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Itasca France was contacted by the design office to assess the concrete slab’s mechanical resistance and its settlement under uniform loads. FLAC was developed for use in geotechnical engineering fields such as civil, mining, and oil and gas. FLAC can also be used to study rock-and-soil-mechanics, especially the evolution and localization of shear bands within frictional materials.

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Flac3d flac 2d

Additional support for plotting contours and items of structural elements to plot properties. Select “Remember my choices for all cookies within this domain” to accept or decline all cookies from the domain. When a cookie is offered to this domain again, the cookie dialog won’t appear. FLAC analyzes the stability of a slope that has been subjected to increasing rainfall intensity and decreasing duration. Two-phase fluid flow logic simulates the apparent cohesion of unsaturated soil by using capillary forces. Fixed bug in interface interactive range element that caused selected values to reset each time it was displayed. Repair group range element commands that were generated by plot export to data files.

It now displays an error message if the symbol does not belong to an operator. The file dialog now allows you to add a folder to your favorites. The plot view command now has the preset keyword. This allows the command to calculate the plot view automatically from the command line. Thermal flux did not cross the interface due to a bug in thermal interface logic.

Also, provided a default to ensure a consistent default device dpi. FLAC3D Correct a bug in the zone.create.pos that could lead to it incorrectly using an existing grid point in the wrong place. FLAC3D Correct a spatial search bug that could slow down interface creation. The attempt to contact the server to obtain a web license will now fail after 15 seconds. This prevents the interface from being locked up at launch. The geometry plot item was unable to turn on polygon lighting. All FISH functions for structural elements that set a 1×6 matrix to get/set now a 6×1 matrix.

Repair an occasional crash that may occur when creating a plot using zone field variables during a restore. Repair save/restore errors in structural element histories or stress resultants. This will not fix save files that were created before revision 110. 3DEC Now the block zone list polygon command gives the joint set ID.

This could cause code to appear to freeze during certain operations. Please let us know if you notice this so we can try to find a solution. Range elements that are based on lists with ID numbers or names can cause a crash in plotting logic UI.

Click on the tab “Privacy”, then click “Settings”, and finally select “Advanced”. Select whether to allow, block, or be prompted to configure third-party and internal cookies. You can browse our website and click on the “social network” buttons to view our LinkedIn profile or our YouTube page.

Flac3d flac2d

3DEC Fixed an occasional crash bug while plotting or restoring save files. If a project was saved, or a plot item was copied during a restore of the model, this will fix any possible corruption in model data. Updated documentation in the Programmers Interface section for the user-defined constitutive model interface. FLAC3D Updated documentation for the zone model assigns command to reflect the most current constitutive models. The documentation section describing user-definable constitutive models has not been updated. 3DEC Added the extra keyword zone to the block-zone initialize command.

FLAC3D This new feature has been added to the factor of safety contour problem. When objects have high aspect ratios, spatial search data structures can be fixed. This will significantly decrease the amount of memory required. 3DEC Changed the block-group keyword to group the tunnel command. The structural element FISH functions that generate a 1×6 matrix now produce a 6×1 matrix. Transposes automatically. 3DEC: The ability to specify joint set IDs when cutting with DFNs.

The struct.beam.force.nodal and similar element type specific FISH intrinsics have been deprecated. 3DEC added support for the by-range keyword for block, block. gridpoint, block. zone, and block. 3DEC added the Import From Geometry option to the File Menu. This allows you to create blocks using VRML files. FLAC3D Python interface property functions did not work correctly. FLAC3D Strain rates and strain increments can now be plotted from results files that contain zone displacement vectors. The struct. shell.beta, struct.shell.prop.ortho, and struct.shell.prop.anis intrinsics are now write-able and get/set a list of values by default.

It is possible that a locked view on a plot has not been reset after the project is completed. FLAC3D added progress bars for zone model assign, and zone initialize.

FLAC3D The general zone field data has a factor-of safety value. This value is added as a grid-point value. This can be used for contour plotting, histories, profiles, and other purposes. Repair occasional crashes when reading or modifying structural element link properties. Helen graduated from the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden as a civil engineer. A plotting problem with line contours was fixed (beam/cable/pile structural elements, etc.). When interacting with a cut plan.

Flac3d flac 2d System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 8.1 or later (with the latest service packs installed)*
  • Hard Disk: 500 MB
  • Processor: Dual core CPU (2 GHz)
  • Memory (RAM): 1 Gbyte
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