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Every data subject is entitled to the right conferred through the European legislator to end the consent to the processing of the personal information of that person at any time. The processing is illegal and the data subject is opposed to the deletion of personal information and prefers the limitation of their use. The personal information was obtained in relation to the provision of services from the information society referred to in Article 8 of GDPR.

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Thus, the person is person who has the data must open any of the browsers that use the links /settings/ads and adjust the desired setting. If the user wishes to exercise their rights in relation to automated decision-making for himself or herself and wishes to exercise them, they can at any point speak with any employee of Lugert Verlag GmbH & Co. The authenticity of personal data may be challenged by the person who provided the data, for a period enabling the controller to confirm the authenticity of the personal information. The restriction of processing refers to the recording of personal data stored to limit the processing of those data in the future. The information on data security of Lugert Verlag GmbH & Co. KG is built on the principles employed to be used by the European legislator for the adoption of the General Data Protection Regulation. The data protection declaration we issue must be easily read and comprehendible for people in general and also for our clients and the business partners we work with.

If data processing for personal information is in accordance with Article 6 lit. F GDPR, our legitimate concern is to perform our business to ensure the health and well-being of our employees and shareholders. PayPal may, in the event of necessity provide personal data to affiliates and subcontractors or service providers to the extent it is required to fulfill the obligations of a contract or for the data to be processed within the context of the purchase. The website controller is integrating Google AdWords. Google AdWords can be described as a product for Internet advertisement that permits advertisers to advertise in Google results of search engines and in the Google marketing network. Google AdWords allows advertisers to define specific keywords, with the aid of which an advertisement is placed in Google’s search results is only will be displayed when the user uses this search engine to find a relevant keyword search result. Within Google’s Google Advertising Network, the advertisements are displayed across relevant web pages through an automated algorithm using the keywords previously defined.

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To achieve this, the data subject needs to open the link to settings/ads and set the desired settings for each Internet browser that is used by the subject. The reason for Google Remarketing is the introduction of targeted advertisements. Google Remarketing permits us to show ads in the Google network, as well as other websites. They are tailored to the individual’s needs and are matched to the preferences that are shared by Internet users. Social networks are a platform for gatherings on the Internet as well as an online community that permits users to interact with one another and engage within a virtual environment. A social network can function as an online platform for sharing ideas and experiences, as well as permit users of the Internet community to share personal or business information. Facebook allows users of social networks to make personal profiles and upload images, and network through friend requests.

Forte Notation FORTE

The combination with Google Remarketing, therefore, allows a company to create user-based ads and so displays relevant advertisements to those Internet users. If the decision is required for the conclusion or the execution of an agreement that the subject and a controller of data, or is based upon the consent of the data subject or consent, Lugert Verlag GmbH & Co. Lugert Verlag GmbH & Co. KG must take suitable measures to ensure the rights and freedoms of the data subject and liberties and legitimate rights, including at least, the right to have a human intervention on behalf of the controller to voice their viewpoint and to contest the ruling. Furthermore, the data subject is entitled to the right, based on reasons that relate to the particular circumstances, to object to the processing of personal data relating to them by Lugert Verlag GmbH & Co.

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The personal information is no longer relevant to the purpose for the reason they were gathered or processed. Every data subject is entitled to the rights granted to them by the European legislator to get from the controller confirmation regarding whether or not personal information pertaining to him or her is processed. If a person who is a data subject wants to use this right of confirmation they can at any point make contact with any person employed by the controller.

KG. With this declaration on data protection our company wishes to inform the public of the nature extent, and purpose of the personal information we collect and utilize, and process. In addition, those who have data are informed via this declaration on data protection about the protections to which they have rights.

If the user is logged into YouTube, YouTube recognizes with every call-up to an unrelated page that has a YouTube video which page of the Internet page was visited by the person who is the data subject. The information is gathered from YouTube and Google and assigned to the specific YouTube user account for the user. To track web traffic through Google Analytics the controller uses the program “_gat. Through this application, an IP address associated with your Internet access of the user is reduced by Google and anonymized when visiting our websites from a member state that is part of the European Union or another Contracting State to the Agreement on the European Economic Area. Facebook constantly receives via its Facebook component regarding the visiting to our web site from the person who is the data subject at any time the user is logged on simultaneously on Facebook at the moment of the request to the website. This is true regardless of whether or not the person who is the subject chooses to use Facebook’s Facebook component or otherwise. If transferring data to Facebook isn’t a good idea for the person who is being tracked is not a good idea, then they can prevent this from happening by signing off their Facebook account before a call to the website initiated.

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KG to process data for purposes of direct marketing and for direct marketing purposes, Lugert Verlag GmbH & Co. KG will not use the personal information for this purpose. If one of the preceding conditions is met and the data subject would like to demand the limitation of any processing regarding personal information that is stored by the Lugert Verlag GmbH & Co. KG the data subject, he can at any time reach any of the employees of the controller.

We are delighted that you have shown an interest in our business. Security of data is the highest priority for our management at Lugert Verlag GmbH & Co. KG. The usage of Internet websites of Lugert Verlag GmbH & Co.

The free version gives only a few access points to the functions of FORTE.

Forte Notation FORTE System Requirements

  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • Processor: Intel Pentium IV or higher
  • Hard Disk: 500 MB
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