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The application allows users to load databases quickly by dropping and dragging the files onto Exportizer Pro’s screen. Exporting data from all files that are contained within one folder, or from all tables of a multi-table data source at once. There are plenty of options available for various export formats. There is the option of saving commonly used export settings in files and loading them at any time you require.

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It is able to access DBF, DB, TXT, CSV, ASC, Lotus files, and export data as texts, CSV, JSON, HTML, XML, RTF, XLS, PDF, SLK, DOC, SQL Script, dBase, and other formats that are defined by users. There is the ability to create Schemas for CSV and text files. CSV files.

In addition to the detailed logs of records, during the command line and in the process of action files, one may work with logs of an upper level, where the main export events are recorded. The Command-line and the action file may contain environment variables. This allows you to reuse a command line or an action file for various destinations and data sources. Action files contain an array of commands to perform export operations. It is a flexible and efficient solution for automated export.

This utility software allows you to upload a lengthy list of extensions for files like DBF, CSV, MDB, XLS, TXT, DB, HTML, XML, GDB, WJ2, and IB. They can be added with aid from the inbuilt file viewer, along with using the “drag and drop” feature. Exportizer for Windows 10 is developed and upgraded through Vitaliy Levchenko. All trademarks that are registered, such as brand names and names of companies or logos are the sole property of their respective owners.

The possibility exists to export all or some tables in an open database in one go. Exportizer Pro will automatically recognize the most well-known images in BLOB fields. It can then convert these, for example, to HTML or Excel. It is possible to set the source field-to-target mappings. The export process can be executed through the interface of the program or command line using many parameters. You can build the required command lines directly via the GUI.

Exportizer Features

Learn how to create Small and desktop programs and distribute them to ISVs. Allow you to offer Access 2010 applications to users who do not have access to the complete version of Access 2010 installed on their computer. Transfer data from Microsoft Office 2007 Microsoft Office System files and non-Microsoft Office apps. By default, tables are exported to the destination as one-to-1. The program displays data in a grid that you can edit (if your database isn’t read-only).

The straightforward and simple interface also suggests that Exportizer Pro isn’t heavy on the requirements of the system, is able to run across all operating systems. When you install Exportizer Pro, you will be able to see a simple user interface, and a well-designed layout, which includes an e-mail bar as well as an interface that displays the database’s contents.


With the help of the program, it is possible to export tables or entire databases in formats such as TXT, CSV, XLS, HTML, RTF, SQL, or DBF to save them on your disk. You can export a specific table, the entire database as well as entire database into TXT, CSV, XLS, HTML, XML, DBF, RTF, and SQL files using your own parameters. There are a variety of utilitarian functions for data manipulation and bookmarking. Exportizer Pro provides you with the option of duplicate fields and records to set and remove bookmarks, and show or hide columns and take a picture of the whole table. In conclusion, Exportizer proves to be an effective piece of software that caters to people interested in the conversion of data from one format into another in addition to managing and editing the data. It provides a quick speed of response, it doesn’t interfere with your computer’s performance, and its interface is user-friendly. The installation process is smooth and doesn’t bring any unpleasant surprises.

How to get Exportizer Free

Exportizer is an export software that is freeware download, which is classified under database software. It is released through Vitaliy Levchenko for Windows. It’s feasible to copy data onto paper or clipboards and print them. In addition, numerous tools for bookmarking and manipulating data are provided by Exportizer. Exportizer is an open-source tool for exporting databases that allows you to transfer data into a clipboard, file, or printer.

Exporting data into Excel (XML-based), Excel, and DATABASE formats. It is easy to create the required commands directly using the GUI. The evaluation for Exportizer is not finished yet, however, it has been test-driven by an editor using the PC and an overview of the features has been created and is listed below. Ability to set an incrementing number that is custom for increment field value function.

For those who want to be more experienced for advanced users, there is a comprehensive detail in the documentation. The primary functions of the software are also accessible via commands that are generated using export menus of the software application.

After you’ve finished with it, you’ll come confronted with the basic and simple UI that consists of the menu bar, various buttons, and a section to show the database’s contents. Anyone can navigate the interface in the event that they are familiar with databases. It is easy to create basic commands or action files straight from the GUI.

Exportizer System Requirements

  • Memory (RAM): 1 GB of RAM required.
  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or later.
  • Hard Disk Space: 20 MB of free space required.
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