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Hand Tint Pro provides all you need, including color palettes, brushes, and paper to create gorgeous and timeless hand-painted photography. Save Project can keep your hand-tinted work externally, or share your projects with your coworkers and family. Save Project will save your hand-tinted project for external sharing and share it with your coworkers and family. To ensure that your work is well-organized and under control, We provide Layers as well as a useful Selective Color tool to define regions for precise brushing. Both tools are designed to ensure that colors remain at the exact location you’d like them to be. Both features for professionals are designed to maintain color exactly in the place you prefer. Because of its structure, Hand Tint Pro can be used by professionals and novice users.

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Hand Tint Pro

The effect is to cover the image with a semi-transparent, transparent sepia layer and then you can apply color using various brush sizes and colors. 25 Color Palettes comprise a variety of swatches designed for seasons hair color, hair color shade, and skin tones, as well as 2 Romantic palettes for beautiful seascapes and gardens. 25 Color Palettes consist of multiple swatches that were created for seasons hair color, hair color, eyeshade, and skin tones, plus 2 Romantic palettes for beautiful seascapes and gardens. Layer Modes on every layer include Color, Tint, Tone Multiply, and soft Paint as well as Paint modes. These modes are intended to alter the appearance of colored or painted areas for distinct and endless variations. Layer Modes: Every layer has Color, Tint, Tone Multiply, and Paint and Soft Paint as well as Paint modes. Grain Strength: Add interest to your photo by adding a grainy darkroom look.

The Grain Strength slider can be moved left to enhance the image with a grain that resembles a darkroom. B&W Strength – Move the slider to the right to increase the opacity that B&W Strength. Move slider right to increase the opacity of Black White and White effect, or right to mix the color into.

Hand painting is a stunning technique that can elevate photography to the next level. The key to success is simplicity and the light tinting of each photograph, scrapbook, or craft project gives a nostalgic and timeless appeal to each project that you enjoy. Hand Tint Pro lets users paint manually over areas you want to change, by using the “Paint Vintage Photo’ This tool is made to assist you in giving a vintage look to your photos and preserve your preferred colors.

Hand Tint Pro Features

The RGB Sliders in Background Effect. Background Effect allows for pro mixing of dark and light areas of the Black & White and Luminescent effects. Brush Opacity Adjust the intensity of the strokes. Brush Size The size of the strokes (You can also use keys). Enhance Image – Enhances both the darker and lighter parts of your image, so that they stand out.

Texture Fade Blend the texture into a vignette style around the image. Contrast – move the slider to the right to boost the brightness of the photo, and to darken shadows. Sliders for Red, Green, or Blue – Filters an image to match the color palette. The plugin gives quick access to Hand Tint Pro from inside Photoshop, Elements, Lightroom, and PaintShop Pro. It supports actions, transparency, mixing, the last filter command batch processing, and 16bit RGB/Grayscale mode.

Hand Tint Pro

After you’ve created a preset, and then modified it with the Adjust Tab and saved it, you can save your personal pre-set by selecting the + icon located in the lower right-hand corner. To erase a preset, select the minus symbol that is found in the bottom right corner. Fade Out Fade Out Fade Out mixes the textures into a vignette style around your image. The slider left is moved to decrease the amount of vignette, allowing more of the image to be visible.

How to get Hand Tint Pro Free

Hand Tint Pro lets you create a color-filled photo using tint or tone and color. The program comes with all you need including papers, color palettes, and smart brushes for creating timeless and beautiful hand-painted photos. Simple workflow using professional layering features different modes for tint or tone, color multiply, soft paint that is able to be changed for each layer, as well as an efficient tool for selecting colors to ensure that brush strokes are kept in isolated regions for speedy coloration and accuracy. It is essential to be having fun while creating beautiful photographs, and a flexible eraser is available to erase any mistakes made in the process of painting. Save your project and then return to the project when you’re ready. Hand Tint Pro supplies everything you need: paper, color palettes, and clever brushes to create stunning and timeless hand-painted photography.

The program is available on its own or as a Photoshop plugin. Hand Tint Pro is a trustworthy program that lets users edit images and apply amazing graphic effects such as glow, colorize, and texture overlay.

Image Strength Image Strength Strength lets you choose how much of your photograph will be visible through your vintage texture. Image Age The slider allows you can alter the age appearance of your photograph. The slider’s movement to the right will bring more color to your image. You can make multiple layers, creating a complicated filter that is compatible with the subject matter of your photo. A preview feature temporarily eliminates the filter and shows the original image, so you can evaluate the before and after or editing stages.

It has a variety of templates you can use to your image in the way you want as well as an array of adjustable parameters. You can use the vast palette of colors, along with the overlay for paper and smart brushes.

The image properties panel to the left side has editing options that are customized for every type of template. It is possible to add noise to every photo and also overlay one of the natural textures. Photo Tinting or hand coloring brings subtle, exotic shades to photos and gives an old-fashioned look to the most modern of subjects. Apply color with a brush to bring a natural pinky to the cheeks of children or to draw the attention of a specific element like the sunset or flower.

Hand Tint Pro System Requirements

  • RAM: 1 GB
  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • Processor: Intel Pentium IV or higher
  • Hard Disk: 200 MB
  • Display: 1024 x 768, 32 Bit Color.
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