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GeoStudio Basic Edition is a limited feature bundle license that can be purchased for less than the price for full-feature licenses. If you are using the Basic license it is possible to use the GeoStudio software limits the usage of specific features and enforces specific limits. The most recent online installer standalone setups for GEOSLOPE GeoStudio 2018. This complete installation is compatible with both 32-bit as well as 64-bit Windows. Get More Softwares From Getintopc


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If a license is shared by several colleagues within offices, it may be “returned” from one computer and activated on a different. If you’re not able to start”return” on your own, you will need to contact “return” yourself, you will require help from GEOSLOPE technical assistance. Here are a few of the functions you’ll experience when downloading the software. The website utilizes cookies to make your experience more enjoyable as you navigate the site. Of these cookies, the ones that are classified as essential are saved in your browser since they are essential to the operation of the basic functions of the site. We also utilize third-party cookies which help us analyze and comprehend how you use this site. Cookies will be saved within your browser only after your permission.You are free to disseminate this edition to students. Student Edition, provided you follow the license agreement.

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It is possible to copy the CD and give it out to a whole student class. It is possible to distribute it across the entire class. Student Edition license is included free of charge when you download GeoStudio. A particular software product can’t be exchanged for a different product. Also, it is not possible to upgrade a product to another. The license typically expires at the end of each year, however, it renews automatically and without additional cost to the user. You can use it to look over the work of a coworker or to look over some of our sample files.

Define the slope reinforcement properties in order to simulate ground anchors or piles, soil nails, or geosynthetics. Determine surcharge loads to represent the effect of pressure on some portion of the surface, for example, the footing. You can also define seismic load on the surface by setting the vertical and horizontal coefficients to represent the force generated through an earthquake or seismic accelerations. Individual licenses to products can be upgraded to bundle licenses at any point, however, costs will be incurred. Bundled licenses are not able to be converted to personal product licensing.

GEOSLOPE GeoStudio 2018

With this amazing application, users can combine multiple analyses with diverse products into a single model that can be relied on to handle all of their modeling needs. It’s a robust software that can be used in geoengineering and research projects in earth sciences by creating and customizing 3D models of regions and terrain objects. It’s a user-friendly suite of integrated software CAD that is Geotechnical modeling and analysis that can handle the entire modeling requirement.

If you purchase a standalone license (also called the node-locked licensing) purchase is made, it requires activation. If the license is not activated, it is not activated and the software won’t fully function.

SLOPE/W has a wide range of models for materials, including Mohr-Coulomb untrained, impenetrable, high strength, anisotropic strength, bilinear, SHANSEP, Mohr-Coulomb spatial, and many more. Basic Edition Basic Edition is only available as a standalone license however, it is possible to upgrade anytime to a full-feature license for an additional cost. All of our full-featured products are available for lease on a one-month or one-year period. When the period of subscription the license expires and the software ceases to longer work.

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The use of SEEP/W finite element pore water pressures makes it possible to tackle complexly saturated/unsaturated or temporary pore-water pressure conditions. Through a transient analysis, we are aware of the pore water pressure conditions at different locations in time. The time-varying pore water pressure results from SLOPE/W makes it possible to study the change’s instability over time. After the Solver is completed with it is possible to see the crucial slip-surface is shown as well as the crucial element of security.

Rapid drawdown analysis may be carried out using pressures in the pore that are determined using piezometric lines and transient finite element GeoStudio analyses or the multi-stage rapid drawdown method. Pressures in the pore can be determined using piezometric lines or geometries, and results of other GeoStudio analyses using finite elements. The values can be displayed in the form of contours on the geometry to show PWP numbers used to analyze. A Standard license allows only one person, on a single computer, to work with SLOPE/W or SEEP/W.

If another user wants to use one of the software, he/she should wait until their license ceases to be being used. If a SLOPE/W licensing as well as a SEEP/W license are purchased, a single person can use two licenses from the same machine or make use of the SLOPE/W licensing on one device while the other is using the SEEP/W license on a different machine.

It was necessary to construct 50 kilometers of dikes over the soft and delicate clay. There were a variety of opinions on the choice of safety factors and strength characteristics. This project has since become an important case in the record in the field of. Designing the limit state or load resistance factors is accomplished by defining partial factors for static or variable loads, seismic coefficients materials, properties of the material as well as reinforcement inputs.

It’s a full-featured application that offers the user the ability to solve geological engineering tasks as well as modeling of the soil structure. Network licenses are the ideal option for office sharing software on a Local Area Network or Wide Area Network. There is no limit on any number of licenses for network use that may be purchased. The quantity can be adjusted to suit the number of users that are in your business.
Get your trial running, either upgrade your older version or start by installing a fresh version.

Geostudio System Requirements

  • RAM: 8 GB
  • Operating System: Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or better, or AMD Opteron or Athlon 64 or better
  • Hard Disk: 1 GB
  • Microsoft .NET 4.0
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