and can detect markups that are not correct. It easily detects incorrect or unclosed tags in the order of tags. The library allows you to extract elements from the Dom document by making use of different commands. These commands also work with jQuery. A portion of the library is designed to render SVG (also known as a vector) files that have a great performance in this area. The tables, as well as the Shadows animations as well as Graphics of the SVG transform, and more could be listed. There isn’t ActiveX and DLL and no third-party library dependencies, and it’s only a pure native code of Delphi. It is functional VCL graphic components such as boxes lists, labels combo boxes, tabs radio buttons, checkboxes balloons, and many more are included within this library to be used in a variety of applications.

System Requirements For HTML Component Library

Before you start HTML Component Library free download, make sure your PC meets minimum system requirements.

  • Memory (RAM): 512 MB of RAM required.
  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10.
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core processor or later.
  • Hard Disk Space: 150 MB of free space required.
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