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Explore the limits of static sound using the brand-new MOTION feature. It is a complete refutation of the old saying ‘what happens up must also come down, Gravity’s array of evocative and complex effects puts huge importance on the risers. Within the EDM world risers are typically thought to be a siren-like sonic sound that is usually comprised of a single, tense synth note that is soaring in pitch, which creates tension and excitement ahead of a chorus, or banging drums. Gravity’s main page is a collection of the effects as well as ADSR Unison, velocity, and other settings with the highest spot going to the Punish dial. The graphic patch displays samples that are mapped chromatically to keys in blue and cyan (C1-B1 Subs C2-B2 Impacts Tails and C4-B4 whooshes). The lower octave of pink keys triggers custom-layered sounds that are based on elements currently loaded. High red keys trigger Trigger FX, while the green keys trigger Motion Sequencer playback.

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Heavyocity Gravity

Other features that were carried over from the Damage period include an updated Trigger FX section that allows the user to activate many effects (including the lo-fi-inspired bit-crusher) at the touch of a button using trigger keys. A quick look at the Kontakt mapping window shows that Gravity’s pads have a comparatively small number of samples. While this might be a disadvantage in an orchestral library it’s not an issue in this case (synth pads don’t require many multisamples in order to sound great). However, it could sometimes limit the use of these pads in the higher frequency range, which is where the pitch shifting of the samples is likely to be the most obvious. However, I have discovered that for mid-range work especially for drones and bass sounds they are an inspiring, atmospheric, and versatile tool. Since I have a complex nature I favored the multi-layered pads.

Risers are provided in three layers: Organic Synth, Organic FX, and Organic – each of which is able to be used in tandem with length/timing and tempo sync options. There is a myriad of libraries that can help you create almost anything that you can think of, so always, take a look at samples from major samplers like Loopmasters, Samplephonics et al. Of the collections and instruments I’ve been looking at lately, Orbit springs to mind as a tool for film scoring that has a wonderful collection of sound effects that are based on hands-on creative thinking.

It begins with a wah filter modulation, before shifting into a calm and floaty Hammond/Leslie sound. It’s all tranquil until you turn upwards the knob which is when a huge distortion effect comes into play. It’s even better if you reduce the pitch by an octave to create the guitar’s dive-bomb effect. I wasn’t a fan of the wah effect, but I was pleasantly surprised to discover that, instead of being integrated into the sample, it’s an effect of a filter inside the patch, which is quickly removed.

Heavyocity Gravity Features

We designed each millisecond of sound to ensure that your next track is filled with the most advanced film-inspired sound elements available in the market. Motion – Push the boundaries of static sound using the new MOTION feature. From smooth, tempo-synchronized beats and pulsing rhythms as well as complex stutters and glitch effects. MOTION provides completely customizable control over volume as well as pan as well as pitch control.

The Sinister craft’ Complex pad is another great example of abrasiveness. It’s a terrifyingly strong synth bass loop that doesn’t seem like it belongs on a Prodigy track — aside from its massive delay and reverb, that you can easily turn off in the main screen. A little more mysteriously I really enjoyed ‘Play the Major Octaves’, a hypnotic blend of a sampled chorus as well as a mysterious flute-like synth timbre that both play the major chord.

Heavyocity Gravity

A must-have scoring toolkit an impressive collection of contemporary scoring tools? Heavyocity’s award-winning composers and sound designers developed Gravity to provide a broad spectrum of ethereal score elements including rich pads and dynamic Risers, to celestial Stings and huge hits. Gravity allows you to be at the helm of more than 12GB of professional-grade instruments that are controlled by an innovative new interface.

How to get Heavyocity Gravity Free

For easy auditioning and an easy way to compare For quick auditioning and easy comparison, the sound effects are displayed on the keyboard as collections known as Menus. This time, Heavyocity has continued the good practice of mapping subsonic bass sounds to the lower part of the keyboard, and more high-pitched sounds to the top it is an excellent aid to discovering the right sound. When you’ve found a track that you like, change its pitch by up to one Octave in semitones steps to match the key of the music by pressing the correct transpose keys on the lower end of your keyboard. You can also load single sample files from the Elements folder and then play them in the full chromatic map with full control over the samples’ fine-tuning and starting point. A quick listening to some of the library’s risers will confirm that we’re not in the normal dance realm. These sounds are more terrifying and dramatic than the typical club riser. They sound less like the prelude to an air-borne dancefloor jolly-up and more like an indication of some grotesque imminent catastrophe. Even though they’re created using non-traditional means Gravity’s risers produce the same effect as massive, orchestral crescendi. They are accompanied by huge, explosive builds that are accentuated by clever sound design.

Utilize the DESIGNER to create up to 12 slots that can be customized by the user for speedy and simple playback. Create high-quality sound design elements using the first-ever adjustable Riser experience. As a composer for TV who is freelance, I’m always searching for new tools that I can make compelling music. When I discovered Heaviocity Gravity, it was as if I had added a whole new instrument family for my band.

I’m not entirely sure regarding some categorizations that I’ve heard, but to me, they all have a lot of impacts, however, you can mix and alter away to create some fantastic outcomes. Stings is a space that offers details and a few elements that can be used in every genre, not just film music. The Gravity pads are made up of four types of descriptive descriptions and the ‘Aggressive, Ethereal Experimental, Unnerving, and Ethereal category are as detailed as they come. Each pad has three layers that you can modify individually with respect to the volume level, ADSR envelope, pitch, and panning. With the abundance of loops, samples, and instruments on the market that the entry barrier is so low now that almost everyone can try their hand at making a film. The library is comprised of four parts – Hits Pads, Risers, Stings, and Pads which are subdivided into separate menu patches and instrument folders.

Snapshot Menus located directly below the name of the patch allow you to load alternate versions of the parameters of your present which is in this case, the length of the rising. You can also modify the duration by selecting the Length tab. This shows the sample’s name and waveform while the sample is played. You can make the sample play for a specific number of bars, or set the length in a second. The Length tab has an adjustable slider that adjusts the start of the sample and options for semitone tune levels, pan, and level. The price is $449, it’s by far not the most expensive collection on the market. It also has more customization and tweaking tools than the average collection, it’s more of an active tool as opposed to an inactive library.

The “hits and drones” version of this patch has certain sounds that remind us of the low-fi samples of orchestra songs that adorned pop songs from the 1980s, however, the processing employed in this patch has made them more modern and palatable. The pads are offered with three channels of the complex menu or single-channel format, to accommodate various workflows. The complex presets are now expanded with up to six snaps to highlight the distinctiveness of each sound. GRAVITY has a flexible design and features that are unmatched by any other instrument available that is available today. Stings and Hits: Give weight to your thrilling moments by using GRAVITY’s Hits and Stings. Mix at least four elements to create nearly endless combinations of striking Hits.

Heavyocity Gravity System Requirements

  • Memory (RAM): 2 GB of RAM required.
  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10.
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core processor or later.
  • Hard Disk Space: 10 GB of free space required.
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