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Since users will be capable of enjoying security features that are 256 bits and data encryption, the likelihood of losing or corrupting data are extremely unlikely. Hideman VPN also provides in-app billing for users who want to replenish their accounts. It is accessible in a variety of countries, and users can switch between proxy servers if needed. Make sure you are protected from Interner information with encryption of 256 bits. Over the course of a year, we have been working hard to create excellent VPN software for modern users. Hideman VPN is much like the other VPN providers because its primary goal is to conceal the user’s IP from third-party websites. This means that it can be used to stream movies or TV programs that otherwise would be blocked in specific areas. Get More Softwares From Getintopc


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Secure and anonymous web browsing using JonDoFox to Mozilla Firefox. It’s not a huge amount of computer skills to help users use this application which is great when you’re just starting out. The application can also be useful for situations when sensitive personal information has to be shared securely between two people. One-click connections can further facilitate the process. We’d like to point out that at times it is possible that we overlook a potentially harmful software program.

Hideman Features

To ensure that we continue to provide you with an antivirus-free collection of applications and programs Our team has incorporated a Report Software feature in every catalog page, which relays our feedback to you. User-friendly software that allows you to join secure servers across the globe and browse the Internet in a safe manner by using a VPN. There are sites and content that are restricted to certain countries, and can’t be accessed by anyone outside the coverage area.

Hideman can be described as an app created by Hideman Ltd. which allows you to surf the web and keep your IP address secret and undetectable. It allows you to use a completely different web server, so you can surf without restrictions. Many people choose to utilize a program to hide their true IP address to ensure they’re safe from threats and allow them to browse with confidence. The laws regarding usage of the program differ from country to country. We do not recommend or support any use of this software in the event that it violates any of the laws. The regulations regarding using VPN services are different for each country. When you live in a country where the Law of your country forbids or restricts its use do not download.

If you use the VPN software, you’ll notice that it is connecting to an entirely different IP address than that you’re using currently. This will allow you to remain secure when browsing the internet, which protects you from spammers, hackers, and fraudsters. One of the major problems when using the internet is your Internet Protocol address is frequently exposed and is vulnerable to threats, scammers, and spammers.

By concealing an IP address, and giving you another server, you’ll be able to access restricted websites and view videos that are only available to select locations. Hideman provides a list of countries you can select from, including that of the United States, Netherlands, Germany, and Russia. It is possible to browse through the countries listed on their list. Its interface application is simple and easy, so you can connect to a new server quickly and with no problem whatsoever. Hideman is a program that will allow you to hide your actual IP address and create an alternate IP when you surf the web and allows you to ensure your privacy is protected and also your personal information.

Utilizing Hideman VPN is a breeze due to its simple interface, which allows you to connect to a VPN server with the click of one button. In just a few seconds you’ll be able to browse any site you want to without restriction on location and secure your privacy. By default, Hideman VPN connects to one of its servers for free however, you can select from eight servers (in Ukraine, Singapore, Panama, and more.). Beware that this software could be harmful or could contain malicious installed software.

How to Get Hideman for Free

Additionally, the application will offer encryption of 256 bits, which is an additional layer of security when you utilize Hideman. A free trial version of Hideman VPN lets you use the service for 5 hours per week, but you can make use of more by watching advertisements within the application. With the premium version, you can also purchase access to numerous other servers.

If you’re on personal connections, for instance at home it is possible to conduct an anti-virus scan in your computer to be sure it’s free of malware. The interface for the application is basic and simple with a myriad of choices available, as well as tabs that you can open any section of the application in a matter of just a few seconds. Hideman VPN is an extremely powerful VPN tool that lets you surf the Internet completely anonymously and securely regardless of the location you’re in. With a built-in ad blocker and native ads blocker and the ability to use a free VPN, Facebook access, integrated messengers, and many more.

Hideman is the perfect solution to protect you from privacy concerns and protecting your security while browsing the Internet. If you’d like to set the application so that it is launched every time you open your computer. It allows you to ensure that you’re protected while using this app even if you do not open it every time you start your computer.

If the download isn’t starting instantly If it doesn’t start automatically, click here. Based on our scanner we’ve determined that these flags are most likely to be genuine positives. This means that a legitimate program has been incorrectly identified as malicious because of an unwieldy detection signature or the algorithm employed in the antivirus program.

CleanIt’s very likely that this program is free of viruses. If you’re in an office or a shared network, you may ask the administrator of the network to conduct a scan of the network to find out if there are any misconfigured and infected equipment.

Hideman System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • RAM:1 GB
  • Hard Disk: 200 MB
  • Processor: Intel 1.2 GHz or higher processor
Updated: January 19, 2022 — 6:52 pm

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