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8.5 Release of bug fix. Improved performance of the hits tab for huge results. Indexed searches enable almost instantaneous searching through the GB of data. Different views let users look at only the hits or those highlighted within the context of the entire file. Check out the highlighted keywords and the text surrounding them so that you don’t have to spend time opening every file searching for the correct details.¬†Get More Softwares From Getintopc

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FileLocator Lite is the ‘lite version’ that is a subset of FileLocator Pro and is free for private and commercial usage. It is based on the same installation process that is used in FileLocator Pro you simply select the option ‘Lite’ when the program first begins to run. There are two search options available at your disposal. One for normal items and the one that lets you search for specific words within documents. If you don’t want to purchase a complete FileLocator Pro license for each user, we also offer the run-time option at a lower cost.

Filelocator Features

The UI you’re presented with is a breeze for beginners and experienced users since it’s organized with multiple tabs. Furthermore, comprehensive help content is provided to assist users in learning how to manage the software to its fullest potential. While its name suggests it’s a lighter version of a different program but FileLocator still offers an array of tools that can assist you in finding specific files more quickly. For instance, if are searching for documents that contain text it is possible to specify specific words or phrases to limit your search. In addition, you can configure FileLocator Lite to search for files that were altered or created prior to the date or on a certain day.

7.2 Improvements in performance improvements in performance for all types of content searches, but particularly Boolean and whole word expressions. 8.5 Update to fix bugs Improved error notification when searching password-protected archives. Unique features enable users to discover details even in the most obscure formats for files.

Tooltip completion when data is not displayed fully. Extensions are now able to be used within Safe Mode to prevent them from crashing the main application. Dual/Quad main enhancements (user-configurable the number of searches per thread). Transferred to an updated version of the C++ compiler and framework. 5.2 Release of bug fix speed improvement for single-phase searches.

6.0 Update to fix a bug. List view is synchronized with changes to the text tab. 6.5 Update to fix bugs DOS Expression added to list of expression types that can be searched. 7.0 Release of bug fix Explore Here highlights the selected items from the folder. 7.0 Release of bug fix MSI installer is now accepting the LANG_FILE variable to the default UI Localization Language. 8.0 Update to fix bugs. Install folder is now set to the original location.

8.5 Release of bug fix Shortcut search for files is now set to off. The outcome is that we now have one base of code for the software that is easier to maintain, but we now have two names for the product, which could be possibly confusing. In the coming years, we’ll be watching the market for each name and perhaps retire one in the future. If you’d like further information regarding the changes, check out this blog article. Indexes are able to be created for immediate search through hundreds of GB of information. If your data is in a PDF document, Office document, or stored in an archived Zip archive, FileLocator Pro will dig it out.

Regex can be used to put to the test by comparing text samples. Additionally, you can improve user-friendliness by integrating it into the default context menu or even replacing the standard Explorer searches completely. The software is completely free however it is available in an option for paid versions as well. It’s compatible with all current Windows versions and it is installed within a matter of minutes.

How to Get Filelocator for Free

One good instance can be found in FileLocator Lite, which is capable of locating single files or multiple files in enormous piles of data. It is faster than basic tools of the operating system and the process of setting up the search task is simple. FileLocator Lite is a free version with a reduced level of functionality from FileLocator Pro. It was used to locate documents that search engines didn’t find out.

In addition to this, you are able to explore compressed files like 7Z ARJ, CAB CHM ISO RAR as well as RPM, ISO, and ZIP. The application takes only a few minutes to install and you’re welcome to look through the list of features before you take notice.

The simple act of typing the name of a file into the search field and pressing a button is enough to begin looking for the specific file. The software is able to search the entire hard drive or on specific partitions or user-defined folders.

Results are shown on the lower portion of the interface. There you will also be able to get a brief overview of the process and an indicator of the number of hits and reports. Finding the right file on the hard drive may be difficult, as data piles up over the course of. However, there are many methods to locate specific pieces of data, especially using third-party tools.

Loading search parameters from command lines using the -o switch is a problem. Multi-threaded sync issues in advance notification software.

Filelocator System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • Memory (RAM): 512 MB of RAM required.
  • Hard Disk Space: 100 MB of free space required.
  • Processor: Intel Pentium III or later.
Updated: November 16, 2021 — 7:11 pm

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