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This utility software allows users to enhance their search results in relation to the date of last access, modification, and date of creation, disk size, and file type. It’s possible that I’m nostalgic for Windows XP, but I do not miss the search tool and I think the search function is better on Windows 7 and Windows 8. In regards to the search function, you can type in keywords that the filename must contain or a phrase that should be in the text. You can search in any spot on your hard drive, in addition to on CDs, DVDs BDs, and other drives connected to it.

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FileSearchEX is a program that permits users to scan their PC to search for specific items, using numerous options to modify. Our tests have shown that the program consumes a number of system resources in searches, however, this is to be anticipated. Copy and compare and compress your files, or even transfer the files to FTP. Take control of your partitions and enhance the performance of your hard drive.

FileSearchEX is a straightforward tool for searching files for Windows 7 . It has a simplified search interface similar to Windows XP yet in a contemporary and contemporary fashion.

If you’re looking to get back to the traditional file-searching user experience Windows XP had to offer Go download FileSearchEX. The interface of the application is identical to Windows XP’s file searching tool. The left-hand side is reserved for entering search parameters. After the search is completed the right-hand side will be filled with the results. On the top of the interface, there’s the File Menu and an instrument bar with several buttons for various tasks FileSearchEX is able to perform. FileSearchEX works well using LUA & SRP accounts while being a breeze to install by administrators of networks.

The free download FileSearchEX full version installation for Windows features an old-fashioned and simple search interface to aid in finding files more easily. With minimal requirements for the system, simple installation on networks, and locked-down account compatibility for users it’s the Windows search tool you’ve always been searching for. Results from searches can be sortable by names, folders size, size, type, or date and stored on the drive in TXT files. The history of the search can be saved or deleted, specific partitions or folders may be skipped during the scan and folders may be put together. The process of getting FileSearchEX running and running is a simple job; FileSearchEX has the capability of being a portable program.

FileSearchEX Features

The setup wizard also lets users decide if they would like to incorporate FileSearchEX via the context menu for right clicks. The installation process is easy and doesn’t take a lot amount of time. There are advanced options offered, including hidden directories, hidden files, and subfolders within the search and using the case-sensitive words and regular expression syntax. Rename the files and folders using a range of options and a user-friendly interface. Users do not have to learn how to use a brand new file search tool, XP style search. You can save time and reduce frustration while looking for missing files. In the end, FileSearchEX is a useful program that will help you locate items on your hard drive and other connected drives faster.


Contrary to other search tools FileSearchEX performs extremely quickly and offers the ability to search for millions of results pane. It comes with XP Style Classic Search looks users don’t have to learn a new search tool. FileSearchEX is a simple tool for searching files for Windows 7, 8, and 10. It provides a simple search interface that is similar to Windows XP, yet in a contemporary and contemporary style.

The Search feature is available for PDF files, UNC shares, and other locations and types of data. Since it was utilized by millions of people over a lengthy period of time, Windows XP is undoubtedly one of Microsoft’s most adored Windows versions.

How to get FileSearchEX Free

If you’re familiar with the search tool that is available in Windows XP, you will instantly feel comfortable with the user interface. Install FileSearchEX and experience the same search experience that Windows XP used to offer. The installation wizard of the application allows users to indicate the location in which FileSearchEX is to be placed.

In fact, no installation is required and administrators’ rights are not needed. Whatever software you use on your company systems users will appreciate it to get FileSearchEX’s streamlined search interface readily available to users.

FileSearchEX is an alternative Windows alternative to a search tool that comes with an ordinary context menu that allows it to integrate with the OS. It’s a Windows alternative to a search tool that comes with an ordinary context menu that allows it to be integrated alongside the operating system.

FileSearchEX System Requirements

  • Hard Disk Space: 50 MB of free space required.
  • Memory (RAM): 512 MB of RAM required.
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core processor or later.
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