Google Play Store Download For Pc Windows 7, 8, 10

Google Play Store is a specialized app designed for Android phones. Here, you can access numerous other applications related to games, entertainment news, audio, videos, education, and more. We know everyone thinks of using this app on their Android smartphones. Have you ever heard of using the Play Store on a bigger screen such as a PC or laptop? We know the first thing that comes to your mind is: How is it possible? Keep in mind nothing is impossible in this world.Download more software from Get Into Pc.

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This is a modern world, and every day comes with a new surprise. Today’s surprise is that you can use various applications via the Play Store on your PC. Sounds interesting, right?

This article will tell you about Play Store download For PC. So stick with us, read thoroughly, and enjoy playing apps on larger displays.

Let’s proceed further!

Google Play Store For PC

Google Play store was launched in 2008, it was available only for Android systems, but now Google Play Store for PC is also available. Now it is so easy to download all your favorite Android apps such as games, gadgets, live backdrops, and others on your PC. The Play Store application is available to download, as it is the default application on all Android gadgets.

This is the stunning and famous app among users of tablets and smartphones from which you can get access to any kind of apps, game, written material, audio, and video. Furthermore, the Play Store for PC also shows you data about each application, such as ratings, remarks, pictures which are beneficial for you and help you to make decisions about whether to download the app or not. The app first comes with the name Android Market, and now it has a range of applications. Almost 16000 apps related to entertainment, photography, and gaming, are there to fulfill all your needs.

Importance of Google Play Store for PC

The Google Play Store app works reliably and smoothly with the operating systems because this app needs more CPU resources which may slow down the performance of your smartphone. In addition, with this app, you can get access to various other apps simply by using your Facebook account and then transferring it to Google cloud. The smartphone carrier may block access to other apps which is not according to the terms of Google.

When you try to run this app on older Android versions, the chances will rise about cyberattacks, and you may also experience multiple ads which look irritating and pop up again and again on your screens. So it is suggested to run this app on your PC.the biggest advantage is that you can enjoy viewing it on a big screen and secondly it keeps you safe from other issues.

How to Download Google Play Store on PC

Various methods are present to download Play Store on PC, but some of the best ways are discussed below.

Download Google Play Store Using Bluestacks

You have to follow some steps to download Google Play Store via Bluestacks. Follow the given instructions, and here you go.

  • Firstly download BlueStacks.
  • After finishing installing the emulator, enter your Google account.
  • Look for the Google Play store by opening the BlueStack homepage.
  • To get an app on your PC, click on the Enter Button.
  • Now select Install.
  • That is all, and you are ready to start using this app on the PC screen.

The second method is given below. You can also use this way to fulfil the task of Play Store Download For PC.

Download Play Store For PC by Using an SD Card

Another method to download Google Play Store on your PC is by taking the help of an SD card. To do this, firstly install this app on your smartphone, save it on the SD card and then move it to your PC. It would be better to use outsider apps, for example, titanium Backup, app monster, or others, to move any app to the SD card.

Using this way, you will not get the required updates for the apps. Unfortunately, you have to repeat the process from the first step to upgrading the app.

Google Play Store Download

Using NOX Android Emulator

You have to download Nox Android Emulator on your laptop or PC to get to Google Play Store via this method. Follow the given steps to start the process.

  • The first and foremost thing to do is download the NOX Android emulator on the PC, install it, and write your Gmail login ID and password.
  • Go to the homepage of the emulator and look for your desired app that is Google Play Store. After seeing the app, download it and install it.
  • Here you go; the app is ready to offer you a lot of other apps on your computer or PC screen.

You can use any of the ways mentioned above to get this amazing app on your PC; the choice is yours.

Google Play Store for PC: Some of The Features

The stunning features of the Google Play store for PC provide you with multiple app downloading options. Let’s have a look!

Play Games

Google Play games is an online gaming application where games are featured with numerous multiplayer gaming capabilities and have various advanced features. Users can comfortably avail a lot of features including social leaderboards, cloud saves, and achievements.


Google Play music shows you worldwide accessibility of Music present on Google. This is a vital music application having podcast streaming and an online music locker. The application contains almost 40 million songs and storage space for up to 50,000 songs.


Another excellent ebook reading application is Google playbook. The app contains nearly five million books, and users can also purchase them. This app also allows you to upload the books in EPUB and PDF.

Motion pictures and TV Shows

The Google Play Store Download For PC app is an administrative application that offers multiple films and TV programs. The clients can also buy these programs.

Purchase Google Nexus Devices

You can also buy Google Nexus devices, for example, Chromecast, Google hardware, Chromebooks, and multiple accessories from its specialized section.

More Informative about Apps

This superb app allows you to get detailed information about your needed apps, for example, ratings, size, website, pictures, remarks, version number, author description, and more. The app gives a list that tells about free and paid apps and shows updates for already installed apps. Use the Google comment box and write your experience using the particular app.

News and Magazines

One of the best apps named Google Newsstand is specialized for newscasters. It is a news aggregator and offers users a computerized membership. Furthermore, you will access news sources and computerized magazines via membership.

Different Platforms

The great thing about Google Play Store is that it works excellently on various devices, including iOs, Blackberry, Android, and Tizen.

Some Of The Alternatives For Google Play Store

Without any doubt, Google Play Store is the biggest marketplace for downloading all necessary apps for your PC. Without putting more effort and needing to search for anywhere else, you can find all useful android applications such as widgets, games, and apps. The Google Play Store interface for PC is not so difficult. This is so simple and easy to navigate. Many other alternatives to this app are now present just for your ease. Here we mention some noticeable alternatives for Play Store Download for PC.

9apps: One of the best alternatives for PC play store download is 9apps. By installing 9apps, you can easily get a range of android applications.

ApkMirror: For Pc use, another replacement for Google Play Store is ApkMirror. You can comfortably download all apps and games on your PC via Apk Mirror.

Amazon Appstore: Amazon Appstore, one of the most significant alternatives of Google Play Store for PC, allows you to download several Android apps by following some simple steps.

GetJar: by using GetJar, you can download all your favorite apps no matter related to entertainment or gaming.

Final words

We hope Play Store Download for PC is no longer difficult for you. Like others now, you can also run your favorite apps on the bigger screen, just follow the steps mentioned above, and you are all set to go. We know watching, playing online games, reading ebooks, listening to the news, and doing other tasks on the big screen is a desire of everyone. Read this article, choose your preferred method, and fulfill your wish.

I wish you luck!

Updated: January 20, 2022 — 1:09 am

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