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Many people are still waiting for Windows to include a feature that allows them to password-protect files and folders. You can try Folder Guard, an independent application that does this very easily until that day comes. This utility was specifically designed to protect directories with passwords. Folder Lock Software is a tool that prevents others from editing, deleting, or viewing files and directories.

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Folder Guard 18

Gilisoft File Lock Pro allows you to lock folders on flash drives, external USB drives, hard drives, and other storage devices. Standalone EXE locker is a simple tool that allows you to lock files and folders with just one click. Folder lock software for Windows can convert files into password-protected executables. Secret Disk can be used to secure folders on your hard drive using a password.

You can also change the attributes of your password to make it read-only or give full access. Don’t worry if your password is lost or stolen in an accident. Folder Protector can be used to protect and encrypt files on USB flash drives and hard disks. This Windows 10 file locker program stops others from accessing, deleting, or moving your data. Folder Lock Pro allows you to protect, lock and hide your files and folders. This app can stop others from opening a folder by requiring a password.

Folder Guard 18

Folder lock software uses the strongest encryption algorithms. This application employs a high-level encryption key. It also offers file hiding, shredding, and password. My Secret Folder, a Windows utility, creates a secret directory that hides your documents from other users. It makes folders easy to find whenever you need them.

Hidden DIR is a free program that makes folders invisible to anyone who has access. Hidden DIR allows you to hide multiple folders at once. You can create multiple files packages to store backups or create archives. This makes it easier and more secure to modify protected files. Here is a list of top Folder Lock Software for Windows, along with their most popular features and links to websites. This list includes both commercial and open-source software.

You can create a hidden private disc with this folder locker for your PC. It can be used with any other software on your computer. It can be used to prevent other users from accessing your files. Cyber-vandals can destroy system files and folders. You can permit certain users to run a program while denouncing it to others. Users can store documents on removable drives while protecting them from unauthorized programs. Folder Lock can be used to lock directories and files.

File Protect System can help protect your data. It transforms data into cipher codes using hash functions such as Message Digest 5 or SHA-256. You can block other users from accessing the system tools that could cause damage to your Windows installation. However, you can allow this use for yourself and someone who has the Master password. You can also make backup programs trusted, so they can back up your files without you having to ask. The folder lock for Windows 10 allows you to separate your private data from the public. The folder lock software makes it easier to access and modify protected files.

This folder locker for Windows PC allows you to create a password that will allow you to access drives. The Free Hide Folder application makes it easy to hide your Folder.

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Private Folder can password-protect and hide your private folders. You can protect unlimited folders with this folder locker for Windows 10. This tool provides password protection even after you remove the app.

The folder locker for Windows 10 offers password protection every time you open the program. Iobit Protected folder is software that protects files and directories.

The trial version of Folder Guard 18.1 includes a 30-day free license. It is free to download and you can give it a shot if you don’t have it already. The trial version of Folder Guard 18.7 includes a 30-day free license. Once directories are added to the list, it automatically hides them. To unlock any file, you don’t need to have the application installed. This program allows you to separate data from public environments. The 256-bit Blowfish Encryption method protects your directories.

Folder Guard 18 System Requirements

  • Memory (RAM): 1 GB of RAM required.
  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or later.
  • Hard Disk Space: 20 MB of free space required.
Updated: September 6, 2021 — 12:02 am

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