Honda Diagnostic System Download Free Latest Version for Windows 7, 8, 10

J2534 Rewrite software J2534 Rewrite software permits you to upgrade powertrain modules like PCM or TCM. Therefore, you must install HDS first and then IHDS. To find a complete list of tools, visit this page. Honda as well as the Acura On-Line Catalog. HDS is not able to access IMMO anymore. You need to have it installed. You will have to be a licensed locksmith and possess credentials to access Honda.

Honda Diagnostic System

Password 123

ABS light and VSA lights have been illuminated. The calibration procedure must be completed at this point. Diagnostic functions are available for HONDA/ACURA vehicles from the year 1992 to 2007.

For connection and working, you’ll connect and install for the Honda HDS program. Displays sensor information, including sensors ID and pressure, battery status, and temperature. This version of the Honda as well as the Acura J2534 Control Module Update software is now replaced by J2534 Rewrite. It is part of the HD suite. A. Yes, as long as you are already a member of ALOA and are currently enrolled in an SIS Security Professional subscription.

I-HDS software suite to aid in diagnosing and fixing electronic systems in Honda as well as Acura automobiles, and also for the programming to electronic units of control. How do I restore the sensor for steering angles back to their neutral point of zero on the 2016 Honda Accord using an autel scanner? This is best done following the wheel alignment as well as a clock spring replacement or abs module replacement. This is the most suitable option for individuals who own cars. Once you have replaced the VSA Control unit or cluster of sensors, you must perform the neutral memorization procedure for all sensors.

Honda Diagnostic System Features

All of this is not included so it won’t be able to work. You can purchase a key programming device if you wish to perform IMMO. To identify newer vehicles I-HDS is required. Therefore, you must install HDS first, then I-HDS afterward.HDS is not able to be able to operate by itself. I believe that THINK CAR Thinkdiag is an excellent idea to purchase s/w for your vehicle for much less than when you’re forced to buy the s/w of 100 cars/makes all in one package at an extremely high cost. It’s a new concept to use DIY. I was in need of a tool to disable the immobilizer when replacing the controller on my automobile.

Honda Diagnostic System

A. You need to have the most recent version of the i-HDS program installed on your computer. If there is an update available, the program will be aware of this and ask you to download it.

When replacing or replacing the VSA control unit or the sensor cluster, you must perform the neutral memorization procedure on all sensors. A. Reprogramming software that is designed that works with J2534 compatible interface devices are accessible with an I-HDS subscription. It is the VCI Application Table below lists devices that are either recognized and is supported by Honda or have successfully completed an independent, comprehensive validation process using our I-HDS software suite. Honda HDS (Honda and Acura Diagnostic System) is the most up-to-date diagnostic software designed for Honda vehicles. Diagnostic capabilities are available for cars manufactured by HONDA/ACURA starting from 1992 through 2020. Maintain the wheel of the steering in the straight-forward direction and drive the vehicle in a straight for greater than 3 meters. When they replaced the sensor for steering angles on Honda vehicles, they couldn’t be able to get their ABS or VSA lights to shut off.

How to get Honda Diagnostic System Free

In this list, not every of the older Honda/Acura models comes with an ECM/PCM that can be reprogrammed. In addition, the 2007 and subsequent models that are not included on the list are supported by this software. A sufficient amount of space is needed to operate, storage for snapshots and log storage as well as future enhancements to the IHDS suite. Speedier single-thread processor is a major influencer on snapshot collection as well as live data viewing and the smooth functioning of I-HDS. 8.) Special functions: changing of block settings that are permissible and programming, etc. J2534 Rewrite software J2534 Rewrite software was designed to be used specifically for the North American market. The software lets you upgrade powertrain modules, such as PCM as well as TCM.

It required reprogramming an EEPROM that is on the controller. The thinker/ThinkDiag was able to do that. What I paid for it and the s/w fee for Honda/Acura just would have been more than the amount I had to pay an engineer to perform the programming. We’re waiting for the completion of the process. Turn off Anti-Virus prior to installation, or include it in the exclusions.

For the i-HDS hardware and software requirements above. An account with the HD suite and an appropriate J2534 Pass-through device is required. If you own DST-i, the PCM initialization program is provided with the subscription. The universal TPMS Sensor Reader Universal Sensor Reader is a small hand-held tool. This tool is suitable for vehicles equipped with wheel sensors however they don’t display the tire pressure or wheel location on the instrument panel of the vehicle. The Battery Tester ED-18 can detect batteries that are in a decline condition, even if it still starts in normal conditions. provides the top tools for resetting your SAS via Launch the X431, Autel, and Honda HDS diagnostic scanners. After that attach the cable. Do not upgrade in any manner.

Honda Diagnostic System Requirements

  • Memory (RAM): 1 GB of RAM required.
  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10.
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core processor or later.
  • Hard Disk Space: 500 MB of free space required.
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