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GeoTools is a custom-designed CAD application that lets you view and edit, create analysis and report CAD datasets that are geospatial in nature. If your primary business involves GIS creating data, mapping, surveying infrastructure management, facilities management city planning, landscaping as well as AEC, GeoTools is a well-curated solution for you. GeoTools includes a range of civil Tools such as TIM Digital Terrain Modeling, Voronoi polygons. GeoTools is a Geo-data application that allows you to create, view analysis, modify, and present reports on CAD information that’s geographical in the sense of. GeoTools is a great time-saver to prepare GIS-based data and editing within a CAD-based environment. All of these choices can contain a constant or variable name.


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The User Guide provides information on the basic features as well as supported formats and standards support. GeoTools is an open library of geospatial tools that are extensible by the addition of other modules.

For complete list of enhancements and changes to GeoTools 13, please see the complete release note. For the creation of this library, run maven starting from the root of the repository. A specific GIS system may or might not be able to follow the attributes recommended by the GIS. Additional instructions might be needed to ensure that the GIS system displays the data in a logical manner. Writing to GeoJSON format will store all notes that are associated with this data to memory. This version is also available on our maven repository and it is made to work to GeoWebCache 1.7.0 as well as GeoServer 2.7.0.

If, for instance, you created a variable that was named title or name, some visualizers could identify it as the name of a feature and show it in the maps as a label for a feature. Don’t specify any file extension since multiple files can be generated.

GeoTools is a program based on the specifications of the Open Geospatial Consortium that provides standard methods of working with geospatial information. It is utilized by web services commands line tools as well as a variety of desktop applications. The most common file extensions are .geojson or .json The majority of tools don’t require extensions to be in the file, however, it is common to define the extension. Select replace if you wish for your existing data files substituted. In the context of the nature of the library, plug-ins may be added to expand raster geospatial and database file format support further. Geospatial data manipulation is not something anyone could accomplish, and those that are able to do it require special tools to use. A GIS visualizer might choose to show other attributes that are not the ones listed above.

GeoTools Features

In the former scenario, the same value is applied to the attribute that is corresponding to every feature that is being written. However, however, in the second case of different features, they could have different values for one attribute. E.g. to create a basic choropleth map, enter the color variable color. Colorvar is an integer variable that contains the desired color for every polygon feature. GeoTools can be described as an open-source Java library that offers tools to process geospatial data.


Another aspect is the capability to communicate through OGC web services, with the combination of Web Map Server and Web Feature Server support. Additionally, it provides support to graphs, networks, and graphs. It also includes a stateless renderer that can be useful for server-side applications and does not need large quantities of memory. In the bundle is the option to create interfaces for the most important spatial concepts as well as data structures. PropertyDataStore is now being modified to work with ContentDataStore as well as a broad variety of concerns have been solved with respect to the various DataStore implementations. CSVDataStore is now improved by adding write access as well as the capability to work with various types of CSV files (including lat/long as well as WKT). A new data store, gt-solr, is now available to work in conjunction with Apache Solr.

How to get GeoTools Free

It is used extensively in web-based services as well as desktop applications as well as other tools. The library works with a wide range of data formats. This includes a variety of vector and raster formats, as in addition to XML bindings. A complete list of formats supported by the library is provided in the manual of the application. The modules that are part of the bundle permits you to use GIS data, manipulate maps, and examine the data according to spatial and non-spatial characteristics.

Choose the option to replace if would like existing files to be replaced. GEOTOOLS allows data export to shapefiles as well as GeoJSON files. It runs completely within Stata and doesn’t require any dependencies (does need e.g. the ESRI ArcGIS or QGIS software in order to run). Documentation is continually improving and is now complete with a list of functions.

The GeoTools community is delighted to announce the release of GeoTools 13.0 which is the first stable version in GeoTools 13. GeoTools 13 collection. The dev list addresses queries related to hacking the GeoTools library as a whole.

GeoTools System Requirements

  • Memory (RAM): 1 GB of RAM required.
  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/8.1/10
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or later.
  • Hard Disk Space: 600 MB of free space required.
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