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Innovative, lightweight designs are essential to reduce pollution and consumption. Particularly, the paradigm shift in progress towards more electrification calls for innovative ways to save weight that need to be investigated. The purpose of this webinar is to illustrate how the fatigue life analysis could be conducted to help a modern electronic drive system. Get More Softwares FromĀ Getintopc

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FEMFAT Basic provides analysis of endurance and fatigue life parameters for non-welded components using the conclusions of finite element studies taking into account proportional loads. The connection between the test track, laboratory, and CAE is FEMFAT Lab. It assists engineers in the field of development with regard to the management of load data which includes analysis, data processing, and the generation of load spectrums. The FEMFAT Lab is a robust software application that allows you to analyze, visualize and process massive quantities of load information. FEMFAT LAB examines the time history from millions of information points as well as hundreds of channels in minutes.

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If they require software, consultancy, or even training, organizations across the globe collaborate with us to create high-quality products, speed up the time to market, and reduce development costs. A brief video by Axel Werkhausen showcases FEMFAT as an exhaustive fatigue analysis tool. Continuously refined over the last twenty years FEMFAT offers reliable outcomes to allow the release of virtual prototypes at the early stages of development.

It is widely used within both the auto and other industries and is regarded as the top tool in CAE. The FEMFAT tool is that is designed to pinpoint critical areas and facilitates the process of optimizing lightweight during the initial development phase prior to the time- and expense-intensive tests being conducted. This leads to high confidence levels in releasing prototypes which means fewer development loops and expensive hardware tests. A record of output files contains the relevant material information as well as analysis parameters and stress tensors of heavily loaded nodes, as well as specific fatigue results.

Components subject to thermo-mechanical loads can be evaluated by analyzing the factors like plasticity of the material as well as elevated temperature and creep. Strain gauge measurements may be used to adjust simulation and verification. However, FEMFAT could aid you in FRP of plastics reinforced with fibers as well as laminated structures. AAM has been offering mechanical drivelines to automotive customers for over 25 years.

AAM has created a range of light, efficient and compact electric drive units as well as beam axles that are electric to meet the increasing technological demands of the world as electric vehicles grow in the coming years. Engineers’ simulation, optimizing, and validation tools are significant tools to boost the credibility of validation and speed up the time-to-market for these innovative products.

Klaus Hofwimmer from Magna Powertrain Klaus Hofwimmer from Magna Powertrain, an APA partner talks about the future of the prediction of fatigue life. The FEMFAT tool is a complete tool that offers quick and accurate information regarding the release of design components. Many simulation software users use FEA to determine breakage in accordance with the stress-strain curve for materials.

In actuality, the most common cause of failures is caused by fatigue-related damage that has accumulated over the course of time and is possible to predict. Axel Werkhausen, Manager of Sales & Support at ECS, talks about the software for durability analysis FEMFAT, which is available via the Altair Partner Alliance. A presentation that introduces some of the most popular uses for the software used to analyze durability is called the FEMFAT.

FEMFAT is an excellent tool to predict and analyze the life span of mechanical components. This program is designed to increase the durability and reliability of the components used in the automobile and machine industries. The foundation of the computation and processing used by this program is the finite element computing technique which is extensively used across a variety of industries. Through the analysis of the strain, stress, and bend of parts it detects the crucial areas in physical models and helps to optimize the components to extend the useful lifespan of the parts.

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FEMFAT is extensively employed in both the automotive and non-automotive industries. It is a reliable CAE tool for owners of industries. The unique software program is capable of analyzing and visualizing huge amounts of data. It also has a high processing speed. An anomaly such as drift strain and stress, as well as mean changes and clustering, can be removed manually or automatically. Many of the tasks in this program can be applied to multiple files at once. With its numerous capabilities, FEMFAT will significantly save on your analysis projects. It is a universally-applicable software to analyze fatigue of dynamically or statically loaded components and assemblies.

The purpose of any design, structural or production simulation tool is to anticipate and address flaws early in creation. The panel will examine how simulation tools and design tools can help engineers achieve their goals. Experts will offer their opinions on the latest and upcoming developments in manufacturing, with a focus on how designs develop through simulations of manufacturing.

The foundation of calculations and the processing of this program are based on the finite element calculation technique widely utilized across a variety of industries. By studying the strain, strain, as well as bending characteristics of the mechanical components, one can identify the crucial points in physical models and works to intelligently optimize these parts to prolong the lifespan of the piece.

Commonly utilized interfaces to multi-body simulation software Optimization and measurement systems can be used to guarantee seamless and efficient integration to the CAE process chain. The control system, the dynamics of the truck thermal, fatigue, and analysis all have to be considered when creating a new design for a truck.

Weld seams are evaluated using shell or solid elements to determine fatigue in the FEMFAT basic, max, and FEMFAT spectrum using the guidelines for modeling. The entire hypothesis has been verified by comparing various test results with the results of fatigue analysis and verified over several years of usage.

Improve your design to prevent the possibility of fatigue by combining the FEMFAT algorithm with an optimization program like Tosca Structure. Spots of FEMFAT are used to remeshing and to assess spots in structures using FE. It can also be used for stress, as also force-based or combined assessment. Abnormalities like drift, mean shifts, and spikes can be eliminated in a manual or automatic manner. The time can be saved by using the FEMFAT Lab project function as the same tasks can be automated on a variety of files with no input from the user.

Transfer your stress analysis results to any solver that you like to FEMFAT to understand the fatigue life of your structure easily. Early in designing, lengthy-before-time and expensive tests are carried out and costly tests are conducted. FEMFAT gives engineers accurate information about structures’ wear. This allows them to enhance crucial areas and guarantee weight optimization right from the beginning and result in high-quality prototypes, and ultimately reduce loops in development.

A video of the FEMFAT showcases extensive tools for studying fatigue, which gives rapid and accurate answers regarding the safety of working with components. The FEMFAT team brings together the specific areas that comprise the Finite Element Method, characterization of material properties, and fatigue testing. Make use of transient strain, stress, and temperature data to calculate mechanical, oxidation, as well as creep damage with FEMFAT’s specific TMF damage and material models.

Femfat System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10.
  • Memory (RAM): 1 GB of RAM required.
  • Hard Disk Space: 350 MB of free space required.
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core processor or later.
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