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Whatever you require for managing your digital assets, Extensis offers a solution. It’s the Digital Asset Lifecycle Learn more about the ways digital assets can enhance branding and efficiency overall. Welcome to Suitcase Fusion, the gold standard for the management of fonts for creative professionals.

Extensis Suitcase Fusion

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Extensis sometimes ceases the creation and sales of certain products. However, most of the time the newer version will be readily available, and upgrade prices might be available. We don’t offer assistance with technical issues for products that have been discontinued. Extensis offers support on older desktops until one year after the version of the product is no longer available for sale.

Avoid font errors and conflicts to ensure uniformity. Are you able to find a font that’s nearly but not quite what you require? Explore your fonts with QuickMatch to locate similar fonts quickly. Suitcase Fusion gives you a glimpse of how your type will appear in all your available fonts. Sizes, Glyphs, complete sentences — you’ll be able to look them all up before activating them.

Our aim is to offer more flexibility and support for the workflows that inspire us today and in the future. Create a font collection instantly with Suitcase Fusion with nearly 1000 fonts from the Google Font library. Auto-activation that is precise assures that the correct fonts are activated at the appropriate time when you open your documents within Adobe Creative Cloud applications and Sketch. Preview, search and then activate fonts as soon when inspiration strikes.

Extensis Suitcase Fusion Features

Extensis could at their discretion extend desktop product support on an individual basis. Automatically activate your fonts with the supported Adobe Creative Cloud applications the instant you start your document. Make use of this font organizer to put your workflow organized. Set up font libraries, sets, and intelligent searches to save time. Your peace of mind will never be worried about losing fonts or the need for the task of transferring them from computer to computer.

Extensis Suitcase Fusion

Manage all your fonts from one place, allowing you to concentrate on your creative process instead of managing assets. Suitcase Fusion is a flexible font manager that works with Mac as well as Windows operating systems. Additionally, it is compatible with the different software you use for your creativity every day. Instead of having your fonts scattered across different locations, servers, and cloud storage it is possible to combine them in one place. You can organize your font collection by project design, style, foundry client, or whatever you prefer. Suitcase Fusion is now available through subscriptions to ensure that you’re always running the most recent version to ensure compatibility with your preferred creative programs. When you’re running Suitcase Fusion as a font manager for Mac and Windows, you can turn on Dark Mode to give your eyes some time. The View Preview Mode lets you browse and compare fonts more quickly than ever before.

You can save your font collection to the cloud with the Extensis TypeSync cloud service available as a free service with Suitcase Fusion. Don’t have to worry that your favorite fonts will disappear or having to worry about manually moving them from one device to another. Synchronize and organize all of Adobe Fonts and your entire font collection, which includes the system fonts, purchased fonts, and other fonts that you may have on your workstation. Access and manage the fonts that are synced from Adobe Fonts with the other fonts in your collection. Automate your workflow for creative work to cut downtime and increase productivity. Creative professionals from all over the world that specialize in graphic design, marketing, and brand management, all use Suitcase Fusion to manage their font collections. At Extensis, we’re constantly working to make our font management system more efficient.

How to get Extensis Suitcase Fusion Free

Change into List Preview mode to quickly lookup and look up the exact fonts that you’re searching for. Don’t worry about missing fonts or conflicts with fonts. Suitcase Fusion automatically activates fonts within your favorite software for creative use to allow you to concentrate on what is important. No matter if you’re a solo artist or working for an enterprise, Extensis offers the ideal solution for your requirements. Make one basis of reference for everyone your video, images, and audio files as well as documents. Enhance your work by choosing the perfect font each time. Benefit the most from your preferred creative programs.

The List Preview feature lets you rapidly review and compare the various fonts you require. With just a few mouse clicks it’s simple to turn on the fonts you require the moment you need them and then turn off those you do not. Drag-and-drop support is available for Affinity’s products: Designer Publisher, Photo, and Designer. Google Docs Fonts Google Docs Allows you to see all your fonts on one easy-to-use panel. You can access it whenever you require it, with an all-in-one viewer for MrSID images, raster files LiDAR point cloud clouds, and much more. Include cloud-based font sharing and other features in Suitcase Fusion. Suitcase Fusion solution.

You’re about to purchase an asset management software for digital assets however, you’re not without concerns and doubts. What is the best way to make the DAM solution work with other software?

Simply connect your files to the cloud, then back them up with Suitcase’s TypeSync feature. With Extensis the patent-pending technology, you will find the right font each time.

Are duplicate fonts an issue? We have the answers to all of these concerns and more.

Extensis Suitcase Fusion System Requirements

  • Memory (RAM): 512 MB of RAM required.
  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/8.1/10
  • Processor: 2.0 GHz Intel processor or later.
  • Hard Disk Space: 300 MB of free space required.
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