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Standard image formats like TIFF/MTIFF JPEG, HD Photo, PNG, GIF, BMP as well as ICO support. All standard formats of images are accepted, like TIFF/MTIFF JPEG, HD Photo, PNG, GIF, BMP as well as ICO. FastPictureViewer is a free photo viewer for Windows XP and later. Its goal is to enable quick review, evaluation, and annotation of massive amounts of digital images during the initial stages of digital workflow with a focus on simplicity and speed. Since it is an app that has an unlimited license, a basic version is free for personal, non-profit, and educational purposes however a commercial license must be purchased for the professional version, which comes with more features. FastPictureViewer 64-bit, an image viewer created for photographers. It helps to examine digital images faster than ever. FastPictureViewer offers distinct features that aren’t present on any other Exif-based viewer.

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According to the creator, the program offers full-color management and support for customized wide-gamut monitors, as well as ICCv2 as well as ICCv4 Profile formats. Image rating is supported by standard conventions, as well as the ability to load images prior to loading and caching if computers have the resources (the 64-bit version of this program utilizes the memory available beyond the boundaries of 4GB).

It works with its integration with the Windows shell for instance, for context menus or AutoPlay events. It comes with a basic launcher for programs that is external and a copy function that copies the image currently displayed to an already-created folder using a hotkey and also an option to change the name of the file. Real-time RGB histograms and Exif details (shutter speed F-stop, shutter speed, ISO speed, and exposure compensation) …) are displayed as floating windows. The program adjusts to screen resolutions and also supports large displays and fonts that are high-DPI and also low-resolution netbooks and sub-notebooks screens. It integrates with Windows 7 as well as 8. x taskbars and provides an inventory of the most recently used folders via a process called “jump lists”, introduced in Windows 7. The program is installed with WIC-enabled image decoders, which give accessibility to RAW formats of more than 400 models of digital cameras Rawzor compression Raw images, as well as DNG.

The actions that can be done on the files selected, such as batch renaming, copying move, delete setting ratings or export to JPEG and transfer to FTP server. The software has been translated into various languages, including Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish. Due to the program’s compatibility with Unicode, the Unicode standard, it is able to browse folders, names and images are able to be written in all languages. FastPictureViewer is one of the pioneers of a new class of desktop applications that are accelerated by hardware that offers unbeatable speed and user-friendliness. It’s a minimal you’d want from a photo viewer. On their website, they claim “Fastest raw image viewer ever. Period.” Well, I’m not sure about that, but I did try the program and found it to be decent however I’ve seen a number of viewers that are much faster and more efficient. Having good things to say about your product repeatedly again does not mean that it is true. Overall, it’s a good product however, there are better options available. This type of license is usually utilized for video games. It permits players to access and download the game for absolutely free.

FastPictureViewer Features

Demo programs offer limited function for no cost, but they will you will be charged for more advanced options and for the elimination of ads in the interface of the program. In certain cases, there are instances where all functionality is removed until the license is purchased. FastPictureViewer is an attractive and simple photo viewer that is primarily concentrated on browsing large photo collections. It doesn’t come with any additional features similar to those found in similar apps. FastPictureViewer is a speedy simple photo viewer that lets you browse the contents of an entire photo folder in a simple manner. It allows you to move through images by using various keys (arrow keys (+ and – keys pages up and down keys) and using the mouse wheel. Its purpose is to be the first option for an instant culling or review of huge quantities of pictures.


With Adobe Lightroom, you can transform your photos into exam format. Then, you can use this FastPictureViewer to create the BMP, JPEG, or GIF file to utilize with software such as Adobe Photoshop. The conversion of Exif to BMP can be useful for people who like to modify and alter colors on photos however find it difficult to alter the format that is used by windows to allow them to make use of their favorite editing software to edit and retouch images taken with digital cameras. This program supports using the Unicode global character set and also has an interface for users that is multi-lingual.

Support for multi-cameras tied to one another (MTP/PTP using USB 2.0 (or WI-FI).

The included raw image decoders will also expand your Windows operating system with thumbnail views with metadata search and full access to Windows Explorer, Photo Viewer, Photo Gallery, and on Windows 7 or later, Windows Media Center. Web publishing features that are included with the paid edition allow users to upload images directly to photo-sharing sites like SmugMug Zenfolio, PhotoShelter, or local hard disk as well as a USB drive. The software supports fast previewing of raw image formats such as Nikon NEF, Canon CR2, Panasonic RW2, Olympus ORF, and Adobe DNG through manufacturer-supplied or 3rd party image decoders.

How to get FastPictureViewer Free

Shell integration with “Open with FastPictureViewer…” context menu options for local folders and drives. Quickly switch from fitting to window and the 100% mode view using one keystroke, and the option of quality image scale. My notebook’s start-up time varies between 8 and 20 seconds after pressing a RAW files thumbnail or opening using the directory that was last used.

All of this information is displayed in a tiny, transparent window when you put your mouse over the image. In the beginning, it is important to be aware that the application gives you the possibility to aid in viewing more information on the pictures you own. Drag and drop functionality drop a folder or set of files onto FastPictureViewer to look them up quickly. “FastPictureViewer Professional 1.9 – Image Formats Compatibility Chart”. It allows you to browse hundreds of thousands (yes!) of photos, including deeply nested subfolders. It has a clean dark and dark interface, with a minimalist design, which helps to concentrate all the focus on the image of the photo.

An IPTC metadata editor plug-in equipped with dictionary-assisted search entry as well as GPS reverse geocoding. Each of the IPTC core fields has been supported and the data is embedded into the standard image formats such as IIM or IPTC4XMP and transferred to the industry-standard Adobe XMP sidecar files. The default setting is an ICM 2.0 Color Engine (based on LinoColorCMM which is owned by Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG) built into the Windows operating system as of Windows 98. The registered commercial version can choose to make use of the WCS 1.0 color engine that is available on Windows Vista or later versions of operating systems in place of the standard engine.

The application comes with an array of tools to view images which will make looking at images an enjoyable experience. For instance, you’ll be able to zoom into and out of images, which permits users to get a better view of the particulars of the images. The Windows software is offered is available in native 64-bit and 32-bit versions.

FastPictureViewer System Requirements

  • Processor: Pentium III
  • Operating System: Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8
  • Hard Disk Space: 35MB space required
  • RAM: 256MB
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