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You can alter the size the color, transparency, and size of the keyboard by pressing a button at any time. When you are using the full-screen mode, the keyboard automatically adjusts size to match the width of the screen once it is activated. This means that it can work in portrait and landscape orientation, something that a keyboard doesn’t do. If you’re an inefficient typer You should think about this keyboard Hot Virtual Keyboard. It is a Hot Virtual Keyboard that will help you improve your efficiency and confidence when typing because it will provide you with all the tools that you need to type as professionals do. Hot Virtual Keyboard is fully customizable and allows you to alter it to meet your preferences. The program has buttons for common tasks (copy or paste, for instance. ) Word auto-complete is a feature as well as support for various languages and layouts, and multi-touch functionality on both Windows 7 and Windows 8.

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Hot Virtual Keyboard

It also allows you to change the dimensions of keyboards, without having to edit it. Included the language parameter in the autocompletion dictionary. Dictionaries are activated based on the current language of the system. If the resolution of the screen is altered the keyboard remains in the same spot on the screen as it was prior to.

When default settings are used the keyboard will be moved to the lower right-hand part of the screen. The program now allows you to move the keyboard to the top or lower part of the screen while shrinking its size on the screen. The program now allows you to download dictionary files directly from the application. The ability to shut down the keyboard when the “Show the keyboard on the screen adjacent to the text cursor” option is selected.

You can also add or remove Outdated Gamepads and keyboards from the list of keyboards through the menu options within the selection of keyboards window. Hot Virtual Keyboard packs a range of sophisticated features to enable on-screen typing to be more efficient, simple, and precise. This keyboard is is large enough to type using the fingers.

Display the keyboard layout whenever dead keys are hit. The keyboard has been updated with Undo as well as Redo buttons in the typing form. The new “Sort alphabetically” option for the auto-complete word feature is now available.

Hot Virtual Keyboard Features

The new feature “Show alternative character or symbol” is now available. Hot Virtual Keyboard will show alternative characters whenever you hold and press the key. It won’t work if you turn on the “Enable keys to repeat” setting is turned on.

The order of words was changed in the autocomplete word window, based on the statistical data. A new action “Activate the next file of keyboard shortcuts” was added. It tells the application to create various log files for each launch. The keyboard that appears on the Windows logon screen has been upgraded. I am awestruck by this keyboard that is virtual and is compatible with my devices that are touchscreen.

Hot Virtual Keyboard

Hot Virtual Keyboard is compatible with any keyboard layout or language which are supported by Windows. It has added a command line parameter called -SHOWKEYBOARD (forcibly display the keyboard on screen when the program starts). The program can now launch multiple versions of the software with the command line parameter /M. You can also design the keyboard of your choice or choose from the keyboard layouts available inside the installer package. To use the Touch Screen Keyboard simply touch the keys on the screen keyboard, and each keystroke will be transmitted to the application in use.

The flag display was added to the flag, as well as added a “Show the label” setting for the customized display of the bar for language. The size of the flag is dependent in relation to the dimension of the bar.

How to get Hot Virtual Keyboard Free

The ability to alter the keyboards listed in the “Activate the next keyboard type” action settings. When using the autocomplete function for words, “-” and “and” characters are not triggered by the auto-complete of words. Hot Virtual Keyboard lets you make use of gestures to change the letter’s case or to add spaces. In addition, this application will provide you with words with just two or one click, allowing you to type more quickly and boost your productivity. The technology employed is comparable to that used in the latest mobile phones. It added a new function “Change the input layout or language of the last word typed”. New action added, “Use the layout or input language while pressing the keyboard”.

Fixed problem with double letter entries when typing using the pen or stylus. Hot Virtual Keyboard provides more than 70 different virtual on-screen keyboards. You can also design the keyboard of your choice by selecting the background color, font, color form, and sounds of different key groups, and more.

The option “Show Text on-screen keyboard” is now available for”the “Paste text” action. Hot Virtual Keyboard is one of the applications that has received the “official “Compatible to Windows 7” logo. Software that is branded with the Compatibility With Windows 7 logo is certified to be virus-free that allows you to install and uninstall without hassle, and to work seamlessly into Windows 7. Our clients come to us for high-quality virtual keyboards that have the latest features. It has added the ability to remove the word from the auto-completion lists by selecting the word that is not needed and then pressing the delete key.

Hot Virtual Keyboard System requirements

  • Memory (RAM): 512 MB of RAM required.
  • Operating System: Windows 2K/XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or later.
  • Hard Disk Space: 10 MB of free space required.
Updated: October 30, 2021 — 8:06 pm

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