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The flexibility in The Intelligent Harmony Machine allows it to be the ideal harmony pedal for any setting, no matter the style or genre. PSP Saturator PSP Saturator is based on the idea of the famous PSP MixSaturator which was developed around 21 years ago. Around two months ago, PSP thought it was the perfect time to revive this idea and make it more up-to-date with current standards, as well as making use of this chance to incorporate what they’ve learned over the last couple of years of development of plugins. PSP incorporates decades of experience in the development of plugins into this reimagined saturator component.

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Fuse Audio Labs

The VPRE-2C is a tube and transformer-based treasure from the 1950s that produces an incredibly smooth and rich sound. Its simple design creates the most distinctive and distinctive tone. The VPRE-2C is a tube and transformer-based rarety from the 1950sthat provides a smooth and rich sound. The simple design of the VPRE-2C gives it an incredibly distinctive and valuable sounding character.

I love the way Flywheel brings warmth back and a touch of saturation and brings back the high-end in a satisfying manner. The VU Meter is able to measure the output or input signal, while the VU toggles switch between the two settings. Tape Speed: Tape Speed switches between 15 and 30 inches per second, with the upper setting offering better high-frequency response and lower bass response, and lower settings having the opposite. One thing I was looking forward to while using VPB Bundle was having only one view of the pedalboard.

I rate VPB Bundle 5 enthusiastic stars and offer it as an inexpensive and rock-solid option to add to your effects collection. “Octafish “Octafish” is a reimagining of the DOD FX32 Meatbox Subsynth that was released in the 1990s. The original used an integrated circuit called M51134 to create sub-bass frequencies. To clarify, VPB Bundle’s Octafish pedal is not an octave pedal but an instrument that sub harmonically enhances your sub-bass. Only frequencies in the 20-80Hz range are amplified which makes this pedal perfect to increase the bass volume on bass guitar as well as other instruments that are heavy on bass like kick drums. This pedal’s Octave Solo switch removes the dry signal completely it allows the user to select the ideal amount of chunks to be added to the signal or act as a handy filter for instruments with sub bass.

Fuse Audio Labs Features

The interface is clean and well-organized, with a variety of knobs and switches that can be used for changing the audio. Fuse has developed a stunning GUI that includes WYSIWYG controls and is typical of Fuse Audio Labs. “Big Sur” in the VPB Bundle is a play on the name of the Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi Fuzz that it imitates. The particular model from the late ’70s had an op-amp diode circuitry as well as the switch to turn off or on tone and resulted in the gritty clipper/fuzz effects that are most well-known from Pink Floyd records. The controls are Sustain, Tone, Level, Mix, Mix, On/Off, and Oversampling On/Off.

Fuse Audio Labs

I’m likely to take it on a trip, however, I’m not in any need to rush regardless of how great it is. You might notice that the “cookie consent” form appears more frequently than usual recently – we are working on tweaking it to ensure that it’s working thoroughly. If you notice it popping up again, it’s due to a change in the system so adjust your preferences accordingly. Another feature that is unique to the plug-in is the boost mode that allows for adding more drive and more coloration. The VPRE-2C will take you to go back in time and give you that classic sound whenever you turn it on.

The Speed variance adds an eerie flutter and wow to the tape motor, and produces variations in pitch when you raise the knob. Hysteresis simulates crossover distortion and loss of high frequency due to magnetization of the tape. I’m 100% in agreement with VPRE-562. it’s a distinct type of distortion. The two-tone controls do some wacky things as well (i am still not sure the function of these controls and I play around until I am happy with the sound). I’ve tried all of them and they’re all amazing but this one is something unique.

How to get Fuse Audio Labs Free

I have all of the UAD tape simulations Softube Tape, Slate VTM, Magnetite, and no doubt many more that aren’t available to me right now. Flywheel’s sound quality is comparable to other UAD ones, though it’s is more similar to Oxide in terms of simplicity. I personally prefer the gain that is compensated by flywheel over the balancing of input and output of a variety of others. In addition to the Bucket 500 and VPRE-2C plug-ins, Plug-in Collective members are able to get an additional 50% discount code to use against any item in Fuse Audio Labs. Fuse Audio Labs store. The VPRE-2C is a tube and transformer-based rarety that dates back to the 1950s. It offers the soft and rich sound that is typical of the best American audio recordings from the time. The simple design of the VPRE-2C gives it an incredibly distinctive and valuable sonic characteristic.

If I had to choose, I wouldn’t have purchased Softube Tape and would have purchased a flywheel instead. Members of the Plug-in Collective can download Bucket 500 and VPRE-2C free through their Focusrite account. They can also redeem 50% off on any item within the Fuse Audio Labs range from 28th October through 16th December.

The exclusive plug-in collective community prize includes Fuse Audio Labs’ FX plug-ins Bucket 500 and VPRE-2C both for Mac in addition to Windows. Fuse Audio Labs has announced the start of its 2021 Black Friday Sale, offering an introductory discount of 66% off all of its audio-related plugins. The plugin replicates the way analog devices like the valve and tape recorders heat to “saturate” audio material. This is done through the addition of filters, harmonics along the dynamic process. This is achieved by adding harmonics, dedicated filtering, and dynamic processing. PSP Saturator uses three algorithms to mimic these devices and has eight distinct shapes to give you a lot of versatility, ranging from the subtle “mix mojo” to outright destruction of audio. Flywheel features a classic 70s silverface design, with authentic-looking knobs and switches and a backlit VU-meter and transport control, and spinning reels. Pressing one of the Formulae I or II buttons transforms the left-hand wheel from red to black.

The reel’s animations can be turned off to save several CPU cycles by clicking the reels. The VU meter can be accessed by clicking it. opens the reference calibration menu that allows you to select five calibration models that range between 18dB and zero decibels.

Fuse Audio Labs’ take on emulation from reel to reel, with two formulas for tapes, a cross-talk and hiss that can be switched and a myriad of possibilities to control the audio output. When plugged into a master bus the plugin provides the most cohesion particularly when you use it with the Cross Talk feature to bring some from the center channel to a more expansive mix.

Fuse Audio Labs System Requirements

  • RAM: 1 GB
  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • Processor: Intel Pentium IV or higher processor
  • Hard Disk: 200 MB
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