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Hyperproof makes the process of building and managing your security frameworks simple through automation of repetitive compliance tasks, allowing your team to concentrate on the more important issues. Hyperproof is a powerful solution for managing compliance. Hyperproof solution also has strong collaboration tools that make it simple for the team members to collaborate their efforts as well as gather evidence and communicate directly with auditors via one interface. The days of doubt about the audit preparation and management.

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The Help Generator helps author tools to help create the documents, browser-based help, and printed user manuals. The contemporary, Office style, help editing software has many options to help you become highly efficient and ensure quality output. It is complemented by powerful tools for making as well as changing… Help+Manual is the most well-known authoring software for creating and publishing technical documents in various formats. It provides support for all of the standard Windows help formats including Microsoft HTML Help Webhelp up to Visual Studio Help, Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word documents, and ePUB ebooks. Easy to use, yet powerful, this tool can create a variety of documentation formats from a single source, such as HTML or CHM aid files. PDF or Word manuals. Discover cloud-based collaboration documents for technical content and project management.

It’s still a more efficient help authoring tool than other solutions such as Flare as it provides an encapsulated range of functions. It also has a free version with banner ads, if you’re interested in using the software for private use. The price you pay for the standard version entitles you to unlimited updates for HelpNDoc and top-quality customer service for one year following purchase. HelpScribble is an all-inclusive help authoring software for the easy creation of expert Windows Help files right from the beginning to completion.

With Hyperproof, you can get complete visibility of your compliance program including progress tracking, program health monitoring as well as risk control. Although you can use a single source for all of your information, HelpNDoc does not support structured content such as XML and DITA. HelpNDoc is designed to produce less documentation than you could with a program like Flare. The content you create with HelpNDoc isn’t marked with metadata to tell users what content it is for. It is possible to structure your content to the level of the topic, and nothing more, which can be limiting when handling huge volumes of documentation.

HelpNDoc Features

You can instead pick from a limited color palette available within the system. If you’d like a more individualized style for your website, you’ll have to write the code yourself.


The user interface modeled after a word processor allows this tool to be very accessible and easy to utilize that your document specialists don’t require any additional expensive training to become extremely efficient. HelpNDoc incorporates an integrated WYSIWYG editor that aims to resemble the most popular word processing software, like Microsoft Word or Writer. HelpNDoc can incorporate variables and external files. It is also able to create programming code for C++, Fortran, C++, Delphi, Fortran, Pascal and Visual Basic programming languages for integration of the created CHM help files into the program currently being created. Since version 4, HelpNDoc includes a project analyzer that can monitor the layout of the document, provide information on the layout, and highlight potential issues like broken links or issues with media files. Many of the leading Help authoring software currently available offered are cumbersome complex, confusing, and complex, and require a lot of advanced education to comprehend how to use all the features built-in. With the primary focus still on the contents, HelpNDoc also eliminates all of the hassles that are typically associated with exporting the Help system’s content into other formats, including PDF as well as DOC.

How to get HelpNDoc Free

HelpNDoc offers all the tools required to create complete documentation and help files. Starting with the contents table to the final document format, all of it is provided in HelpNDoc. HelpNDoc comes with a powerful word processor that makes you feel immediately at home. HelpNDoc is a simple to use, yet efficient and powerful aid authoring tool. It offers a simple and effective interface for creating the most stunning CHM help files, WEB-based documents, PDF and Word documents from a single source, without being concerned about the workings of the help file creation process. It is all you have to do is input or import your document into the built-in word processing program and then click the “Compile” “Compile” option to generate an extremely functional help file that looks exactly the way you intended it to. If you’re searching for an easy aid system for documentation and help that’s inexpensive, simple to use, and allows users to quickly create single-source documentation that is user-friendly, HelpNDoc is a top contender.

There’s no method to create HelpNDoc run on any platform that isn’t Windows. It shouldn’t be an issue for your entire company if you use Windows however, when you are using HelpNDoc and you want to collaborate with other writers, they might not have an appropriate system. This is the case when you’re looking to implement your own toolchain that isn’t part of Microsoft. Microsoft ecosystem.

It is important to note that your Markdown document is designed with simple markup, which is embedded in the text. This can have many benefits, such as being more efficient to work with rather than writing your style in HTML or perhaps using a WYSIWYG editor. 2.0 was officially launched in May 2009 and included PDF as well as RTF document generation. 1.0 was made available to the general public in December 2004 but only included CHM and HTML documents generation. Adobe Reader is the free reliable leader for consistently viewing and interfacing using PDF documents across different platforms and devices.

While HelpNDoc develops codes for your site, However, the company doesn’t provide hosting for you. Let’s now look at the most important features that you may find lacking in the event you opt for HelpNDoc for documents. If you choose HelpNDoc it will download the program to your desktop in an on-site installation similar to MadCap Flare and Adobe RoboHelp, so it’s not a Software as a Service solution.

Uniquely Dr.Explain can capture websites or application screens and then document them automatically. Help documents, files, and online documents with CHM, PDF, DOC HTML, and PDF formats. HelpNDoc works best if have someone with development experts who are working on your documentation and have accessibility to the Windows desktop installation. If not, it could be an extensive learning curve that you’ve got time for and you’ll never be able to modify your documentation at any time you wish. Your website will have to run on servers that are yours and you’ll need to modify and recreate the new files in HelpNDoc each time you want to change your documentation. As we’ve mentioned previously, HelpNDoc can output compiled CHM help files for desktop Windows applications. It can also support the online HTML documentation for websites, printable PDF as well as Word documents, as well as also output to ePUB or Kindle.

Technical writers/documentation specialists or software developers need to be able to quickly and easily create online Help systems as well as printed documentation. Making the online Help system as well as printed documentation from one source it is recommended to think about using the HelpNDoc Help Authoring Environment. HelpNDoc can be described as a Help Authoring Tool utilized for technical authors to write software documentation. It is usually targeted at users who are at a minimum proficient in programming and comfortable with tools that focus more on technical. Securely print, view and sign, search and verify and work on PDF documents for no cost on the internet and offline at home or in your workplace.

HelpNDoc System Requirements

  • Memory (RAM): 1 GB of RAM required.
  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/8.1/10
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core processor or later.
  • Hard Disk Space: 80 MB of free space required.
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