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The batch-run feature is able to efficiently solve variations, design modifications can be quantified and, since Creo family tables are able to be copied, all variations can be tested quickly. * Fluid flows that have boundary layers, such as the wall’s roughness effect. What is NxRev — NxRev is an engineering enablement firm which specializes in sales, support, and consulting for engineering design firms with high levels of expertise. Being the largest PTC partner on the west coast, we offer the complete suite of PTC software and also additional solutions and services.¬†Get More Softwares From Getintopc

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There is no way that a product or component is 100% safe. Performance is affected by configuration, use, and other aspects. /The company Intel commits to respecting human rights and avoiding involvement in human rights violations. Intel’s software and products are designed to only be employed in applications that do not result in or contribute to the violation of internationally recognized human rights.

Floefd Features

Additionally, its strong mesher, as well as its robust convergence criteria, help in the easing of even the most difficult geometries. The compare configuration feature and parametric analysis capabilities enable you to comprehend the effect of modifications to the boundaries of geometry on the outcomes.

Create your model using Solid Edge and immediately prepare and evaluate it – without translation or body creation. Because FloEFD operates directly within Solid Edge you don’t need to master another interface to utilize analysis. Because it’s an embedded application, FloEFD is completely integrated into the most well-known CAD software in the market. FloEFD integrates seamlessly into the most popular PLM software and provides reduced timescales for the development of product workflows for the creation or testing of the digital model. The preparation for analysis is quicker. It isn’t easy to take a long time to prepare models with traditional analysis software, but FloEFD facilitates it.

Easy to learn and simple for users to learn, FloEFD eliminates the workflow complexity and meshing overheads that come with traditional CFD software. It is a prestigious frontloading CFD solution, FloEFD enables users to move CFD simulation to the designing process. It helps engineers analyze trends and discard less desirable design alternatives.

Based on the Navier-Stokes equations FloEFD includes sophisticated technology and automation to analyze more efficiently, speedier, and more precisely. Its distinctive SmartCells(tm) technology permits users to create a fine mesh, but without losing precision. The meshing process is robust and is able to capture complex and random geometrical. This means that the process of meshing can be completely automated, and needs less manual input from users.

Also, it is the same user interface to analyze and design, rendering CFD in a way that is part of the design procedure. Contrary to 3rd party CFD software, FloEFD works directly with native 3D data from CAD without translation or transfer, so you are able to keep up with the constant changes to your design. It comes with an efficient mesh that can automatically mesh extremely complicated geometries. Its compare configuration, as well as parametric study capabilities, help to understand how changes to the boundary conditions or geometry impact the results of the analysis. Finally, you can export the analysis results into NX NASTRAN for an even more realistic simulation of structural structures.

How to Get Floefd for Free

Conduction of heat in solid, liquid, and porous media without congruent heat transfer or contact resistance to heat between solids. Concurrent CFD can cut down the time of simulation by up to 65-75 percent compared to conventional CFD tools. It can help optimize the product’s performance and reliability, and also reduce the development and prototyping costs without any time or material penalty. FloEFD is a program for the simulation of flow and thermal processes. It’s built upon the finite volume technique.

Finally, with FloEFD, you can utilize your CAD geometry straight away – with no transformation or alteration. Intelligent technology allows you to harness the potential of simulations of fluid flow. FloEFD is a stand-alone, efficient frontloading CFD analysis tool for designers. FloEFD is a powerful and user-friendly CAD-like interface. Transfer geometry from the most well-known CAD software and begin creating your models. The robust FloEFD General For-purpose frontloading CFD meshes and strong convergence rules make easy work of the most complicated geometries. Examine the design envelope by evaluating results using graphs, numerical values as well as visual images and animations.

In 1998, Nika GmbH from Germany took over the rights to the software and used an expression called EFD (‘Engineering Fluid Dynamics’). This would indicate that the principal target users are engineers or designers. Solid Works was the first CAD software that the software was offered with the name Flow Simulation.

Fluid flows are a feature of models that have rotating surfaces or parts. With FloEFD, you don’t have to compromise speed in exchange for precision. It’s so fast, it can cut down the time spent on simulation by up to 75%.

You can even export your outcomes in Creo Simulate for structural simulations. Simply put, you can use FloEFD for Creo to learn how easy to enhance your designs swiftly and easily. With a user-friendly interface that is intuitive, FloEFD can make light analyses of even the most complicated geometries. Discover valuable information about complicated fluid heat transfer and flow effects in your CATIA V5 models swiftly and easily using FloEFD for CATIA V5.

In contrast to other CFD software, FloEFD is fully embedded into the CAD platform of your preference. This means that you don’t need to translate or copy your model to learn to operate the new interface. You can simply create your model to be analyzed directly within CATIA V5.

Floefd System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Hard Disk: 6 GB
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core or higher processor
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