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Create purchase orders, quotations parking tickets, purchase orders, and other pre-printed forms with unbeatable accuracy with the exclusive fixed-layout Reports. The result of a report is a form that you can open through a browser print or export to any of the supported formats and share the output with other interested parties. Report readers can benefit from comprehensive visualization of data, including drill-down through, runtime sorting, drill-through as well as other interactive capabilities. A Radar Chart Control – This kind of Chart Report Item enables report writers to create sophisticated visualizations of data.

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GrapeCity ActiveReportsJS

This is a JavaScript alternative to ActiveReports designed for .NET Development. ActiveReports is a wildly well-liked tool for reporting and has been in use for around 2 decades. It has seen a lot of changes since its first release and a variety of techniques have been introduced and removed but ActiveReports has evolved to become one of the top reports suites available. We have now added reporting capabilities to ActiveReports to include a web-based platform.

Create rich, interactive reports using our comprehensive reporting software for any platform. You can make use of our interactive report viewers, export, or print directly from the client. The report designer feature in ActiveReportsJS v2.0 could conflict with the design of the hosting application. If you’re not creating a report from scratch, then you could use an old report to import. Simply open an.RDLX report within Designer and then save the report into ActiveReportsJS supported file types (.RDLX-JSON). Reports are created using ActiveReportsJS. You can connect to data sources from remote locations or use your local JSON files. After you’ve configured your sources of data, you can make different data sets to be used in your reports.

In v3.0 We plan to increase the speed in ActiveReportsJS PDF export to a certain extent. The primary focus in the next major version concerns Data Binding and Performance improvements. In ActiveReportsJS v2.2 we plan to enhance the documentation for ActiveReportJS TypeScript declarations, by providing more thorough explanations and examples of usage for using the publicly available API. ES Module Distribution of Core Exports, Report Viewer, and Core Report Viewer modules lets developers use ActiveReportsJS alongside cutting-edge tools like Snowpack or Vite. ActiveReportsJS v2.1 comes with a completely revamped Report Author Guide explaining every aspect of the creation of reports, with brand new tutorials and live demonstrations. The distinctiveness of the ActiveReports products has helped increase sales and is always a positive thing.

GrapeCity ActiveReportsJS Features

To make use of the export feature you must include the module within your application. The Viewer component lets you look at the reports and embed them into your application. Both components are customizable and you can choose to hide them in order to give users an experience that is more immersive. We selected ActiveReports due to its complete features, user-friendly licensing system for web-based apps, and ease of development. It includes a standalone design application for multi-platforms with a wide range of control options.

GrapeCity ActiveReportsJS

When the Report control is applied to the surface of the design property panels will show. You can alter the fonts, text dimensions, colors, and other elements associated with the report control. There is also an advanced properties mode for further configuration. The ease of use and the capability to create multi-level subreports were the two primary factors. ActiveReports stood ahead of the other three options. Chart Report Item now includes Radar Line, Radar Area, Radar Bubble, and Radar Scatter plots.

How to get GrapeCity ActiveReportsJS Free

ActiveReports is a report solution for visualizing data in a front-end application. Create custom layouts for reports and integrate our report viewer and designer components into web-based applications to view and export or print reports for any platform. GrapeCity’s ActiveReports range of products is an all-inclusive developer report solution for each of .NET as well as JavaScript.

The use of statements based on your opinion and substantiating them by citing sources or personal experiences. Use with Vue Examine the effects for ActiveReportsJS integration into a Vue application. Utilization with React is a demonstration for ActiveReportsJS integration into a React application. Utilization with Angular is a demonstration for ActiveReportsJS integration with An Angular application.

Create interactive reports that let a user toggle between a complete overview of the data and a more in-depth one. Don’t worry about dependencies on the backend and focus on the reporting features of your application that runs on a client. We’re using JWT’s as part of our .net web API core and therefore we must provide an Authorization header for each request to access the report data source. Keyboard shortcuts for Report Viewer Component. Keyboard Shortcuts for Report Viewer Component can enhance the experience of users when they navigate through the report. Data Viewer within the data set editor allows an immediate display of data-bound. Dynamic Chart Setting – With support for dynamic chart rules, you can enjoy a more robust chart appearance configuration. For instance, it’s possible to define rules that are evaluated dynamically for the color of the chart’s column.

Create interactive reports using our user-friendly, intuitive design and powerful controls. Make printable, analytical, or interactive reports with an intuitive interface as well as an extensive set of components for data visualization.

Using node.js shows an example of how to use ActiveReportsJS for server-side use. For more details on how to utilize ActiveReportsJS and the tools available look up the documentation as well as the API guide for information. Product Engineer Sergey Abakumoff has graduated from Novosibirsk Higher College of Informatics in 1999. With more than fifteen years’ experience, Sergey was a consultant to various software companies across the globe.

A JavaScript report tool can be described as a set of web-based components that are used for data visualization and consolidation. ActiveReports is a tool used by front-end developers who want to incorporate reports into web applications. The major features like reports designer components and viewers, the powerful visualization of data, and the robust API create ActiveReportsJS a market-leading solution.

GrapeCity ActiveReportsJS System Requirements

  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Operating System: Windows Server 2000/2003/2008/XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core or higher processor
  • Hard Disk: 100 MB
  • .NET Framework: .NET 4.5
  • Database: Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008/Oracle and above
  • Browsers: Firefox/Chrome/Microsoft Edge/Opera/Safari
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