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The professional version of MainType will detect automatically issues with the font registry like duplicate and missing installed fonts. Drag or drop as many as five fonts into the information panel of fonts to check the font’s properties. This will help you determine the font you wish to install, uninstall and categorize or print. By using MainType it is possible to efficiently organize and manage all your installed fonts. MainType lets you easily install new fonts and delete existing ones with just a mouse click. If you remove any existing fonts, references to them will be deleted from the registry as well as the Windows folder.

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High Logic MainType

The High-Logic free download is available for Free. MainType 10 standalone standalone installer for Windows It is a powerful, yet simple to use font manager and viewer for Windows which removes the hassle of controlling your fonts. It is able to detect all fonts in the operating system and permits users to install new fonts easily. Additionally, when you are removing fonts, it will erase all registry keys and other files that are linked to the fonts. When the application is started for the very first time, it’s going to search for fonts that are installed. When the scan process is completed users will be capable of viewing the list of fonts on the interface that is the primary one of the program as well as an example of each of them. Fonts are crucial in the display of text within Windows. Windows operating system. Whatever the case, whether we’re discussing desktop icons as well as Microsoft Word documents, they all make use of fonts to display text.

This will eliminate the annoying rising prompts when managing your fonts. MainType is designed specifically for designers, typewriters, and other professionals who require high-end features like the ability to network advanced categorizing and sophisticated search capabilities. MainType is a robust but user-friendly font manager and viewer for Windows which removes the stress management of your fonts. It’s packed with lots of user-friendly features that make it easy to locate your fonts, preview them, arrange the installation, print and organize your fonts. The font manager is compatible with TrueType, OpenType, TrueType Collections along with Postscript Type 1 fonts. To help you locate the best fonts to meet your requirements, MainType allows you to sort, rate, group, and search for fonts from your collection. It offers a quick and instant preview in the main front panel. You can browse through your entire collection of fonts and customize your own views.

High Logic MainType Features

MainType lets you create an HTML-based overview of all of your fonts. You can also create outstanding reports on all your font libraries. MainType from High-Logic is a robust font manager that provides an easy and user-friendly interface that will help you keep your fonts. It comes with features for new users that just wish to install and view fonts as well as more advanced tools for graphic designers and typewriters. If you’d like to quit playing around with fonts, download MainType today and experience the most efficient and simple method to keep your fonts. MainType 7 comes with new Adobe InDesign CC plugins and it allows you to export your loaded TrueType as well as OpenType fonts. Additionally, it includes drag and drops support via Windows File Explorer as well as a powerful automated installation fonts feature, as well as the ability to synchronize teams via sync folders.

High Logic MainType

Let MainType sync specific folders on your filesystem or network by using specific groups within the group’s panel, and you’ll always have an up-to current inventory of all your Fonts. If you have an older license version of our program, you can download the older version by visiting the Retrieve the registration codes that you lost. MainType has been a rock-solid program and comes with everything I require to manage the more than 4000 fonts I own. You can categorize your fonts by foundry, font type ratings, font width, and many more. You can also sort your fonts into families.

There are a variety of programs for this for purchase. This Windows application lets you organize all the fonts you have and install new ones easily. Create groups of fonts for holidays, birthdays automobiles, animal themes, themes, or whatever requirements you might have. You can quickly install, load, and remove them. This feature also lets graphic designers save fonts for each project. Its Font Management Service Config tool lets you make fast and simple copies of all your font libraries’ tags, groups, settings, and tags with just a few mouse clicks. Print a sample of your fonts and select between four pre-defined reports. If you wish, you can preview the print prior to printing to ensure that you print the fonts characters sets, character sets, or pages of information about fonts you’re looking for.

How to get High Logic MainType Free

Make notes on your fonts. Give them a score, and label your fonts using simple keywords. It is easy to find the font you require by searching these words. You can easily browse between Unicode blocks. copy symbols to your clipboard sample panel, or directly add them directly in background programs using the font manager.

MainType is the most effective font manager for users who want quick and easy access to their font library. Additionally, MainType includes a tool to fix registry keys and system files that belong to fonts. Another great feature of MainType is the option of using a variety of plugins which will enhance the capabilities of the program and allow it to be compatible with various kinds of fonts, including Adobe ones. In the course of time, your font collection could have a lot of duplicate fonts. MainType offers an option to eliminate each duplicate font, allowing you to tidy up your library of fonts.

Fonts that are corrupt can make your system unstable, so MainType is able to detect them, and block them from appearing on your system library. “Invalid Font Resource” dialog “Invalid Font Resource” dialog lets you view damaged fonts and then delete them. Fill out the form to gain access to MainType, a Free MainType download.

MainType allows you to locate and preview, arrange install and print your fonts. MainType offers instant system-wide font synchronization. There is no requirement to refresh the font list or restart your system after installing fonts. Contrary to many other font managers, MainType runs without administrator access.

High Logic MainType System Requirements

  • Memory (RAM): 1 GB of RAM required.
  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/8.1/10
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core processor or later.
  • Hard Disk Space: 50 MB of free space required.
Updated: October 26, 2021 — 2:10 pm

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