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The opinions expressed are the sole responsibility of the authors and not necessarily the views of the editors. The library is download-only and works perfectly using the trial version Kontakt Player or, as I did for this review Kontakt 5 in its full-featured version. Kontakt 5. The installation and authentication process follows the normal procedure for Kontakt which is why I experienced no issues with any of these processes.

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Heavyocity DM-307

To connect the MIDI clock with the DAW’s MIDI clock In the upper left-hand corner in the DM-307 select Ext and set the speed in the same BPM as the host. If you’re using the version of Kontakt which is running inside the DAW, click Ext and adjust the tempo to exactly the same as the one in your DAW. The beat-sliced loops are able to be altered in a variety of different ways. The Grid lets you modify both the velocity and sample on a step-by-step basis. It requires an internet connection to activate or authorize the application. “DM-307 more than meets the levels of excellence we’ve come to expect from Heavyocity, and may well prove to be the company’s finest and most flexible library to date.” “DM-307 has a great deeply customizable interface to create the rhythm, energy, and motion I need for my scores. I look forward to digging into yet another sonic feat from Heavyocity.”

More than 1200 beat-sliced loops are arranged in a design that can be combined and seamlessly matched to create intricately layered beats and drum beds. Beyond the Grid-based instruments, there’s lots of other content which expands the options offered by the DM-307. The Kits are perfect if you plan to play all of the DM-307’s drum sounds using your DAW in particular when you use the Element Kits that present the sounds in a specific order to ensure that the instrument has only snared for instance, or simply kicks. One of the main factors that separate the DM-307 distinct from previous Heavyocity products is the Grid interface that is part of the Kit Grooves instruments folder. The Grid is a kind that is a five-voice drum machine that allows users to control and sequence the library of single-shot drum sounds that are included inside the libraries.

Its Loop Menus are intelligently mapped and converted into one breakout presets. This lets you complete the whole loop using just one button mixing and matching individual layers of various loops in one preset. Single Loop presets include pan, level, as well as the ability to tune for every slice as well as the ability to recompose the piece using midi drag-and-drop.

Heavyocity DM-307 Features

In the end, this means DM-307 is rich in creative possibilities, particularly when compared to loop-based libraries thanks to the many patterns and sounds that are pre-programmed being only the beginning point for what you can do using the DM-307. DM-307 has three kinds of effects. You can apply effects across the board with the Master FX Trigger Performance Effects, or modify the individual sound. Its Advanced Trigger FX are switchable real-time effects with a huge range for innovative and imaginative tuning of the sound. You can control the speed of the effect active and disengaged. Or switch on the sequence button and then modulate the effect’s changes by using a 32-step sequencer. The distinctive Punish or Twist knobs reign over everything, adding energy and personality to your tracks. But, I’d not hesitate in stating that it is an excellent value for the price.

Heavyocity DM-307

Certain features are similar to those found Certain features are similar to those in Damage however there are new features here and the interface is designed with an updated look. In both of these instruments, the sounds offer an array of sounds, ranging from acoustic drums that are fairly standard up to analog and electronic synth drum sounds that are processed and not processed. I can easily envision the essential sounds that are used in modern film scores and almost every style of contemporary electronic dance music and even the most cutting-edge electronica. Like the previous Heavyocity releases, DM-307 demonstrates both a modern, shrewd sound and also shows the extent of what can be accomplished with Kontakt’s sound engine. Naturally, it’s easy to draw comparisons to the iZotope’s Break Tweaker, as both products are built around the same five or six-voice step/drum sequencer. Although Break Tweaker certainly has the superior engine, however, the DM-307 is the clear winner in terms of the library’s content. The DM-307 interface was created for rapid and easy groove creation.

While Damage was specifically aimed at composers of media but this is an instrument I can easily envision using in a range of settings from music-to-picture through any contemporary electronic dance style and even into rock or pop. It doesn’t matter if it’s for television or film, or for pure musical production and if you’re looking to create electronic beats of the future which you can modify to the smallest fraction of their existence, DM307 is a hit. Like we said earlier, the second element of creativity comes from the possibilities for control of sound that is available via its Kontakt interface. In an overview of this size, it’s difficult to give justice to all the ways to manipulate the sounds, however, there are a lot of options.

How to get Heavyocity DM-307 Free

You can tweak your rhythm quickly using the key switches that are integrated for effects and stutters and make an instant impact using the distinctive analog hits. Heavyocity’s DM-307 is an assortment of synthesizers that are modular as well as live percussion and traditional analog drum machines. A powerful virtual Instrument for Kontakt It includes more than 3600 loops and sounds that are available with over 1500 presets. Here’s how to create and record drums with the DM-307. DM-307 includes more than 80 distinct kits, made from over 22,000 distinct sounds. The kits blend organic drums and processed traditional drum machines, as well as more dynamic modular synth sounds that create an original palette of genre-defying drums. The distinctive Analog Hits(TM) and Tempo synced Risers(TM) are the perfect choice for creating a sense of emotion and impact on any song.

For more cinematic sounds, Heavyocity’s Damage is the obvious choice. But, for a more contemporary edge, try the SampleLogic Havoc or IZotope’s BreakTweaker. The mechanisms of these two programs may differ from DM307 however, they’re both identically priced and targeted at roughly the same type of musical purposes.

It provides a five-lane pattern editor for the Style Kits as well as Kit Grooves. Each lane is linked to five different sound groups in each of the Style Kit or Kit Groove presets. You can also trigger the individual lanes or all lanes for playback. In a preset, you can make up to eight distinct patterns, and arrange them in the Chainer. The DM307 is the successor of the prize-winning Evolve, DAMAGE, and AEON Collection virtual instruments, DM-307 was developed through innovative recording and sound design and synthesizer methods. The DM307 from Heavyocity expands on the concept of Damage, but with more modern drum sounds for modern beat design. The most important thing to note is that DM307 offers an incredible quantity of potential for rhythm. The sound quality is amazing along with its Kontakt interface, although it can take a while to explore it fully it, is a joy to use and offers numerous additional options for shaping sound.

You guys offered me the best price on all the equipment needed to run my new studio. Customer service from you is exceptional and I’ll always work with you from now until the end. The Kits are standardly linked kits and banks that allow simple triggering using any MIDI pad or keyboard. In the stand-alone version, Kontakt creates a pattern within the DM-307. Make a recording in the DAW and play the stand-alone version DM-307 for the rhythm to be played.

Your team was efficient well-informed and provided fast delivery that was above and beyond the norm. The Vintage King Audio is definitely my first choice for all my audio and information requirements.

Heavyocity DM-307 System Requirements

  • Memory (RAM): 2 GB of RAM required.
  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10.
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core processor or later.
  • Hard Disk Space: 4 GB of free space required.
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